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Client Testimonials

A father who was lost

I cannot say enough for what Christianna has done for our whole family. She started seeing my wife for birth trauma. We had an unplanned, emergency C-section that sent our lives into chaos for two years. I was so close to my wife, we were deeply in love, but after the birth I witnessed, when I almost lost my wife and my child, something happened to me on the inside. I became withdrawn and depressed, I couldn’t really feel my body. My wife had such great results with her, I was curious. Then she started seeing our daughter with us as a family, those sessions were some of the most precious moments of my life. I cannot speak to the healing, it was beyond words and definitely in the spirit realm, but I could feel the profound shifts happening in me and my girls. So, I started working with her too for individual sessions. Turns out my wounds went way back all the way to when I was born and how I was received in my own family. I learned so much about patterns in myself that were set at such a young age. After just a few sessions, I feel alive again. I feel whole. I have so much more work to do, but now I feel strong and part of my family, like I can hold them again and truly feel the love. Thank you Christianna for holding up a light to guide me.

A new mom

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was secretly afraid. I have struggled with anxiety all of my life and had troubling sleeping since I was a kid. I found Christianna’s webpage and was intrigued. I had no idea what was in store for me. Her training in prenatal and perinatal psychology and in body work was the perfect combo to meet all of my needs. She helped me address my anxiety and fears with not only bodywork, but with simple tools that were also linked to my natal chart. The therapy was fascinating, especially when it came to preparing for my birth. She taught me so much about what my baby was experiencing. I wanted a home birth and she helped me prepare and bond with my baby. During sessions, I would talk to my baby and let it know what my fears were and she had me envision the staff that would be assisting during my birth. When the time came, Christianna came to my home and “set the space” energetically and treated my own mother with craniosacral therapy. The whole experience was beyond my imagination, but it was sacred and marked this momentous moment in my life. She even was there in the wee hours of the morning and was able to do craniosacral therapy on my newborn baby. She followed up with house visits and helped us both recover from the birth. Her treatments from craniosacral therapy to prenatal massage to energetic medicine were more than I could ever ask for. I had a beautiful home birth and my baby is thriving!

Mom with a 5 year old Autistic Son

I just didn’t get any sleep. Since my son was born, the unrest in our home was destroying my marriage and my nerves were always on edge. I saw Christianna for a session just for me and she talked to me about my birth story with my son. I never realized how much trauma I had experienced during the birth of my son. Just knowing that what I went through and what my son experienced could be what was causing all of our unrest, allowed me to release. I cried so much for the first time. She came to my home for the second session to work with my son and I. Halfway through the session, my son disappeared while we were working with his birth story. Christianna found him curled up in our bed. He slept for fourteen hours that day and night. He got up to eat and went right back to sleep. After just a couple sessions, my son was starting to sleep in his own bed for part of the night. I was so thankful for the rest. I never knew what trauma we had all been through and that his autistic patterns could be a result of his birth.

Woman In her 50’s

raped repeatedly by a family friend when she was a child

For the first time in my life, I felt peace in my body. It took a couple months of therapy, but I had never felt stillness only the edge of fear and anxiety. I had always wanted it, but never realized I had not experienced it until I went home one night after treatment and the peace washed through me. The turmoil and the uncontrollable fear that rocks my body when I relive the painful memories of being raped have consumed my life. This therapy is the only thing that has helped me find relaxation and a method to dispel the fear that has been entrenched in my body. The process is ongoing, but I feel for the first time that the trauma is behind me and my life is ahead of me. I can start over and I can be who I want to be. I am no longer that child no one cared for, I am me, and I am loved and well cared for. Craniosacral therapy mixed with somatic trauma resolution has reshaped my life and framed it with peace.

Young Mother with Hashimoto’s Disease

I was told Craniosacral Therapy might help my thyroid issues. I didn’t want to have my thryoid removed and be on medications for the rest of my life. Christianna interviewed me for the first time and asked me about my childhood. No doctor had ever inquired. She explained how my childhood may be contributing to my endocrine-related health issues. I was adopted when I was three. My parents were drug addicts and I was malnourished. During treatment, we talked and I experienced my body. We talked about my parenting, my experiences growing up, and my current relationships. After seeing Christianna for six months, I got my blood work done with my endocrinologist and my thyroid levels had stabilized. I never knew how powerful this healing modality could be. I receive routine maintenance treatment just to give myself the support my body deserves.

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