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A Parent’s Story of healing form birth after the diagnosis of Failure to Thrive

A Parent’s Story of healing form birth after the diagnosis of Failure to Thrive

Join Christianna as she intertwines her personal journey and expertise with client cases and parent testimonials from her private practice, where she supports families through birth and recovery. Through insightful interviews, she will explore the experiences of a couple who transitioned from a home birth to hospital care, shedding light on the standards of care received and gaps in the healthcare system. This courageous couple will share their journey seeking alternative healthcare modalities such as Craniosacral therapy and psychosomatic energetic healing, illustrating the profound benefits they discovered in restoring normalcy to their lives amidst the challenges of birth and recovery.

Discover Your Child Star, Interview with Reeta Pohjonen, Homeopath

Discover Your Child Star, Interview with Reeta Pohjonen, Homeopath

Join Reeta Pohjonen and Rex Lassalle as they share their story about the 9 Star Ki astrology system and the healing it brings. Reeta is the principal of the Transformational School of Homeopathy in Helsinki. She also runs Shiatsu School Helsinki. She works with women’s health, births, hormonal issues and grief. She was born in Kemi, Finland and raised in Africa. She is the mother of four children. She has seen the whole cycle of life, from birth to death with her first child. She will share about this experience through the lens of her late son’s Child Star and also who she is in relation to her other three children. If you wish to discover more about your Child Star and how it links to oxytocin production in your body, please visit our website http://www.balancedbodiescst.com/orinoco-flows. Private reading sessions can be booked through the Orinoco Flows team.

he [Music]
thank you very much Christiana and thank you Sarah and thank you attendees for
this event on the orinoko flows the orinoko flows Community its
mission statement is to connect women and their children and families to their
child star element that is the focus that Focus arises from who we are
from the time we born all ancient societies speak about us coming from the
stars and that we all began that life began from the
Stars whichever continent you look at whatever civilization you look at when
you go back to the origins of us it speaks about that and then
also duelers midwives psychics have mentioned that at
that birth experience there’s a star there’s a Vortex that surrounds the
birth so this is what I’m talking about with the child star
element [Music] and before we get into the evening and I
my chat with Rita and discovering what she has to share with us I want to spend a few
minutes with us having a meditation because this whole process is
really an inner process rather than something about acquiring something on
the outside it’s really about a deeper connection that you are cultivating when
you start interacting with your child star in fact it’s it is at the core of
your subconscious mind so let’s take a few minutes and
wherever you are where you’re sitting I invite you to have a sense of
Letting Go the back of your navl just in your imagination no willpower just a sense of creating a
sense of more space at the back of your Naval as we all know our navl is that
link that we’ have had with our mother and that has a
whole link straight along into the into your ancestral line we’re not here to
talk about that this evening but that is being acknowledge by that sense of just
giving the back of your nav that sense of space
then also in your imagination have a sense of softness in the arches of your
feet so there’s a feeling of feeling comfortable where you’re sitting where
you are as you listen to me as we move
now in our imagination to the orinoko river we are there
now at the origin of the oroo at the spring where the water comes up there in
Venezuela to start the beginning of the
orinoko and once there I invite you to have a feeling of Letting
Go letting go of your concerns letting go of your issues
letting go of these ch challenges that we all have in life a sense of you in the presence now
of a river that carries a healing presence it has been in existence for
thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years and it has nourished
all that have been around its been around its water has carried life and
here now it is is doing the same for us as we allow ourselves to be
present at the origins of the orinoko
river I have connections directly into this as it’s
part of my ancestral line and as I’ve done this research and
study over the last four decades more and more of this has been
revealed so since there’s an emotional and a
spiritual connection that is very much resides
there and that level of awareness about the child star is has been very much
awakened from my childhood although it was never spoken about like
that and yes that Letting Go
occurs a new spacious opens in your
heart a sense of ease flows along your spinal
cord a sense of smoothness of breath calmness of
mind and whatever it is or however it is that you’re feeling that there is that
bit of discomfort bit of
concern I invite you to let go I invite you to allow the energy of
the orinoko to heal you to be in that
process of dissolving those concerns and bringing you more into that Feelgood
factor of who you are being alive being
present engaging with what life has in front front of
you as you start feeling a deeper connection with your subconscious
[Music] mind and your child’s star you may not know what it is right now but being here
you will discover and we will talk about these things as the community grows and
we share deeper and deeper experiences about
it let’s just stay in the
Silence with that River with that energy with that
healing and give yourself permission to allow healing experience to happen for
you as that has happened in our previous episodes for
some people in the attendance to the orinoko flows community
remain with that softness of your breathing remain with that spaciousness
at the back of your nav remain with that sense of comfort in the arches of your
feet as I invite you to tun to wherever you are
now for us to continue our evening as I chat with Rita and
engage with you who are present here this evening thank you very
much any comments from anybody any feedback from anyone
before We Begin our
chat I can say something I and I I felt so very much
energy in the arch of the the feet and it was connected with the head for the
stranger is it was like that the rest of the body doesn’t exist only head and and
and and feet was connected and then this the sense that all all the things uh the
the orino flow can can take all my problems and like to tell me don’t worry
I take care about of it and uh don’t think about
nothing the Sens so thanks for sharing thanks for how that was for you yeah my
pleasure anybody else before I start chat starting
with Rita no
okay Rita thanks for being here thanks for your willingness to share with us
your um experiences with the child star and I invite you
to tell us about yourself um we we have
mentioned that you know you’re homeopath and you have a school and um
and a big part of your childood was in Africa in Ethiopia between 11 years of
age and 16 so there’s a lot for us to share and hear about here this
evening so begin where you wish to begin
Rita thank you Rex it’s lovely to be here at the or
inoo flow Community First of all I want to say
that I’ve had a flu so if I start coughing don’t mind it’s just because when I
talk so um first of all about the meditation we did I also felt this
surrender and it was a really beautiful way to start the evening so thank you so much for that my
pleasure so I have uh been in the world of ninestar
key I think from about 1998 when my second son was born that’s
about the time when I started studying shiatsu so
um I have been doing shiatsu ever since and I’ve been studying with Rex and
other teachers and we actually do have a shiatsu School in Finland now the shiatsu School Helsinki I also am a
homeopath and I have a Homeopathy school as well and what is really de me is births children and um because I have
four children myself and I gave birth to all of them in water except my first one
they wanted to take me out even though I could have delivered but because I was a first a young mother giving birth for
the first time so I loved the introduction of the water baby because I really felt so
connected I just had a bath before this and I felt like I wanted to you know and I’m still really hot from the bath it
was really hot and it was overflowing so I really felt at the at the essence of the yin energy to come here and talk
about the child star thank you Rita
um but within that you also have the highs and the lows and the challenges
that went on for you and um um the aspect of your son amadeos your late
son um if we can can you share about that how that was for you and what went
on in that whole experience about his life and I I will add things about that
also as regards his star patterns and whatever but please um share with us
because that that is a very touching story that you have shared with me and I think it will inspire many mothers
many of us as regards some of the challenges at times we have to face in life and how ways of understanding the
energetics of a situation can create um new spaciousness
and also blessings although can be very challenging so amadeos was my first son
born in 1995 and when I got pregnant with him I
was supposed to become a lawyer and go to the United States and study and all of these things and when he came into me
it was like a light striking me and I fell and my cousin said like you’re
pregnant and I said I cannot be you know but I was and from that moment on I
went to maternal yoga I was 21 years old and I knew that um let’s let’s admit
one person in so I knew that my life had changed completely that I had a big
teacher and when he was 5 months old I started studying Homeopathy so I changed
the way of my life completely and I went to Alternative birth I became a birth worker with the
first birth and you know but then when he was little I knew he was a different
kind of a child I couldn’t connect with him completely and and I must say that
for 24 and a half years I studied everything to help him so he was my
biggest teacher because he taught me everything I know so when he was 13 well
let’s say a little bit earlier when he was younger he was diagnosed with aspergers and you know he was this kind
of child that always said no to me whatever I tried so as a mother I felt that I don’t know how to be his mother
he doesn’t want to sit on my lap whatever I try never goes well if I had
not had the other children I would have thought I’m the crappiest mother on Earth and mothering was really my child
star is number two mothering was my thing anyways but then when he was 13
and a half he went into psychosis and he was diagnosed with bipolar and after
that it was a big struggle to keep him alive for 11 years so I did
everything and then he died three years ago okay just can we just slow that down
a little bit Rita because some of this is that powerful and I know um for many women at times with
some very challenging situations with their children or the
the frustrations that they face at times what some of a lot of what you’re
sharing now you have lived that and there’s a sort of a
how best to put it there’s a wisdom that you’re carrying about talking about it
that I just want to acknowledge as regards that because often times when
these um difficult experiences face mothers a depression can start or many
other sorts of conflicts can go on for them as regards their sense of
inadequacy about being a mother and at times there’s another dynamics that has
in a way nothing to do with them but who that child is and the child’s journey in
this life and how that can be very different to how the mother is
orientated or what she has been exposed to or things like that I just want to
mention that as regards this because I know at times some of these stories that mothers go through is just
a dent and it’s like well there’s no light here but there’s a lot of light in in these things if we can listen at a
deeper level and realize that there’s a bigger picture to look at so it’s so thanks for giving me this opportunity to
just slow it down a little bit Rita because I think this has a lot of um these
aspects um in the birth experience and with mothers is a core part of what
orinoko fls is about this is at the basis of it because these kinds of of challenges are
creating so much depression so much frustration um and so many kinds of spin
outs as regard psychological issues that a lot of things can be handled in a way of bringing a bigger a bigger canvas to
look at what this is really about and that capacity is available at the
Orinoco flows connecting with your child star I’m not exaggerating with that that
is really how it is um and thanks for just being here yes I I do get emotional
about this there’s no question about that I put my hands up but um you know that’s my passion of this whole aspect
of this work go ahead RTO maybe I don’t know if Cristiano or somebody else wants to say
something before I you know we continue I I do I just Rita um
acknowledging I’m holding my heart and I’m glad that Rex called called a
pause so much of what what you said resonates with me as a mother and I just
needed to ground a little thank you Rex um I love hearing that there’s a bigger
canvas so I’m I’m really looking forward to hearing what more you have to
say sure no thank you thank you um no I mean I get you know as you’re talking I
could feel the waves Just Happening as regards what’s we are listening to so I just felt hold on these waves are very
powerful let’s kind of take a little break to kind of experience it a bit and
um you know take another breath of fresh Year anyway thanks for giving me that
opportunity to interrupt you Rita and um please
continue so I must say that I have talked a lot about this and I’ve had a lot of help so
you know for me to be able to talk about it kind of really and it’s only 3 years
that he left is because 11 years was hell before
he left I mean really trying to keep him alive he was always missing and he was
doing all the things children shouldn’t do and I was a single parent to four children so I had three other children
as well so and because when he
left or let’s say a week before he left I feel he got healed he got enlightened
and I got to have three days with an enlightened being he finally said yes to
me he said yes to everything I suggested and I had given him a homeopathic dose of kryptonite 10m and I
believe it did something because before that I was you know he got all the remedies in the world and he got all the
treatments in the world naturally so when he left it was a surprise even
he told me that he’s going to leave so I knew he was leaving but of course you
never believe it until it happens and uh it wasn’t a suicide he
died with practically nothing on his blood so I feel because he left on the night of the dios Muertos when the veil
is thin he just transport it to another dimension and because he called himself
Coco which is a you know the Disney movie Theos
muos just um slow some of this down please um R if you may because there a
lot of different details here with like key links energetic links in the
experience um so you mentioning like three days before there was some shift
that went on can you kind of give a few more details about how that was or or or
how you recognized it or how was did that occur please he left on a Sunday
morning and the Sunday before a week before I gave him the Kryptonite and
what I noticed on Monday is that I felt that there’s a huge shift in him and the
shift was that he was quiet he was very agitated before he couldn’t sit for even
two minutes he wanted to show me all the movies that he wanted to show and he was
looking at me with very gentle eyes from above with a special smile that I had
never seen before it was like a smile mom I know and he was very tender and he told
me how much he loves me and then he said I can still save a few Souls but I cannot save myself
anymore so on a Wednesday he left to his father’s place and then after that I I
never saw him again okay so those three days were very
special okay and you spoke about him quote unquote saving others but not
himself can you share a bit about what that was or how that was oh sorry sorry
Rita maybe there are some things somebody wanted to say or some questions
or something else before we move on Christiana you something you wanted
to say or no and I think the chat is quiet now
oh okay all right okay okay yes um so yeah the aspect
about his healing others but not himself if you could um you know share about
what that was or how that manifested so he used to talk to the
dead that was his superpower so you know because he spent so much time in the
mental hospital and always somebody died from there so he would take contact with them and bring the messages so that was
one of his ways of saving plus he would give everything he would give his uh shoes if you asked him
so he was the kind of like um a very generous person he felt that he’s here
for other people not for himself okay and he carried the star
patterns of the double8 is that correct yeah yeah
okay um that okay the defining of his life through
that that would be a bit of a distortion on my side although there are some Salient points around it that does link
to it but once somebody moves into the area of psychosis the distinction that
goes on within their subconscious mind and different things it’s it’s a different package you can’t really um
you know look at plugging that in although there are aspects of it that would be there so the eight Earth child
um star quality would have an a sense of you know things like um you know like
the elderly people or people passing on or the dying or whatever that is a kind of a comfort zone for eight Earth child
as regards um you know older people or things from the past that is part of how
the E Earth child sty would have a easy connections but there are other aspects
when one um has a psychosis this is something entirely very different that
that disconnect that there’s a disconnection that happens then I just want to be clear about that rather than
some people looking to put some of the information around child around such
situations um anyway sorry go ahead soorry please allow me I I I know I’m
spinning off in other areas but I’m just sharing I realize some of it is you know
hasn’t been spoken about before here or I don’t think I taught some of these things but I’m just sharing yes four
Decades of experience of looking at this with all kinds of situations so um go ahead Rita
please so um to finish the story and then I’ll get
to the somebody was asking about the child stars so then when he
left I was actually at a dance um a
healing dance the whole weekend which was about letting go about Metal element
letting go so I danced him away I didn’t know he was dead but I had a weekend like this which helped me enormously
because when I got the news I knew that I had already been prepared for for letting go but of course it was the
biggest letting go of my life because he was my teacher he was my light he was uh
he was my amados the Beloved of God so uh on the third day that he had died I
went to see him and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my
life I wanted to see his chest he had long dreadlocks and you know the chest was
the tree of life it was green turquoise all the colors and I knew he had left with his heart so open and he gave me so
much peace because I knew he didn’t suffer and at the same time I kind of
realized that I didn’t know him when he was here he was so much bigger than I knew I tried to make him smaller and to
obey me and having the child star eight which is the mountain kind of stuck
inside the mountain I kind of tried to mold him into something else than he was because
I didn’t see him I didn’t see his light I saw it of course but I truly didn’t see it and understanding the child star
eight which Rex can talk about a little bit more made me understand so well that
you know because I knew about it of course I counted when he was smaller but I didn’t
have the Consciousness you know we just had a few workshops about it he was just what he was he was always
only true to himself and of course helping other people but you know there’s something that cannot be
shaken about the eight and maybe you want to tell about that a little bit
more okay well why you’re G you’re laughing about
the unshakable eight we did have just to hold in your Fram of this a
clarification because you mentioned that he’s a double Earth pattern and I put in
the chat eight adult an eight Earth child star I did it again but Rita
clarified that he’s a five Earth and an eight Earth child um so maybe you can
just clarify for everyone as you’re framing this um about the five Earth and
the neutrality okay all right um before I do that the unshakable
aspect about the eight Earth um once the eight Earth has chosen
something or decided about a path
uncompromising okay um and that’s the story of my life so when the Mutiny
happened I was arrested and whatever I was totally defiant in the
court martial about what was going on or whatever that was you know unshakable but anyhow I’m not here to talk about
that although uh Rita pop that in
um the five Earth in the nin star key
system um traditionally they link it with the different whichever pattern that the
person is born with the other star they just connect them my experience and my research is
that the five Earth has well it’s stated it’s stated very clearly there’s no
gender with the five Earth so in other words there’s a polarity that is that it
is looking at and it carries a certain spiral in my view a bit different than
the other child stats I can’t prove this it’s just my my sense about it and if
you look at five Earth years which this year is one of them it has a kind of a
spiral where certain things can really happen very suddenly or shift very differently than what you may have
expected it so it has this this capacity that it isn’t settled that it’s looking
for like quote unquote like a partner or something to link to so there’s that part about the five
Earth that that’s my observation about it then um but part of the experience
also that anchored me or that pointed me into the five Earth Discovery was an
embarrassing situation that my daughter had me in on an airplane flying from London to
Paris um where we were chatting she was chatting
to this lady who was on the same um seat you know next to her I was by the
window and um she was chatting the lady and asking what she did and and then my
daughter was telling her what you know the school she was going to and and all of that and then she dropped this line
on the lady she said um but by the way I mean if you give my daddy your birthday
he can tell you a lot of things about yourself and especially your health so here it is we’re going on holiday I am
just there on the plane and I’m in this situation so anyway the lady
um took the challenge and dropped it and then I said her pattern was um the one
of um she she was a five and a seven that that was the pattern so then I
started to say things about her lungs and things about her skin and all of these kinds of things would went on for
her and the Le the lady said defiantly
no that is not so for me so and my daughter looked at me like you
know like what you like how could this be I mean you know so I was then thrown in the spot
that I had to pull the rabbits out of the bag um in this situation and um so then it just spun in
my head okay you know I put the two somehow it just came to me let’s go I I
hadn’t studied it this way before but I just put the two in the center with the seven I knew the seven was feminine star
so then I told the lady I said so then you have issues with your lower back and challenges with your sleep when you have
a lot of stress going on she said yes very true very very true so that was the
kind of um aarm moment for me so then I looked at it
historically and I looked at Mahatma Gandhi who has who’s a 54 so that will kind of show he’s a
person and he’s very UPS set he expresses rage that is not so he expresses sadness when the Hindus
and Muslims started to fight he went on a fast and he was very sad and depressed I looked at Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali is a 59 so Panic is this Panic is his disturbing emotion that is
not so anger it is you know what’s my name Muhammad Ali and whatever so there’s a lot of anger so a lot of and I
I listed a lot of that in my first book and nobody in the nin star key fraternity
globally has challenged that and I have put it out there to them all the time
and nobody wants it to say well hey they haven’t okay so that is it but
historically it is listed that way and part of it I have to come back to my
childhood my father had a mantra that he gave me very early in
life I was around 10 when he dropped it on me I told him something and he says
Rex you believe that and you believe that has been always a question that has remained with
me when I read anything you believe that so and when that experience with this
lady happened on the thing well you know I pulled it out the thing but then I
started to look and I saw how it isn’t it it there’s another way of looking at it and so this is how the five Earth is
her son amadas the eight Earth is an adult is a uh masculine child star so
the five then joins a similar pattern um so it becomes a double8 earth if it was
a woman with a eight it would still be a double eight it doesn’t matter about the gender of the
individual so there’s that pattern so that’s a double8
earth the was I talking to myself or was it because I’ve been told at times I
talk to myself and I need a translator so um
so any comments from anybody
or no comments in the chat yet Rex we’re just okay that that was good tangent
that you went on with the eight Earth um and I’m I’m sure Rita has more to share
sure curious okay yes Rita go ahead I’m
listening to what’s next that you want to talk about um from that I think I
think uh when I heard that you know he’s born 1995 the year of the uh
five that was quite soothing for me because we know them as revolutionary
and we know them as not obeying to rules and as being a little bit different
mhm at least all the fives that I know are pretty unique in what they do and the people that you talked about also
and maybe the this revolutionary kind of and maybe it is the A2 I don’t know what
it is but but I felt the five whatever I’ve I’ve learned or read about the five
I it did resonate and definitely the eight as well so
um yeah and okay and some of what you’re sharing or the capacity that you have
for looking at you know the experience of dying and
the insights you have um my sense you haven’t said that but um
is that you know you were in Ethiopia from around the time you were
about 11 years of age till you were 16 how did that impact you I mean because I
think you saw you were there when the Civil War was going on in
Ethiopia well will you be willing to talk about that or yes I can I can um
yes um so actually in the 70s we lived in Tanzania all already so Africa was
kind of uh familiar to me and then uh Ethiopia uh going there
as an 11y old from the middle of Finland you know
from practically nowhere I didn’t know the language I was called The Finnish girl who didn’t speak a word and I’m
really and I’m really outgoing so on my sixth grade I didn’t speak a word but
like we talked with Rex a couple of days ago my child star is number two which I
said earlier and food is really important and we found out my mother’s child star is a number two as well so
her way of showing love was always food she’s a nutritionist and I had a really
traumatic experience in Ethiopia it was the time of life a so we had a field
trip and I was 11 and we had to give food yes I’m a two child
star uh we had to give food to the Beggars to the starving people and we
could give only one bread and it was full of ants and I had just come from
Finland and I saw a child being breastfed and die in front of my
eyes and that impacted really strongly the fact that when I had my children I
felt that I have to breastfeed because otherwise they die I did want to breastfeed too but for example my second
son he didn’t want to breastfeed and I forced him for eight months because I thought because he had
had stomach problems so I thought what else can I give him but luckily I was treated homeopathically so I understood
because I actually didn’t remember this happened to me until I had my second son so I couldn’t remember it with my first
son yet of course from the milk that is really traumatic you know to bring
forward okay just can can I interrupt you here a bit so am I hearing
then that the experience when you were 11 years AG
with that trauma of what you saw with the baby
dying had an impact upon you as regards some challenges that then you faced with
your second son or am I projecting that well with the breastfeeding
otherwise everything was good but you know there was something that he didn’t want to breastfeed and I felt that he’s going to
die you know if I don’t breastfeed and and I breastfed like for example my third son for a long time and there was
no problems anymore but maybe he brought it up you know and I remembered
that okay hold on a second um please retail um this part because when I hear
these types of stories like in a consultation with a client with a you
know a mother or parent or whatever I sort of hold that because at
times those things have dots in it that relates to some of the experiences that
they having to deal with now and to sort of make a shift
energetically around that at times can have an impact a WAV likee
impact not only with that child or with that situation that within the whole family
situation I’m just mentioning I’m highlighting some of these things because at times um in my work you know
some people people ask you know you know like is this are you psychic I’m not you
know but I pick up on things quite quickly but it’s like these are the kind
of dots that I kind of look at as regards well what surrounds that and
then look at the time it happened and ways of then um having that resolved um
so anyhow so I’m just kind of I guess I’m yeah I’m in a teaching situation
here this evening I realize because I’m kind of pinpointing ways that I work with these kinds of challenges or when I
hear these kinds of things how I look at it or how I then would interact or stop
and ask questions comments from anybody or yeah Rex would it be okay if I just share the
image of the star patterns just while you’re in this teaching moment so we can
yeah um okay because one of the things hopefully people can see
this um that Rita mentioned that she’s a two child star and her son was an eight
Earth child star and you as well and these both hold the the Earth element
element but in this teaching moment that you have resolving
trauma what you your advice are guidance
that you gave Rita um and in your relationship the two of you had like around nourishing her own child star
maybe using this story of what happened in Africa or even with her son I’m curious okay um this particular story I
heard about it um just I heard about it before I think a while back but it
didn’t register but I really heard about it yesterday when we were chatting and but I didn’t get get into
any um quote unquote resolving or whatever but as she’s sharing some details here how she’s sharing it that
with the second child the breastfeeding was difficult he didn’t want to breastfeed she felt all
that I was hearing some um how best they put it I was hearing a kind of a narrative that
surrounded some of the trauma from what went on in Ethiopia I’m not saying it did but I was hearing some of that
aspect so then that’s why I stopped but just point out that I would look at this
as regards something um some way of of exploring that that you know that kind
of um element of um struggle or
difficulty um in the relationship that may have some Shadows from that experience from in
Ethiopia at times okay and at times just talking about it or bringing some clarity about it is 50% of dealing with
dissolving it because it’s like you’re making it you starting to make it kind of present in a way that the person can
have their hands on it or in a way to see it outside of themselves because I am talking about it so it’s no longer
it’s like part of the narrative to look at so that times um just gives a new a
sort of a sense of a of a fresh breath or as something that the the mother can
be like ah okay I never realized that it could be a burden wow okay and he did
okay yeah it feels lighter as he has spoken about it so some of these things can be just already clearing up a large
part of the trauma just by that well I I I was struck Rita by what
you said you mentioned a dance before or as your son was passing that weekend you
were at a dance and you mentioned metal element and I’m just noticing here um
just on the chart Where Metal sits um next to Earth and you were saying like
letting go I didn’t know if maybe you could elaborate for us in the audience
with what you meant by that yeah so the the feeling the the
emotion of metal element is letting go and um because it was November and
November is a season it’s the Autumn time which is about letting
go and um so that weekend was about because it was based on uh Chinese
medicine it was a it was a dance uh healing dance uh program based on and it
happened to be metal element and it happened to be that um we yeah that yeah we were dancing
that metal metal element and during that dance we really went deep into the Art
of Letting Go so you know I was asking myself if I didn’t have children if I
didn’t have my career if I didn’t have anything who would I be and that was my
whole weekend and really not knowing that on Monday morning I’m going
to hear that my son is so I think the universe was carrying me
for being in this thank you yeah do people get that I mean what
she’s talking about I mean the the whole aspect okay to be at times people say I’m a bit too
blunt but okay the mental the Simplicity of the mental element being about
letting go when we breathe in we have to breathe out so that is letting go the other
aspect of the metal is the colon the large intestine when we have a good poo
that is letting go so the metal element is about letting go I mean that’s how they you know if because I know at times
people like to make things very esoteric I mean at times it’s very basic and very just common sense just simp Simplicity
rather than um yeah because some people make some of these things so esoteric
and so whatever and it’s just so down to earth and so just prac
so anyhow sorry somebody wanted to say
something or shall we go ahead or what’s well I’ll just do um a time check
here since it’s 10 till the hour and I know that we have a person in the
audience I don’t um with her star pattern that we are going to do a little reading with just after the hour sure
and I don’t know if you let Rita know her her child
star but it would be it would just be interesting to hear your input when we when we get there
Rita um okay um okay you wanted to share some
more um r or to move to um some other observations you have with your children
or or where you want to go or where are you now from all that we have spoken
about well one thing that I want to say about Africa is that it is quite normal
that people die over there so you know being a seeing that in your life not
only this kind but also on the streets and everywhere maybe made it you know more
normal for me to face death you know and
uh having worked so much with births because I go to birs as a homeopath I’m
a maternal yoga instructor also now that my son died he also made me a death
Dua so you know it is actually my best friend now because it’s the best way
that I can connect to my son because he’s working with me all the time but he just couldn’t work here on this he’s
working from Another Mountain now and
uh and so on um yes the other
children so um my second one ER the child star was
it a seven remember okay sorry sorry um before we before we go there yeah okay
okay before we go there because something in chatting with Rita yesterday when she was sharing about
amadeos and she was speaking about the D dying and and then she mentioned something about a death a dying or death
duer and I sort of vaguely heard that before but never kind of
registered and then I shared with her about my father because my father wasn’t a
religious person but he went to so many funerals he would dress in Black U um
you know on afternoons and some weeks you would be go at least one sometimes
two funerals in a week and he would come back in the morning around 4:00 or 5 in the morning
from the wake and then he will get up and go to to work at
8:00 and he he had very little to say about it except you know you bury spirit with Spirit which meant that they drank
alcohol and things and then he you know that was one line and but there was nothing else that was and I start to
realize hold on he’s a death Dueler because what was he doing in these all
these funerals because he wasn’t a religious man and he would and you know I talking
about I mean some years my father would have gone to easily 40 funerals which
had which had nothing to do with a relative but just people he knew that he would have gone
to and yes my father is very much arounded in
my life no question about it there are so many different situations when I could just feel his presence where he
shows up with certain symbols um no question about it and part of part of this um event
about orinoko flows is that his mother was from the Orinoco so this is one of the beautiful
things about this community is that in our sharing and in our chatting we learn
so much about ourselves and I am learning so much more about the child
star from um from doing this so thank you
RoR there was a question here okay yes r as well I would love to hear directly
how you first connected with Rex and how you first learned about ninestar key yes
um I think I talked about it in the beginning maybe you came a little bit late but it doesn’t matter so I started
studying Shia 2 in 98 I think about the time of my second son when he was born
I’m pretty soon my teacher who is Rex’s um student also from Finland was
teaching us the nin star key astrology so I’ve been doing it in my work in my shiatsu training and Rex has taught
numerous times at our school so that’s how I’ve been working and yes I found it
really really helpful knowing the stars and uh and uh now the new work with the
child star which I didn’t Focus so much on but Rex just recently came to teach
at our school about the child
star okay do we want to go to the other child star or how are we with
time it’s about yeah it’s about three o’clock um so I don’t know we have um
Karen on the call if she’s still around we can open up your there you are Karen
hello I um sent you Rex her birthday but maybe
Karen you can open up your mic and let us know what your birthday
is and where you are in the world right now because it says that you’re on the monin land I just be curious to know
where you are well I’m in Charlottesville
Virginia Karen is my given name but um and I actually swam in the
oroo wonderful lived in karakas for you know probably eight years of my
life when I was young and um had a transformation in the
Orinoco River and not that many people you meet probably can say that so I’m
happy to be here and it’s partly what inspired Christiana to ask me I said I’m
on monikan land just because I’m a master naturalist of we do talk about
the monin nation here which is one of the few tribes that was one of the first
tribes discovered here in the new land and that never got moved from um they
were never moved off of their ancestral land unlike you know really 99% of other
nations and tribes of the First Nations here so that’s why we put that we do put
that there and we’re working very hard to make a better relationship with that
Nation on Whose land we are sure thank you and and if I may ask
so what is the distinction that they had that particular tribe had that they
never moved was there some aspect about their approach to life or was there some
aspect about the rituals that was different no there actually is nothing
quite like that it’s just that they tended to create their villages we have
a chief Town very close to Charlottesville but on flood Plains of the James River or the Rana River um and
they all of their early occupations were covered over by floods so they would
just move to the highlands but it’s not a particular ritualistic group as far as I can tell
um it’s mostly material okay but the river is the one that made the
difference ah but the James River has been described as the highway to the early years of
this of this country as once it started being recorded sure so sorry forgive me
because the eight Earth is already curious about these ancient things let me come off that let me just um deal
with the sorry about that folks but um I guess you just see certain things when
you’re in these situations where people go with their questions um okay so your birth day if I
um that’s in June 1957
yes okay and you could mention the date in June I um it was the 10th the 10th of
June 10 thank you all right um 1957 is a seven metal um star year and June of
that year is a Forwood star so the Forwood star which is your child star
which is where I’m going to you know kind of chat about the tone of the voice
of your parents or of your teachers was a um a key aspect of your way of
distinguishing um how how your relatedness with that person would
occur um so sound and voices and um and
just the the whole aspect of like the atmosphere of the the energetic
atmosphere in an in in in an environment had a big impact upon you
and the so very much like um the wind with the leaf so it’s very much like you
like a leaf with the wind you pick up on on certain experiences or you pick up on
certain vibrations and you can see a lot from just what you hear or what comes to you
and the capacity with your dreams can at times be prophetic I’m not saying all
the time but sometimes you may dream have dreams which has nothing to do with your personal life or your IM immediate
environment but which may have an aspect of a global quality about it um um
this can happen randomly the period between like 17 to
about 24 25 years of age was a very volatile time for you with a lot of
changes um and yeah going through some very
challenging and difficult and lots of you know change of directions and all of that um any comments about anything that
I’m said so far Karen I’m thinking about the tones of
voice and I wonder if that extends to spiritual authorities or spiritual
Spirits in fact yes it it for sure it can have another erate on one level um
on the mundane level it has that aspect but the the another aspect to the
forward child whereby its receptivity to the to the Unseen World is very
heightened and um and and this can have a a quality of
distortion for the child especially if it was growing up in uh in if the your
childhood was one of a lot of conflict around you with your parents or with even with um siblings this can happen
whereby you pick up on certain sort of um other levels of receptivity start
occurring for you and some of that can be quite um dramatic or even with a lot
of Al State experiences that you could have
had just the last part is relevant but I did not grow up amidst a lot of uh
expressed conflict okay no I I I don’t know I I’m my capacity to to sense that
I am not I was just kind of making it in in a general term but um the so the
forward um child star has that very inspired by poetry or by certain
songs um that can move you quite easily or memories of
certain types of plays or theater or certain teachers um and what the quote
unquote mantra for want of a better word is some of these things can have a a deep resonance for
you that is true um I have the signature of an
artist in my astrological chart yeah no no the um the four the four wood child
star is very you know carries very much of that type of energy of of a of an
artist of a creator of um taking things in molding it into another way plus the
the the capacity that you have with your voice to influence or pursuade people is
very profound um you know for you to be in some
meeting some environmental meeting um and you stand up or or you
say whatever it is you say it it it resonates with people at a deep level it’s not just words something else
happens in the room you carry that kind of authority a seven metal adult star
also would be looking for the harmony looking for um better experiences in the
environment you know Greta tanberg is a is a double seven metal the Swedish
young lady with the environmental aspect um she carries a 7 um Marvin gay um with
his what you know what’s going on on his environmental um sound he’s a dou s so
the sental the aspect of the environment carries a lot for them so you’re um
that’s more in the the the adult expression I mean the focus with this
orinoko is about the child sty although I will as the community opens and next year I will be teaching more about those
other aspects but yeah so anyway those um those are some things to share
with you um that comes up for me to share but I’m always learning so maybe there are some you want to tell me about
that I have’t mentioned
um let’s see I guess the only thing I would say is um growing up
overseas uh and also being born into a family of left brainers when I’m a right
brainer clearly or any way you want to put that when I’m a creative spirit I
have never fit anywhere I never anywhere
so that’s my freedom but it’s also sometimes my
burden um the wind has has taken you many
places um the the quality of also not fit
in can at times have like two parts that you are going in one part you have your
you you have like a persuasion to go in a certain direction but yet within that
something else can happen for you whereby you go in another way too um so that level of spontaneity can be there
for you which I I think now is in stable
place with yourself but I think earlier on in your life at times that could have been you know but I thought I was going
to do that but look I’m doing something very different now or whatever I think some of those things might have gone on for you earlier on in your life I have
had probably five different careers okay okay okay and and the last one was as a
college professor but also have written but also have sung but also yeah
so um well thank you for that I I’m not exactly sure how these things go and I
never heard until today really until Cristiana was telling me about it yesterday a little bit about the star
key the nine star key system so I’m I don’t exactly know what else to ask but
um it’s very interesting reflection no but um you can ask
anything because it’s about life it’s it’s not it it’s not locked away somewhere else I mean like how I talking
about it or how I’m engaged with it it’s very much about making it present it’s an ancient system and I just you know
when the information started to thing I just connected with it a large part of it is because
of the 100% education I had in my life was from my
parents they could read the science at 100% accuracy wow all the
time and my my mother used to tell me she say Rex if you think I am good at
this reading signs your granny was something else she was at another
level and and I’m my I’m the son of my
grandmother influence of no no I’m not because when my mother was pregnant with me she was a chief censor officer in the
war in Trinidad and it’s my grandmother who looked who cooked for my mother every
day who when my mother came back from being because she was working for military intelligence so when she came
back quote unquote from the war you know Granny was the one who would sort her energy out or whatever
she wore um gold bracelets 22 karat gold bracelets and she would ring
them and yeah she carried um
knowledge she had 13 children so I I’m I’m her son yeah my mother carried me
but I’m my grandmother’s son so so she has W me up with these kinds of ways of linking with these kinds of ways
of looking at things um this is what I meant about the question about spiritual voices because there was a lot of
esoterica floating around in the breras and Loa you know but I was a
stranger being blonde and blue-eyed so I was always known when I was in I couldn’t hide so I had to just ask
questions and sometimes there were answers and sometimes it was beyond you know my comprehension but there was
a very definite um I I sort of have a feeling inside of the environment you’re
talking about and the atmosphere so I do have one question which is
um is there a way to know in this year presently if if anything is Shifting in
other information I have um this this coming year is one of shifting a lot of
internal um directions or is there a way of knowing that that’s reflected in this
reading um Karen the there can be it’s not an area that I
have really dug into I mean so in my work with clients with students it is
really about guidance and it’s really about emotional
psychological how best to navigate certain things so that is where um my
focus has been rather than prophesizing anything or predicting you know I’m not
really coming from any predictions because I’m always of the view that with a clear mind and with a
skillful way of living in in life if even quote unquote there’s Destiny ahe about an accident there can be a way
that it may not have such a big impact upon you because of your skillful way of living your life and creating Harmony
around you so anyway so there’s that part as regards what you’re talking
about um about a change for sure I mean that’s my sense I mean there’s something
that there’s a lot of polarization in the world now just without getting into any po politics about that but there’s
just a lot of polarization but yet within that there’s something else that is happening there’s you know
like what we talking about here what we’re doing here the the getting together to looking at things in a in a
fresh way so a lot of that is happening and um and certain friends from different
places you know when they speak to me about what they’re observing around them although there’s a lot of challenges
they’re also seeing like a kind of a new new possibilities and new ways of of of
engaging with things and the The Leverage that quote unquote the areas of
power have doesn’t seem to have the traction that it had before because
there’s another there’s something else that has happening that I can pinpoint that from
this to say this particular star or that I can’t that would be you know I because
it hasn’t been I haven’t approach this topic from that angle I’ve approached it
more from Health well-being um Family Children mothers
that kind of you know from that way so I really although it may seem strange
being a man having led a mutiny being in prison being all of that that I am now
just dealing with mothers and children it’s my comfort zone because you know my
granny and my mother and whatever you know they gave orders and I have followed the orders so
yeah generative yes and Karen I must say
and and Rex to follow up Sarah put in a good question here in the chat and it’s
also a good way to wrap up with with Rita because I’d really like to hear Let me read Sarah’s question and
then I’ll I’ll finish with how we can ask Rita the same which she’s saying Rex
as a three child star I can really emphasize with that sense of change in
my early life and it feels good Karen that over time you have found your passions is there something rexs that
you have found can help us three and four would child stars to continue to
create more Harmony and you she also mentioned that there’s another three child star in the
group tonight so engaging in this the whole point of the oroko flows is to
have simple rituals that you can support your child star and I don’t know what
you would lend to Karen and the Three Wood and

Introducing the Orinoco Flows Community: Interview with Lena Gelin, Psychologist and Healer

Introducing the Orinoco Flows Community: Interview with Lena Gelin, Psychologist and Healer

Rex Lassalle introduces the beginning of the Orinoco Flows and how he came to practice with the 9 Star Ki and the Child Star–a means to create oxytocin in our bodies and connect to our soul, and thus creating more joy and health in our lives. Lena comes to us with many gifts, talents and skills. She will share stories about the rituals she engaged in to come into relationship with her Child Star element. She carries a continuing contact with nature through her natural horsemanship that continues to bless her many healing gifts. Rex will share how the community of Orinoco Flows will be a community where people can come to know the ancient teachings of the 9 Star Ki with Indigenous innovations and apply it to their emotional health and wellbeing.

this presentation here now um I will be chatting with Lena but before I do that
um I want to share as regards what the Orinoco flows is about what this
community is about the dreams the the mission statement with orinoko flows is
that it is about um mothers and Children and Families
being connected with their child St to to have them have that experience in
their life this is what we are about and the orinoko
flows it’s linked to a river it has um
deep links for me with my ancestral line and since we have started this
project many of us well Sarah and Christiana and myself have had
experiences which are not quote unquote something you would normally expect and
it arises from that and the Orinoco flows
is really a healing space and in the presentations that we
do in the recordings that we make this can occur for for people listening to it
being present with it so give yourself the opportunity to have it as an
experience that you’re a part of rather than just an intellectual process of
words from me or thoughts from me um the space itself carries that and the
intention about what this is about is about that and connecting people with
their child star with women with your child star and especially around the birth experience and childhood and
families that this link becomes accessible and it’s quite simple and it
facilitates better communication with the subconscious mind
so thank you for your interest in this thanks for being here um before I I’m
going to do a meditation here this evening but before that I want to talk a little bit about how all of this really
is for me as regards how it really began yes I shared about the experience with Lena
and the treatment and the whole um devotional aspect and what transformed
for her but before that it’s my childhood and in my childhood here it
was growing up as a child in Trinidad in a place in portter Spain called Belmont
Bel want is a very sort of rootsy place especially the Valley Road where I grew
up and it was a strong community and everybody knew everyone and the elders
have a big had a big influence on one and you know you would be going around
as a I’d be going around as a child with my friends and we go into a yard and um
we say good morning or if you don’t see it properly they will call you you and if I start speaking the queen’s English
they would call me about it and would remind me that my mother doesn’t speak that way neither does my father and who
do you think I am so the dialect was always there by the way my parents both knew the queen’s English but at home it
was a dialect that was spoken So within that
context my parents certain things would occur in the day like the grasshopper
would appear and my mother would say da d da da d d will happen as a child
growing up I would say well you know how you could say that why you say that you would say child don’t ask stupid
questions just watch you will see and so it was the aspect of cutting out the
logical mind as regards experiences or communication was embedded in me because
that was how it was my father had the capacity to they were both at 100%
and so I grew up with this education which was at 100% I didn’t sort of
connect with it in that way then but as you know as life has continued and the
years have passed when I connected with the nine star
key this started to switch on as I mentioned um I didn’t believe the stuff
I was reading I viewed it as a historical um document and it was only um in August
1979 when M baton was assassinated things was like this is
relevant now this is not just about history because you know from the
instructions there’s an whole aspect of Direction ly which is part of the nin star key and everything was spot on as
regards such a thing could possibly happen moving in that direction Etc so
I’m sharing that here or mentioning that as regards so when you know you’re
listening when you’re here in the space about the oroo flows rather than try to work it out
rather than try to come from a logical mind what I want to invite you is to
have a feeling about it to have an experience of like how this feels sometimes it may
feel like wow wow or sometimes I guess it may feel like I’m not so sure just
give that space because that will allow you in a way to speak about it as if
you’re sitting in a restaurant that will allow you to taste what is present
rather than wonder what is in the menu drop what is in the menu and be more
with what the experience is as regards what you’re tasting or what you’re experiencing this would be a more um how
best to put it relevant way of dealing with it so thanks for hearing me with
that I’m going to start now um with the meditation and the meditation is linked
to the orinoko the actual River and um before I begin I want
to make a suggestion that as you listen to me have
a sense of letting go at the back of your navl like giving your sense more
space at the back of your nav have a sense of your feet being flat
on the ground wherever you are on on the floor wherever you are just
flat and with your feet flat on the ground have a sense of a softness in the
arches of your feet um allow your breathing to be
comfortable and easy this sort of attitude towards your body
facilitates allowing you to access the Alpha Brain Wave frequency with your
listening so um I just want to suggest that as something to do you could close
your eyes you could have your eyes open that choice is yours so here we
are standing at the spring of Where the
orinoko River begins in Venezuela it’s up on the
mountains and we are standing there it’s in the afternoon in Venezuela
now it’s around like 3:00 a bit after 3:00 it’s in the northern
hemisphere um there’s some blue skies I you know my senses there are some clouds
around but we are standing there allow
yourself to be present to the sound of
the orinoko however that is for you have a sense of when you’re
listening there’s a sound of a river and the water coming out from this spring at
the top of this mountain and you are standing there
that uplifting energy of the water streams into your
being you feel it rising from your feet
through your ankles up into your knees into the pelvic area up along your
spine creating a greater sense of spaciousness and then it eases also so
into your arms up through your neck and it rolls over the crown of your head so
you are embodied in the experience of the orinoko that Spirit of that river is now
part of who you are is now part of your being there and allow that to start
creating more space in your being a sense of more space in this sense of a a
greater feeling of letting go of
allowing of feeling of giving yourself permission to
have a smile on your face of giving yourself permission to
feel some Joy moving in your heart giving yourself permission to
opening up to new possibilities in life giving yourself permission to also
have a sense of being right here standing a healing process can begin for
you whatever that is in whatever at whatever level be is it be it physical
be it mental be it emotionally be it spiritually be it at
some ancestral level be it at whatever level here
standing at the beginning at the origin of the orinoko
we are being nourished we are being
blessed with this energy of this water the
companionship that the orino is offering is present for
us give that room give it space allow it
to continue even when we end this
my presentation about it even when we end this meditation that it can still be
there in your at at a cellular level in your being it can still remain
nourishing you because it is always there the
orinoko river is always there having access to it this moment
that I’m sharing in this med ation meditation gives you that key to have
access to it thank you very much thank you orinoko
thanks for your listening thanks for being present thank
you welcome back to wherever you are stay where continues to
FL and that
music being it’s an embodiment of the or
no it’s a composition and aranged by my
cousin greig who has a connection with dead Oro
because my grandmother Flora is his great is also part of his of of her
being is Al his grandmother also so there we are
listening let’s enjoy some music it’s also the whole thing about feeling it’s
whole the whole aspect of this being a dynamic experience for us rather than
just I BL blah BL the whole evening so let’s listen to some music and let that
be us thank you
thank you Christiano thank you welcome and um before I begin
chatting with l I also want to thank Sarah and Cristiana because they are the
ones who have drawn me in and especially
Sarah right at the beginning Rex you got to bring this information out you got to share it with people because she saw the
benefits in her own practice so thank you and Sarah and Christiana has a lot
to offer CU they work in the cranial sacr area are and the whole aspect of Perry
and prenatal these things would be shared in the new year with our presentations so
thank you both Lena
welcome how are you this evening I’m fine thank you okay thanks
for making the time to join us and um
and last week you asked me a provocative question about love and and then I
responded about devotion and um we can talk some more about that um or if you
had some other aspects to tell me or to suggest or
whatever no when we’re talking about it was was I was asking you where you come
from when you when you suggest things ah and if it was from love or if
it was from another aspect or another Direction okay and you didn’t really
answer that did you no I will answer it now
yeah um Lena bring me back to the school situation because these were the this
was the type of environment that I taught in where they would you know say but you didn’t answer it as yet whatever
so I’m very familiar with this way of interacting um where I come from with my
work or with if I’m with a client or with a you know just chatting or sharing
things with a friend um basically it
is supporting I come from a place of supporting um
with an attitude of care and that is not just in my head
that is really in like my energy field so it has a there’s a quality of caring
that is just um present as regards of that is love yes I think inherently it
is love but at times I have to drop back
from that and be in a place of devotion because sometimes even though that is the itude or the energy that I’m
carrying at times um I can be in situations where who I am or how I’m
presenting myself um there’s a lot of judgments around that so rather than I react to
that um I just come from devotion I smile I um give space to whatever may be
going on so I stay in a way devoted to a commitment to be
compassionate in the situation okay that is um that that that is always easy no
it isn’t always easy but at least that is my intention so
yeah um I’d be a bit more specific to answer your question with how I can be
in situations where you know um how I’m
presenting myself or who I am is difficult this has come up especially in the last um eight years 10 years and
predominantly so in the last five six years and that
has a lot to do with um because some people who are quite
sensitive spiritual or whatever would be the right word with that at times my
energy there’s a lot of ancestral energy around my being and that disturbs
them and I’m then told to send them to the light whatever that
mean so in that context they not realizing that you know
it’s nothing to do with me they have come I mean like you know the prison experience you know my uncle was there
in the cell then when I was coming out the prison blood came out from my left nipple so it’s like part of my
biological experience but some people pick up on that so that indigenous part
has become just more quote unquote for some people more prevalent and I’m I have to own it it’s not something I can
step back from so hence devotion is Where I Come From because
um and I need to talk more about that and write more about that and I’m not
coming from any anger or bitterness not at all um it’s just there’s that level of ignorance in the world at at times
you have you’d have to deal with these kind of things so that’s my inep
and I want add something Rex just because I have Insider’s
information okay um with I remember the Cliffhanger that Lena asked last week
and I know your place of devotion because you’ve shared that with Sarah
and I through the Journey of this development of oronoko flows but soon as
she asked that question again today I I smiled and I laughed almost like I have a secret in my
heart because I know too that right now the place that you come from a lot in
your work is with this child star that you have been embodying the
nine star key and with your devotion and the information that you have learned
from it and how you’ve been gifting it you know to to clients
and um now how we’ve been gifting it to women in particular and in in the
birthing communities this relationship that you can have with your subconscious mind so I was just
curious more about sharing with others our secret about the oroko and this
child star as it applies to your work and where you’re going with it you’re talking to me or are you
talking okay okay all right um so it’s really about I mean there’s
so much um guidance that is present and yes um you know I have books written
about the nin star key all of that but there’s much more and the healing aspect
about it is so present um and so and I have to also
mention mysterious I I’ll today I went for a well I go for a walk most days and
when I went for this walk I went down by there’s a a jetty where I walk at times
and um for the first time and I’ve been walking there for about the last five
years I you know that Jetty sees me at least once twice sometimes five times a
week and for the first time I saw a lot of birds be it Ducks of birds on the
water like easily more than 200 and I was just this was a big
surprise to me I never saw that before sometimes of course there are swans that I see this was like that and
then I walked away I sort of quote unquote like did um I did like a
offering to the water I I in fact let me share let me be very open with you all as regards you know what I’m about so I
put it um I I use essential oils a lot so I put a drop like an offering to the
water andto the birds and then I went back to a place where I sit um on this
Rock by this tree and I saw the birds lining up in a
straight line to more than 200 I never saw that before they’re all like they in like
they’re in the Army and there’s a sergeant major and this touched me and I’m still digesting
that experience and that for me that had some level of healing for me that I can’t put words on so it is about these
kinds of things especially around water because water is % of our being that I’m
very devoted to discover more and in the stories that we would hear with
participants in our community with members of our community I know this will grow sorry for my long- winded
answer but anyhow well and I know you’re going to ask Lena some questions
and I just was curious from the audience that’s here with us today you know we
we’ve sent out invitations to people to join us to learn more about the child star in order to
gain access to their subconscious mind and I’m just curious if you what is your
question around that in the audience like what what would you want to know more about yourself or what health
challenges do you have in your life or I guess one of the ways I put it is
if you knew yourself better what would you want to get more
Essence in your life of and if you just inviting everybody in the chat if that’s clear like while Rex is um posing some
more questions toena to peel back the layers of what is the child star maybe
people could share with um with us in the chat so we get a better idea of why why you’re here because I know later
we’re going to also reveal an audience um a person in the audience from last week’s call and Rex is going to do a a
miniature reading of their child star to give you a flavor of um what what it is
and you’re going to get a little bit of that too with Lena and interacting with the questions that Rex has for her and
how the child star applied to her so I’ll just make that invitation open for everyone what is it that you want to
gain more of in your life by having a better relationship with your
subconscious mind okay
Rex it seems um silence rules so give it
space um Lena let’s and and you know I think
um of course some things make come up as as we go along so you know let that unfold how
it unfolds um so because this evening I want to
chat with Lena like um her children and she giving me she’s sharing their birth
dates and I talking a bit and she can correct me or acknowledge or whatever
and we just kind of explore things so people could get a again it’s like being in the restaurant people will get a
flavor of certain um yeah um meals without getting in much into the menu of
what you know the menu is but anyhow um so where shall we start um
Lena it’s your you I don’t know things about the nin star I don’t remember so
you I mean you can I can tell you my no no no it’s you just giving me birth dates it’s not you don’t have to tell me
anything just giving me birth dates um I’ve got yes I’ve got three children uh
one the oldest is born 31st of March 1990 the second yeah so you want all
three of them no just we’ll start with one and and then we go to the other and
okay so um and Jennifer is your daughter’s name right yes okay so
Jennifer um 1990 and again just listen and you know their calendars about this
and all those kinds of things will happen you know as time moves on but anyways but her daughter is a one water
as an adult and the child star is the seven uh metal being born in March the
seven metal is very much about Harmony it’s very much about an artistic
expression it’s very much about um bringing Beauty in the world or
finding ways of discovering Beauty for people this it’s very much a big um sort
of how best to put it drive or um interest or
motivation any comments yes it is like
that um and that situation um has qualities of um the the
need for like a kinesthetic aspect about it rather than just being in the head or
intellectually playing with images or um
shifting designs or whatever some part of it um there’s some need of a feeling
needs to be involved like what I like a kinesthetic aspect to it yeah she’s very
physical okay any any other comments about that because I mean I learn from these
experiences I mean you would have seen other things as regards her art um and I
know some of that from before because but I don’t know where she has reached now with any of that or no she’s in the
film she’s in the fil her sister is in the art business but Jen is in the film business but I mean she talks a lot
about beauty and love and sharing and Harmony she talks a lot about it and and
she’s very unhappy if it’s not there you mean not there in the sense of
in her work space or in her life or home home situation or or in relationships or
whatever yeah yeah this is thanks for bringing that up that that whole as
aspect of the harmony is very important for the seeven somebody with a seven
metal child star um we see it of course the Expressions would be different for
different people Marvin Gay carried a seven metal child star and the whole thing about what’s going on the whole
thing with the environment all of that was such a large part of his music of
course in a very different level um Frank Sinatra carries a seven metal child star and the whole ways of how he
used his voice and the harmonics that he brought it and and how it needed to feel
um about that I mean anyway I don’t want to digress into the but is it also lot
of other personality sorry go ahead sorry is it also is it also regarding the feeling in her body is that also is
it the same thing yeah there’s a feeling in the body but but um the the feeling
in the body with the seven metal is also with what you’re doing that it it you know like bringing a good feeling with
what you’re doing with what you involved in ra it’s very challenging well for
most of is it challenging but it’s very challenging for a seven metal child star P person carries that to be doing things
that they don’t have a good feeling with that’s very difficult like just you know like they’re just doing work because they have to earn the money but they
don’t have a good feeling that’s very stressful that’s very difficult for her okay no no no I’m just sharing um
that I don’t know if some people in the audience or some of our part you know who are here with us have any comments
or who may anyway of course they may not know their pattern but anyway so that is very
um present um with her um you want to mention one of your other children they
with can I just say she’s pregnant now so okay all right so um so what do you
want to share with that or what do you want to see without you how I mean if it’s anything I can tell her that that
would be good for her and a baby aha okay um so the the key aspect with her
because okay this is general and this would be kind of highlighted a lot throughout um
these presentations um that we do over the months over the years or whatever
when a woman is pregnant it is very important that her child star is constantly
nourished okay that one aspect is is a is a key aspect because when that is
happening and the second aspect with that um and I’m not going to go deep
into it here this evening but the second aspect also is like um enjoying or um
when having a meal that there’s some joy around it if even at times she doesn’t
feel to eat or whatever but it’s like a little kind of ceremony or whatever
because that also contributes to the oxytocin in the body okay because the
upper digestive system um has a big correlation
also with um facilitating more um oxytocin in our system so and this is so for all of us
it is not only with a woman who’s pregnant this is always so but I highlight that um that aspect of
restoring that so that that is one part and the other part is like the textures
of the of the clothes that she’s wearing the the bed sheets the the um how it
feels next to her skin this um she needs to acknowledge that and and rather than
figure she’s being a primadonna like you know I need this or I need that no you need she needs to listen to that like
you know I want something softer or I prefer this or that um that shouldn’t be
put as you know like down lower down on the how best you put it on on her on her
priorities having that as a priority and of course the choice is always hers how she wants to play with that but I mean
I’m just giving some guidelines with that um the opportunity
to um be in fresh air makes a big difference because the
seven metal um carrying a seven metal child star that has to do with your skin but
it also has a lot to do with your lungs so that fresh quality of air of course
he in a city but you know going out to the countryside or going um somewhere where the air is
better this helps tremendously um those are some my thoughts and oh and the key
thing in these days where she sleeps no wifi I told her that already yeah when
you’re not because this has a big impact on the baby and there’s some work done
by um a German physicist Dr um Dr kleard kingart he’s on YouTube
and whatever and he has done a lot of research and he has indicated that
autistic children the high incidence is coming from the Wi-Fi where the mother sleeps in a room where the Wi-Fi is on
like this has a big impact and in his scientific work he points out and this is part of um the
aspect of the womb he says like if in the room itself um the Wii quote unquote
frequency I’m talking random figures now is a 10 in a woman’s womb it’s a 200
it’s 20 times that the impact that’s a which indicates that this space is a
Sacred Space a woman’s womb is a Sacred Space it’s bringing creation into life
so that whole part so kingart has a lot of that um I think we will look in some of the
posts to highlight certain areas of information or certain places so so yes
so that would be my those would be some thoughts that come to me at the moment with her as a seven the seven metal
child star and Rex I just I have a question since is your your daughter’s
name is Jenny is that right Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer um Jackie on the call
and correct me if I’m wrong Rex but her birthday is September 17th 1966 it looks like she’s
a seven metal child star as well as a onew 6 um give me the date again
66 and I looked up I think she’s a seven metal child star um okay that that is the the year
in which um 1966 would be a seven metal star that’s
an adult star that’s the year but what his is the the month um September 17th
so it looks like she’s a one one water the one water she carries a one water
child star the seven metal is the adult star so I thought it was interesting because the it’s F it’s okay it’s a
reverse situation compared to to Jennifer yeah it’s the opposite situation where the adult stars a seven
and the child star is at one um I want to focus on the child star rather than
and on the thing because my you know we and do not hear like that is not
relevant but really with the orinoko flows Community it is about the child star because the child star is really
the link to the subconscious mind as regards that’s great Rex because
she put in there in the chat and Jackie I’m just gonna speak what you read
um she she identifies herself as the slain healer and she’d like to
understand how she can come more into her power and Essence without being threatened and defended and you’ll
you’ll have to forgive me in my fatigue of traveling last night but I reversed it I was like oh thinking she was the
seven metal child that’s okay that’s okay that’s okay I like oh the computer the computer was F on and and you know
do the corrections it’s okay but I’m just curious around that let me let me point something out we um we’re going a
bit deeper with um the conversation but let me point something out it it it um and we’ll hear more
about this um from the lady burget when she speaks
about with her children and how because there there’s something called the switching from the child star to the
adult star and at times um especially when if
the childhood been has been has been an abusive one or if the person’s parents
died or they in a wor situation and I you know I mean War where bombs are
dropping where you live or you know a lot of fighting then the child St
becomes the adult star so at times um some people identify more with the adult
star out of from trauma in their Early Childhood or whatever whereby they had
to operate from their adult St because they had to start taking responsibility on themselves so this can happen I don’t
want to get into that aspect here this even I want to you know keep it kind of very basic but there is that aspect and
I can talk a lot more about that and I will but I just want to keep in this sort of flow with where we are and you
know chat some that’s wonderful Rex because you you must had you must have had a telepathic connection to the chat
and in the space because that was also what Jackie brought up as her second question was how can this be tied into
pre and perinatal trauma and you just you just answered it and I know this is
the whole point of the aspect of the community that we’re trying to build is to be able to put this kind of content
out there for people to access of understanding how when the adult star has to come in and how you can repair
pre and perinatal trauma by nourishing again very simple nourishing the child star
the element of the child star and then these Essences that I know you’re G to continue on with Lena and give us some
examples of what you’ve just done like with her daughter Jennifer sleeping with nice
soft sheets that’s simple very simple Yes Lena um
okay any um so and then your your son if
I remember when is his birthday uh I’ve got a daughter in between Isa oh sorry okay
okay that um I I’m not familiar with that with your daughter who’s in between
and her name is Issa Isa Isadora Isadora yes and her birthday you met her when
she was little actually she was yeah when you had a class here in Stockholm she was with us
during the during the weekend she was like three two or three years old
something like that okay 93 she’s born and in 12th of November 12th November 93
yes so 12th of November 93 so 93 is a seven
metal uh lot of seven metal yeah adult that’s the adult um aspect seven is
playing here this evening I guess if some people are into the gambling they’re going to put
that and then the um November would be your eight Earth child star so the seven
with the eight um so yeah so that’s
that’s a Sit situation with um with your daughter um with Isa so it
Earth is very much the researcher the one who wants to
they are looking at things they are studying things they
the I’m reading libraries museums ancient
stuff um at times not at times may not be that
sociable do not hear like they’re not the eight um Earth child sty is not
social enjoy social company but it can be at times um the need for like just
being by herself or wants to read a book or wants to listen to something or just
wants to go for a walk um only once not only for not only
once it’s most of the time for her
yeah wonderful wonderful okay she so she’s honoring her child I mean so the
eight Earth is like that um and and do not you know and and they can have a
I mean when they want to socialize they can be the fun of the party but at times when they don’t want
to socialize do not try to push them it’s like listen I’m not going I don’t
want to go and I will will not go so the eight Earth child stck and have that and
one needs to honor that rather than like the child has some social dysfunction no
the child doesn’t have CU that is how it would be read in many um schools and
many things like the child is very quiet or at times it doesn’t want to play and they will put the child down as being
socially dysfunctional the child is not being socially dysfunctional the child is honoring their eight Earth child star
I was actually letting her stay at home from time to time when she was little when she was at school or in
kindergarten she hated kindergarten and I mean she hated school too but I actually let her stay home
from time to time just to reconnect with herself because she couldn’t handle that
well yeah the thing with um the aspect well let me talk because I’m an eight I carryer eight child style let me and you
too so the aspect with school it’s like um there are two
aspects with it well for me let me talk for myself two one aspect is like the teacher who the teacher is and how they
teach and it’s not so much about liking the teacher you it’s not so much like you know about the connection that you
know the the teacher has to kind of give me a pattern but I don’t mean it that way but how they teach or how they
present the information this is important and that and if the teacher
can allow enthusiasm in you know like I as a
student being enthusiastic with when he’s teaching or she is teaching fine
but if the teacher puts you down as regards you know like um you
know like you’re challenging the teacher because of all the
enthusiasm end of studying that subject that that subject is no longer
on the to-do list so this happens I I am speaking from personal experience whereas on the other hand um my
mathematics teacher father life who this was a action-packed um way how he taught
I mean it was physical you know he would squeeze your ears he would put his knees into your into your um ribs you would
throw the duster across the room I mean it was but the learning and the capacity
of what was going on like he used to switch on something because in that room stuff went on whereas when you came out
of the room at the end of his class because it was like a action-packed movie you don’t remember what went on in
the room but you you have learned something so I enjoyed his class very much but yeah and the stuff at times
wanting to stay home yeah because if you know school you know like how they’re
teaching or whatever is not on it’s like forget it I you know I don’t want to waste my time so well and may I say
something to Lena I just really appreciate that you my daughter is an eight Earth
child and she was the reason why I got into what I now call neuros
psychosomatics um because I’m more of a psychologist than anything it seems these days but working through the means
of the body but she was so stubborn she is I
mean not so in past tense like she is very stubborn and I didn’t know this
about her when in her young age and and all of our trauma you know I was a
single mom and we had a C-section and in preschool it was really
hard to get her to go to school and the teacher of the school got to a point
where my daughter Audrey would be separated from the class on her own
because they discovered that in the morning that was how she could regulate on her and then they would let her come
into the class when she was ready ready oh that’s Beau but it was interesting
because the woman who ran the preschool in my little church she had this
insight and and rather than you know push you know because there are
obviously you know there would be schools where that wouldn’t be allowed or tolerated to not conform with the
group but they met that need for her and um I was blind to that in in my
own Vortex of trying to get her in and out to school and all the pressures that
were you know around getting to work on time and if I had
known there are days when she’s just not capable of going to school and she needs
to fill up her cup and now I I let her do that I’m like okay have a day home
from school and she enjoys it so much she
just like spends all day in this Imaginary fanty Land exactly and then
the next day she’s just like this Bright Beautiful ready to give to the world again but it was a long journey for us
to get there I wish I had had you earlier Rex yes Lena let me go ahead you wanted
to add something to to that no it was Issa was very clear from very early in
her life what she needed and wanted so it was I just had to listen it was like in kindergarten I had to put her in
kindergarten and they they had this little leave alone mat so every time I
picked her up from the K she was sitting on this little mat and when when one of the children was sitting on that mat
none of the other kids could go there and take the things or whatever so every
afternoon when I picked her up she was sitting on this little mat so I learned
quite quickly what she needed actually and she also had a beautiful teacher in
the beginning who who saw her first year and I mean she was sitting under the
under the table in the school the whole first year she couldn’t sit on the chair and face the class as the rest of the
kids so she was sitting under and she let her the teacher let her sit there it was
beautiful and then she when she was ready she could climb up and sit on the chair and and and be with the others but
it’s like being in the in a in a in a room by yourself in a way sure I mean
this the the eight Earth is very the eight Earth is like being on the Mountaintop and kind of scanning the
situation and like ah okay well I’ll go down here oh no no no no I’m not going anywhere I’m just going to stay right
here and see what’s happening and maybe read or look at some other things it is
like that the E child is like that and and I have myself had exp I didn’t I
didn’t know that but when I when I was a kid and I was playing piano and I had an awful piano teacher and she went away
because she got sick or something and I had this beautiful jazz player come to teach me and it was so fun about the
enthusiasm that you were talking about and then when she came back and I was supposed to be with her again no way I
stopped I quit no more piano because as you said you couldn’t
Show Your Enthusiasm to the other old lady but to this man I could and when he
was gone I couldn’t continue sure it is um yeah the a is like that
that that pattern is there um and and it’s just like recognizing that then you
you know recognizing how how best to put it recognize in that presence in your life
that authentic presence and giving it room and space and finding ways to nourish it you’re on the program I mean
you’re just flowing with things and you’re in the dance and and luckily for
me on my side um my parents gave that space I think
especially my father because um I stopped going to church um was to me only about dressing
up and how people look and I somehow that didn’t register for me so I used to get on my bike and then ride to this big
Park and look at the horses gallop and then I would buy they had around that
they had coconut water selling or um bananas and I would um have one of those
and then when I saw because there was a church close by when I saw the people coming out of the church I’ll get on my
bike and ride back home like I went to church
obviously where I live in Belmont the people would have told my mother or
whatever and I’m sure my mother would have said to my father my my father just would have told her because my father
didn’t go to church she would have just said leave him leave him leave him alone don’t bother CU you know there wasn’t
anything about it but so that’s what I used to do from the time I was around about 12 cuz yeah Church didn’t work for me I
mean it just um it was just all about dressing up I didn’t have anything so I prefer to read books about yoga or
different things like that but yeah but anyhow well so I guess I you know I was
a naughty boy I mean like growing up I um was just curious I know we had
promised people to do a little miniature reading and yes sure sure
s I’m chatting so much my apology no I the only not at all Rex in fact I’m not
the school teacher saying like but rather that Maran is an eight
Earth child star and she’s our guest in the audience so I didn’t know if now would be the per since we’re on the
topic of eight Earth child I didn’t know it would be cool to invite Maran on and
just maybe ask her what so um okay that’s eight Earth but when is what year
she was born let’s see Marian did we I
may have your information here on the thread rex or Sarah may know
immediately Maran do you want to um unmute yourself I can maybe help you with that
but there you go okay yeah thank you so
I’m the 4th of March 1954 so March the 4th okay so that’s one
one water with e Earth child okay so that’s very similar to my pattern so you
have the one and the eight Earth um okay
um so where you want me to begin because there’s so much yes um and there was a whole load
going on there um what I find very interesting um when you said you saw all the Ducks sling up and you were
integrating that well I have an issue with that with being able to
integrate we say all that I’ve learned it’s all up here but coming down here
um while I do readings and it works but yet for myself it’s blocking I’m blocking it in
some way or something is blocking me okay and it affects actually me
physically and healthwise as well now so what’s your challenge healthwise if I
may ask um I’m going to have to get checked out after a lot of stress from
grief and funerals there was food actually stuck here in this area here
just under my ribs you mean the solar plexus area yes yes and food actually
stock there that never happened to me before okay okay all right um okay so
what what I just um there are many ways to go into this and of course it’s just
a snippet of a reading a key aspect with the pattern that you carry the eight
Earth child is to give yourself permission to be who you are and in by
that I mean quote unquote and let me talk from myself
personally he’s different he’s not part of the group he is whatever whatever um
all of that and I know for a woman that’s more challenging than for a man
but the reality is to embrace that is important as regards being your
authentic self because if you attempt to how best it put you if you attempt to
put yourself in the mold that’s a
problem um at many levels um for you the the eight Earth um as you know as we
have shared as Lena shared as Christiana shared about her daughter as I have
shared you don’t do you know it doesn’t fit fit it just does not fit so you have
to give yourself permission to allow that to be present but a key thing that I want to and I don’t have an answer for
you but I have a key question for you what do you like to do or what what is
um what is joy for you what what what you know what what carries passion for
you and it doesn’t have to have any logic behind it um but anyway so it’s
but what what is your big passion or what do you really enjoy what’s like brings the bright the bright eyes and
the big smile on your face what would that be at the moment I’ve thought this
through and I’ve been looking at it and trying to bring it out trying to looking for myself in that sense because when
I’m passionate about something my eyes light up I’m like yeah I know where I am I know what’s going on but within the
last eight years or so that’s just h it’s because all right so let me let me
simplify that for you let me simplify that for you um okay yeah how I’m asking you is not really
coming from here how I’m asking you is like a child going into a toy shop and
it sees something and it grabs it that’s mine that’s mine I like that whether
they’re selling it they’re not selling it this is mine and the child just gets all excited that is what I’m talking
about I’m not talking about about anything okay um as regards you have to work it out it’s like that so it just
kind of moves you to just give you an a sense and I think Lena would remember
this it had there was a period um when I was teaching when I had the school when
I would wear yellow socks I enjoyed wearing yellow socks I would always in
the class you remember that Lena I remember that so this was a fun that so when I
had the class to do you know when I started to put on the yellow socks I
felt so good forget about what I was teaching I just was feeling good because I had yellow socks on it’s as ridiculous
as that and I’m telling the truth I’m not kind of making it up it was like that so I so when I had you know like
the shiatsu weekend to teach so that Saturday morning when I put on that yellow socks it was just like ah this is
going to be great and so it was and you know and and um so it’s in that way I’m
talking about it giving yourself that kind of permission that I wore yellow socks for the rest of my life no but it
had a period when yellow socks was you know a big part of how I taught not only in the school but also when I traveled
in Europe or came to to Ireland or was in Germany I was wearing yellow socks
did you know yellow socks was was my signature line
I I tend to do that now and then put on very strange clothes clothes that I like and it’s like you congratulations
congrat do more of that that is very important I mean you know let people make their comments that’s their that’s
their problem Mar yes that’s their issue yes may I may I have permission to share
a photo um on the screen for you to see would that be okay yeah it’s um let’s
see if I can pull it up can you see this oh
yeah this is my eight Earth child daughter oh wow she’s beautiful love her
clothes she’s wearing a pink tutu underneath her green velvet Christmas
dress um with Dalmatian socks as you can see and red high heels and um I have
learned to never question her clothing because it is a sense of
true injury for her if if there’s any hint in my voice like what are you
wearing to school today I cannot because it it wounds her like it literally I can
see her withering away so I just learned to embrace
this and oh that’s amazing I’m delighted for her I just when you said that about your
clothes I do and I wore um purple lipstick um when we went out I was
really deep deep purple lipstick and at 68 you’re as you know and um someone went away that was
in the group with us and bought me a different lipstick so that I wouldn’t wear the purple one again but I will
wear the purple one again and what I do love doing and thank you Rex for
reminding me is singing dancing and playing music
wonderful yeah wonderful so what type of music you like to play um I use the
drum and I use the Rattle and I have I
don’t know what to call them I just you know they’re just instruments that I have in the room and I reckon it’s a
reminder for me to go back and start moving around a bit with what
I have sure so it’s more like with the traditional Irish uh music and the the
instruments that they use yes yes fantastic yeah this is my drum I painted
this wow wow no bring it high up bring it high up let me see it more yes
yes uh is there any way you could play a little something of that I don’t know Marian is that weird I don’t my playing
is more of um keeping my mind
quiet it’s it’s like from the heart I have a name for her um I haven’t done it
from hold on a second hold on a second hold on a second let me slow it down let me slow it down you you starting to rock
in the rocking chair I had I see that before this is so
wonderful I do that when I play my Dr no no no no you you already shift the whole
mood when you started to do that I didn’t realize you were in a rocking chair but when I because I’m in a
rocking chair too it is I’m not in a rocking chair it looks like you are when
you move okay all right no no I’m in this is a type of
this is the type of fun that we have at the Orinoco flows I mean this it’s so
it’s alive the spontaneity of who we are as human beings and giving ourselves permission
to be who we are and the the Feelgood quality and how you you start seeing the
smiles and the bright eyes just coming alive as the person connects with their
child star okay I mean it’s as simple as that and you you’re connecting with the
with the subconscious mind because you’re opening up a whole the level of communication with yourself by accepting
yourself as you are and the universe then becomes you know um a place of
communication okay right that makes sense yeah that makes sense were were
you about to play something when you were leaning um I’ll just give a very
small sample of how I do this um
this is on the Orinoco River now this is
happening okay thank you you’re welcome thank you
no no no that’s very special plus also to me hearing it it sounded very much
like it came from the orino Cod because there are similar beats with the indigenous people and in those sorts of
areas with that and the the sound of your voice had similar qualities um okay so thanks for doing
sharing that with us you’re very welcome it was my privilege it is my priv
thank you oh Rex I I have spontaneity is
arising right now I just wanted to share with you Maran that um when Rex when you were
sharing that and I was just having this somatic experience and Rex said this is
happening on the oronoko one of the Essences that we’re trying to evoke in this whole community
of sharing is the magic of the elements and here
you are an earth child and you use a drum and I know
through my own connection with ancient wisdom teachings that the Earth you know is
symbolized by dragons and dragon energy and in the north you know the nordics
and the Celtics in order to evoke that Earth element they would beat
drums and one of my favorite bands is wardruna out of Norway or Denmark
somewhere up up up there but when you did that just then I just could feel the
earth does that make sense yes doesn’t have it can make sense but
it that’s that’s the way you have your words about it and that that’s sense for
you so that’s great well Rex I know you um this is so
true for early life like how we can tie back this type of healing outside of the
box healing to how we can heal people from woundings that they they had in
their in their early earliest years I mean even even in the womb like um but
just tying this all back together and I know you had Lena’s last child to go
through I’m just curious with that question present like how you tie in the
child star and no maybe Lena’s third child I don’t know if he’s had challenges
that that you address through you know nourishing elements of his child star
let’s let’s see hear what’s um I think that question is a cliffhanger into for
the next things because it’s um one I can go quite deep with many answers but um keep the question but let’s let’s
kind of complete here with Lena with um was there something else about EA you
wanted to say before we move on or no okay and then your son will Wimer is
called his name is Wilmer call him will uh born 98 November 98 6 of November
98 so 98 the 6th of November November
yes so um 98 is a is a two Earth year
and um November we dealing with a three three three three um wood child star so
we have the pattern of the two and the Three Wood child star so the three um
wood child star is about enthusiasm I mean if there’s no
enthusiasm with whatever is happening in the day then that’s a problem then because the
whole thing about life is happening and like needing
to kind of be it run be it be to jump be it to but doing things and being
Physically Active is important rather than just sitting so in a way it’s kind of like the opposite to the um EA it’s
like going in an opposite direction and enthusiasm is a big part of whatever um
he’s involved in and the physical activity about the body and and moving
it and it being Dynamic all of these things would tend to be a sort of a need
or and a passion any comments about that I mean he was very physical when it
was little but now I mean he’s become very sitting still he’s very lazy and
it’s actually not good for him I mean it’s not good for him so I mean if he’s
not moving around he the body digestive system doesn’t work and all that so I mean and he knows it and but he
extremely lazy okay the extreme lazy situation because he carries the pattern
I’m getting into something deeper than we talking about because I’m bringing in his adult star the pattern with the two
to the three in that format what we dealing with is um an aspect of grief so
there’s some level of of some challenge or something that has gone on for him
where there’s you know there’s some level of of of grief that has impacted
him and that at times can be um
unconsciously or can be conscious some family member um passing on that he’s
close to generally on the on the male side so generally like on your husband’s
side of the family some um relative or whatever and the the contact may not
have been much but sometimes that that may have an impact I don’t know if any
of that fits maybe his grandmother son’s mother maybe his

Awaken Thyself with the Modern Mystery School

Awaken Thyself with the Modern Mystery School

Sitting in Mystery is a collection of recordings to explore the mysteries of spiritual technology and ancient wisdom teachings that can be applied in everyday life and enable you to align to your Higher Self. Join us in this recording with Shawn Warnick, a Guide and Teacher at the Modern Mystery School, as she shares about a workshop Awaken Thyself and Sacred Geometry 1. This class combines ancient Sacred Geometry teachings with the wisdom passed down through the lineage of King Solomon. By learning how to work with subtle energy patterns represented in Sacred Geometry, you can initiate an alchemical transformation within yourself. This process can empower your individual evolution of Consciousness, and in turn raise the level of Consciousness on our planet.
Register Here for Awaken Thyself, an In-Person Workshop Charlottesville, Virginia





thank you for joining me tonight

thanks I know we have an exciting

conversation in store for the folks

listening tonight and in the future but

you’re coming to visit me here in

Charlottesville Virginia at my my own

Clinic balance bodies and you’re going

to be sharing some teachings from the

modern mystery school because you Sean

Warnick are a guide and a Healer of the

mystery school and you’ve been teaching

and healing with them for 10 years now

and I had the benefit of getting to know

you about six years ago and I just love

everything that the mystery school does

because it has accelerated my own

healing path and

I just feel now that I’m six years in I

can say I feel fully aligned with my

purpose in life and I have come a great

way from where I started when I when I

first met you

and it’s just one it’s wonderful so I am

looking forward to asking you a lot of

questions about our awakened thyself

course and sacred geometry one that

we’re going to offer September 30th here

and I’ll put in the the Box the link on

my website where people can get more

information and and the price but tell

us tell us Sean why do you do the

awakened thyself course what is it

the awakened myself is the perfect

taster it’s an introductory course and

it gives you a taste of what the modern

mystery school offers the mystery

schools for Generations thousands of

years have been on the planet but they

were only offered to royalty or like the

the medicine men their family as they

passed it down their higher the higher

knowledge of

who we are and and how we operate in the

best way uh how we’re made uh the it’s

it’s a it’s an actual ancient science

and uh the the mystery school that uh

we’re I’m a part of originated from the

lineage of King Solomon and if you

remember from the Bible he was known for

his wisdom there’s the story of the the

woman and I had a baby lived with

another woman with a baby and the one

woman got the baby died and and they

were both fighting over the baby

and they brought it the the problem to

King Solomon and and he’s you know he

said okay


and he came up with

cut the living child into

oh gosh and yeah I remember the story

yeah and the real mother says no don’t

hurt the baby give it to The Other Woman

and the other woman says go ahead and

cook the child in too

so that revealed who the real mother was

and that kind of wisdom to cut to the

soul of the matter

is what the Mysteries are all about it

cuts to the soul of who you are and the

awakened myself program is just a little

taster of how the Western Mysteries are

a little different angle to come to uh

your your own Spiritual Awakening it’s

the Eastern the Eastern Mysteries

originated in like India and China and

they each had their own


sort of teachings that they specialized

in in America we’re we have yoga around

the corner and acupuncture so our

country’s kind of you know we know about

the the Far Eastern Mysteries and we get

a taster of them all around us but the

Western Mysteries have been in hiding

and we don’t know what they’re about

but it’s very very powerful to add to

your your own process of Spiritual


yes I and I’ve always had an affinity

towards the Western teachings just

because of my my own Heritage and

ancestral lineage where where I come

from in my family that’s from Scotland

and yeah yeah in the highlands so

it’s good well how does this

differentiate between the New Age like

teachings how would you say when

somebody said oh that’s new age because

I hear that a lot when I’m like you

should come you should learn about this

this is the most powerful tool that I

have ever been exposed to and they’re

like I’m not so into a new age things

yes what is the difference the the

difference is the lineage this stuff uh

King Solomon kind of organized these

teachings they’re Ancient Ancient

teachings processes and transformation

um processes methods modalities uh that

have been on Earth for thousands of

years and they work for everyone

uh the new new age

our our whole time and we you will if a

person is interested in learning more

about this the foundation classes

explain why but our whole time period

right now in human history we’re we’re

exposed to Greater sensing of the The

Mystery of the world around us greater

sensing of the energy of P other

people’s emotions and even thoughts have


and so we’re surrounded by

energy of of people around us and and uh

the the many people have had their own

process of Awakening and they they then

and it’s it’s it’s

part of our spiritual journey that once

you have figured out a way that has

helped you you want to share that with

other people so that’s what the new age

um the things all around us that are

available are kind of about that one

person uh figured a way out and and they

want to share their method with other

people but it’s not a method that’s been

proven for thousands of years that works

for everyone so it may help some people

but it may not help everyone

and that’s the difference with lineage

tools these have been tested by King

Solomon and put together in a way that

they are they are beneficial for every

person on the planet no matter where you

live no matter what your background

nationality all you know what issues

you’ve had it’s going to help you it’s

going to help you and the whole process

of the transformation sessions from King

Solomon is all about aligning who you

really are and that misalignment is what

causes stress in your life right and so

many people are drawn to me when they’re

gone going through a very stressful time

like a divorce or perhaps someone close

to them passed away or did different big

issues or perhaps they had some big

issues in childhood that they know

they’re just not in alignment

something’s not right with that within

and they try the the the transformation

sessions life activation is what you

offer so so many people

um that you talk to have already had

that process right you have a couple

other sessions from sacred geometry that

you offer and those things are so

helpful to help bring that that inner

self into alignment and so many of my

clients say

that they love to do sessions and

classes with me because the stresses in

their life don’t bother them like they

used to

it’s it’s it’s a complete rewiring I I

say to my clients because I integrate

this into my own body psychosomatic

therapy practice it’s it’s a really

these tools help accelerate when


when there’s really a lot of resistance

or blockages for people and you do

something like this and then they they

come back to me like I feel a completely

different person and that’s why I love


um that the Mysteries are really linked


our biological experiences when you said

how we’re becoming more aware of

emotions I mean this is like the trend

of the day everybody’s aware of

everybody’s emotions right they’re

they’re they’re plastered all over

our bodies and like everything you see

on TV and in the news like emotions are

rising and everybody and they’re being

dealt with but our emotions are really


to the cosmos are like blueprint and I I

watched this documentary the other day

awaken on Gaia TV and I love the analogy

that they use that the soul an

individual’s Soul because we all hear on

planet Earth our souls

that we are individuations

of this Fuller you mentioned the

blueprint or God or the imagination of

God or the universe right and that this

we’re no different the analogy was the

ocean and that each soul is a wave

the wave is no different than the ocean

it’s just a rising up and an expression

of the ocean and I I really thought that

that was such a beautiful analogy to

think that there’s we’re all unique

we’re all different but we’re all one

and we’re all designed from the same

fabric and this is what I love about

sacred geometry because when you learn

sacred geometry you can apply it

anywhere you go and you can experience a

higher an Ascension of vibrational

energy and it makes you feel more at

ease in your body and it’s it’s also

protective I I use it when my kids start

fighting in the house I’ll grid my room

and I’ll do some calling upon rituals

that I’ve learned from Empower thyself


um and we use these words in the mystery

School activations initiations rituals

because they are um they’re very

powerful and they shift the space within

five minutes of big turmoil in my house

if I grid the space

things just settle nice it’s very subtle

you know these changes are so powerful

but yet so subtle because when you have

something really painful or tumultuous

going on in your life and then all of a

sudden when you don’t have that you

don’t even notice right because you’re

just living life with abundance and joy

and ease and it’s it’s not really on

your mind so this the mystery School

teachings have kind of crept up on me

because when I looked back after two

years when I first met you

and doing Sega geometry one and getting

my life activation and even doing

Empower thyself it was like whoa there’s

there’s major shifts that happen and

this is why I’m loving that we’re doing

the awaken myself because you’re going

to give us a sampling of the the types

of rituals that are taught

um these shamanistic tools you’re even

going to show us how to draw our own

magic circle which is a protective


um and I I just want to know a little

bit more this is one of the reasons I

love when you come to Charlottesville

Sean because you live in Pennsylvania

now and I have to travel

far distances to get access to the

mystery school because these teachings

are handed down in person it’s not

something that we do online or at a


and when you come you always have a full

menu card of healings that I can access

from from you and I know that’s one of

the the joys that I’m looking forward to

this time when you’re coming I’m having

a Celestial star code healing and I know

we’re finishing up on some healings to

follow up on my Galactic activation yeah

in the past I’ve had you know the full

the full Spirit and the Fire Spirit what

is it called there’s two of them the

full Spirit and the fire Soul activation

I’m getting them both and and then of

course yes when you came here to help me

um set a sacred geometry Grid in my

house when we first built this house

where we are now

um you gave me the soul retrieval yes

that was so powerful for me just being a

body psychotherapist and understanding

trauma and what stress and overwhelm

does to us and especially in this this

world that we come into

um it’s really about collecting the

pieces of your soul that your psyche

that’s fragmented from trauma and that


that was such a powerful healing for me

it was a 180 after after that and the

fact that we have the Grid in my house

right using the sacred geometry

um it’s just tell us more about some of

these healings that you offer

yes the uh and those the three that I

would recommend for for people who have

already done life activation it depends

on what’s going on in your life is

definitely the soul retrieval and we do

this in a hermetic way it’s the the

teachings in the lineage of King Solomon

from the mystery School are very much

from the teachings of Hermes and the

Hermetic Soul retrieval is is very

powerful in bringing together those lost

pieces of your your energy field that

shatter off when you go through very

stressful times

and uh it’s all the sessions from the

Mysteries are just it’s not a massage

that you have to do again and again

it’s it’s more like a path of

transformation right so each one is a

step and you can take it at your own

pace but I encourage you to take

advantage of me when I’m in your area uh

to take your next step and uh the the uh

hermetic Soul retrieval would be a great

choice the full Spirit activation is

kind of called the second uh step to the

life activation uh so it’s very very

powerful to have it my own experience of

it I was doing meditations and kind of

going through a process of Awakening

before I found and then I found the

modern mystery school and I and these

things seem to like really push me

through my process in a in a very gentle

but faster way and uh

before I had full Spirit activation I I

was meditating and and connecting to

Mother Nature and kind of asking that I

live in the woods kind of asking

energetically that the trees to push me

up to to Spirit and then I did the full

Spirit activation and when I went in

meditation it’s like oh I’m already


it was really it was like a big shift in

the way I sensed the spiritual energy

and it was really cool

um so yeah how and it’s different for

everyone how you perceive it will be

will be different but it’s a very very

powerful healing in that step of

progression from King Solomon another

great one and it’s your your choice but

the three I would highly recommend is

soul retrieval full Spirit activation or

fire Soul activation Firestone fire Soul

activation is based on the the Hindu

Vedas and some of the yogas that they

practice is is

um I think Power Yoga is Kundalini yoga

or it’s very much about Awakening the

yoga is about Awakening that uh that

process that fire within that goes up

the the caduceus

so the fire Soul activation is the

Western mystery’s way to open open up

that channel for you

uh and it’s very foundational it’s very

transformational uh so anyone and

unfortunately it’s best to only have one

session at least a week apart and I’m

only down there uh that weekend so uh

you you’ll have to choose one not all


any one of those sessions would be

really great for a person that’s already

had life activation okay yeah no it’s

it’s it’s important piece to integrate

these energies because they they do

they’re very I mean everybody

experiences it differently

experience energy that’s why I love

giving life activations because each

each time I work with somebody it’s it’s

a very different experience and very

meaningful you can’t put words on it can

we it’s just the experience I um I also

I love one of my big intentions when I

started this work was to have access to

my dream life into my subconscious

because I knew that if I could

take on or remember my my dreams and

understand more of what was happening on

a subconscious level I would be able to

manifest as well like like a magician

Right Use the use the forces of nature

at my will at my bidding and

um that has very much happened for me

using these tools and that was one of

the thing about

a lot of these activations or healings

that I’ve had through you and even at

the mystery School in Toronto is

um being able to access the spirituality

or the spirit Realm

and at any point you know it’s just it’s

just like doors open and your extension

each step that you take you just you

extend you don’t ever step back at least

that’s not my experience right we might

hit some resistance here and there but

uh yeah

yes yes yes so good to talk to you and

I’m looking forward to coming down

I I’m I am too Sean I can’t wait so I

hope everyone if you’re interested if

you have questions you can email me at

pediatriccst gmail.com I will also have

a link here to my website


What are Baby Doula Services?

What are Baby Doula Services?

We all acknowledge that birth is hard. For the mothers who are delivering the baby, we acknowledge that it can be the most painful experience they ever have. But what about the baby? The way we have set up birth in today’s culture introduces trauma to babies. Read more to understand how baby doula services can be the best gift you can give yourself and your baby.

Services include prenatal craniosacral and massage treatments, postpartum care, breastfeeding support, hands-on guidance interpreting baby body language, sleeping, bathing, infant massage, emotional support, laundry, meal preparation, errands and grocery shopping, help with older siblings, and overnight support.

Today’s culture and rituals around birth often pathologize the process and introduce technocratic birth interventions while also ignoring the fact that babies are conscious and aware of their experiences. The baby is not only leaving the home he/she has known, but under remarkable circumstances, the baby must pass through a space so narrow and experience tremendous cranial pressures. If delivered by C-section, the baby may or may not have already descended into the pelvic inlet, but it will be aestheticized at a dosage suitable for it’s mothers weight not its own, and aggressively ripped out of its home most often without any conscious preparation from the parents are staff attending the birth, meaning no one communicates directly to the baby what circumstances are about to unfold; thereby, the birth process is no longer a mutual dance between the baby’s chemical messengers and impulses and the mother, but rather the baby is delivered by an outsider, violating intimacy, choice, agency and constitution.

In most cases, the people present at a birth are so focused on what the mother is going through that they don’t spend equal awareness and empathy on what the baby is going through until it crowns or emerges from the C-section incision. As a result, babies cry when there seems to be no reason, or they are diagnosed with “colic” for weeks and months or longer after their births. I frequently hear midwives tell mothers after the birth that their baby may be inexplicably fussy Day 2 and Day 3 post birth, and to have a pacifier ready to soothe them.

We can birth babies differently, and we once did! We can take on compassionate birth practices to help ease their passage and when we do so, babies can recover from birth trauma and have more access to spirituality and reach their fullest human potential. Unresolved trauma and the way we currently handle babies explains how so much violence, mental illness, and behavioral disorders are rampant in today’s culture.

Karlton Terry, a world renowned baby therapist explains this phenomenon so well in his book, New Parenting Can Change Your World,

“In some cases, adults cry off and on or feel intense anxiety for weeks or months or longer after experiencing trauma. Everyone knows that when there has been a trauma there are consequences: physical and psychological. The physical consequences are usually more obvious, the psychological consequences are unpredictable and diverse, “PTS”, post-traumatic stress. If we can acknowledge that babies suffer from mild to severe PTS after birth, we can help them get through it. Otherwise, if we deny or repress awareness of this malady, they must get through it on their own like most of us did. Little agonies stay stuck inside. Ultimately, millions of unresolved individuals’ woundings get acted out in society as the objectionable aspects of business, politics, and relationships.”

My baby doula services address all of this within the context of your family field. So, I do not just see the baby, I see the parents, the medical staff, extended family, and siblings. I teach the family how to see the baby’s trauma and coach everyone on how to listen empathically to the baby telling their story and sharing emotional and physical pain they suffered during the birth. I create space for accurate empathy to unfold, thereby the baby and family has space to release and drain emotional and physical stress out of the body system, emotional system, and relational system. Contracted ligaments and connective tissues in the face and cranium relax after intense crying, and membranes are cleansed and invigorated. Neural pathways in the brain can release and redistribute after a period of intense crying. Craniosacral fluid in the brain is refreshed and flows more easily.

Baby Doula services offer 6 steps for parents to support their babies with the most compassionate, effective care for their newborn baby:

  1. Learn about presence—I help coach parents prior to birth about the power and healing of presence with yourself and in relationship with your loved ones. We discuss your own birth and childhood experiences that may be bringing unresolved trauma to your current birth.“The most decisive event in your life is when you discover you are not your thoughts or emotions. Instead, you can be present as the awareness behind the thoughts and emotions.” ~Eckhart Tolle
  2. Learn Infant Massage—babies need bodywork immediately after birth and the best person to provide frequent healing touch is a parent or family member. Massage of the cranium, abdomen, chin, and neck reduces the intensity of birth compression sites and cranial molding (or lack thereof in the case of C-section). Massage helps babies who have been exposed to Pitocin and pain medications. The tissue manipulation helps stimulate the lymph system and milk the drugs out of the muscle tissue and flush from the body through urine.
  3. Receive Birth Pathway Presence Education—Birth Pathway Presence is a method developed by Dr. William Emerson, one of the preeminent founders of prenatal and perinatal psychology, to treat the conjunct pathways and compression sites along the baby’s cranium and face that scraped against the mother’s pelvic bones and were compressed by muscle contractions. This subject uncovers the meaning of implicit memory and addresses “Memory Crying”. Babies have three types of cries: Needs Crying, Self-activated Crying, and Memory Crying. Often we categorize memory crying as colic. Implicit memory is referred to as unconscious memory or automatic memory and it is stored in the body during an event that imprints upon the automatic nervous system and is coupled with emotion. “Implicit memory relies on structures in our brain that are fully developed before we are born. Because it’s an unconscious, bodily memory, when it gets triggered in the present, it does not seem like it’s coming from the past. Instead, it feels like it’s happening now. Thus, we react as if we are back in the original situation.” I help those who are caring for the baby to see the conjunct pathways on the baby’s head and face and help them understand what obstacles and forces the baby encountered during their birth journey.
  4. Finding the most peaceful, non-reactive site along a conjunct pathway—I help caretakers with presence and palpation skills to apply pleasurable pressure along a site on the conjunct pathway where the baby experience spirituality and stillness. This experience creates meditative space for the caretaker and the baby to co-regulate together and experience coherence, peace, joy, and love. Once this has been discovered, a parent can move forward and treat the more reactive sites along the conjunct pathways.
  5. Exploring how the baby’s crying is making you feel—it’s important to identify a friend or a therapist who can support parents with their own body reactions to their babies’ cries. A baby’s cry will often trigger implicit memories in the parent and can cause unwanted reactions, disassociation or disconnection from their child’s emotional needs. Every one of us carries our own inner child and if we have unresolved trauma or adverse childhood experiences that lend to unmet emotional needs than we often misunderstand what our babies’ needs are in the moment. This reaction can be healed by bringing awareness to your own implicit memories.
  6. Setting boundaries—I help parents stabilize in their intentions for their baby. Often times, we can merge with another person’s experience or think we are treating trauma in our child, but we are actually projecting emotional states from within ourselves. We want to be accurate in our treatment, but we can also make mistake. Babies are conscious, and they do not care if you make a mistake. Our words organize compassion. By knowing the principles of boundaries, we can be more supportive for our child’s needs.

Babies are the most miraculous gifts, and we are charged to hold and nurture their full potential. The benefits of booking a baby doula are immeasurable. When a baby is supported in this way to form secure, loving attachments and experience compassion first-hand, they can become more deeply connected to their soul and to spirituality. They can grow and care for others and the world in which they live. They are given the gift of human potential and a clear path to carry our their soul’s purpose in this life.