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Balanced Bodies


Journey Backwards: How the Past Hijacks the Present

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Five 90 minute modules
October 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2
$250 for course
Register by September 15th,
Receive Early Bird Price $195

Join us for this exploration into parenting with soul and connection as we work together to uncover meaningful ways to cultivate a robust presence with our children.

We are living in anxious times. Uncertainty and struggle is ever-present in our homes and found its way into each of our lives. How can we deal with our emotions in the heat of the moment? What story is a child’s behavior telling us? How can we be the parent we want to be? The essence of the class is understanding how our past stories can get us stuck in the present. The weekly structure will include:

Live Lectures, recorded for on-demand viewing
Grounding practices and coping skills for managing stress
Homework to vitalize the material between sessions
Community to share your experience with others in the course

Class recordings are available on-demand, along with an enriching digital workbook housing informative videos, class content, and journaling prompts.

Topics Include: Developmental Neuroscience | Mapping Our Needs | Polyvagal & Attachment Theory for Caretakers | Impacts of Trauma | Holistic Healing Modalities | Nurturing Connected Communication | What Drives Behavior

12 Races — Elemental Foundation Training

elemental awakenings

12 Races — Elemental Foundation Training
Saturday, October 22, 2022
10:00 am – 5:30pm
$250 with registration, $300 at the door

The Mystery School tradition has always acknowledged and worked with the 11 races of magickal beings that share this planet with humans. These beings, known as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies and many others, once lived in harmony with humans until it was necessary to hide for their survival. The time has come again to reveal this sacred knowledge of our Elemental Brothers and Sisters and to share their purpose and power with all those who are called.

You are invited to learn more about who these races are, their part in the evolution of humanity and how we can re-build harmonious and empowering relationships between all 12 Races of Earth. These teachings uncover ancient truths and methods to open keys for greater connection in your life. We will use Sacred Geometry to deepen your connection to the keys to manifestation and create a space for deeper connection to elemental beings. We will be using the foundation training of sacred geometry from the mysteries to begin your journey to set the space for deeper connection to these magickal beings.

All things in the physical world manifest through Sacred Geometry. Sacred patterns and symbols are found in all matter and form the basis of the blocks of creation. Sacred Geometry is an art, a science and a metaphysical series of teachings that help to elevate consciousness and master the process of creation.

The Greeks and Egyptians were the most famous students of the Sacred Geometry principles. From the Pyramids of Giza to the mathematical schools of Pythagoras, Sacred Geometry helped the adept to acquire wisdom, connect with spirit and transform the energy of the physical world around them.

In this introductory workshop, you will be introduced to the philosophical foundation of Sacred Geometry including:

The 3 Keys to Heaven – the energy and theory of the 3 basic geometries
The connection of Sacred Geometry to the elements of Manifestation
Receive an energetic attunement of the 3 Keys to Heaven
Learn to protect your home, office and other spaces from outside negative energies
Create a holy temple space for meditation, healing and holy work
Learn sacred meditation to deepen your connection to answers inside
This full day workshop will give you a taste of the philosophy, energetic and practical components of the teachings Sacred Geometry offers leading into more advanced practices like healing in later teachings!

This foundation class will assist and accelerate your personal growth and spiritual integration to lay a foundation to step into your great work.

Cost: $250 with registration or $300 at the door

Instructor: Shawn Warnick

Location: Charlottesville, VA

The Max Meditation System™ Online Series
Relax. Release. Rejuvenate.

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Next Community Series
Wednesday Afternoons in October
Meditate during the lunch hour
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Donation of $25 recommended.

A simple, rewarding method for cultivating mental tranquility!
Meditation can bring you peace from the chaos and gain true mind control. These cluttered thoughts are stopping you from living your best life.

The Max Meditation System™ was developed by Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnason after travelling the world for the last 35 years exploring the phenomena of the mind. A complementary blend of ancient methods learned from prominent teachers in India and Tibet, this system is designed to truly teach you how to get the most out of your meditation practice.

Join us for a fusion of ancient techniques of yoga and mind acrobatics, mixed with modern techniques of psychology and NLP, making this the most effective system to reduce your stress and pain, enhance your energy, vitality, well being and so much more.

Meditation is universally acknowledged for its many health benefits. The Max Meditation System™ builds on those benefits by:

Working with a trained practitioner who will guide you through the process with ease
Deepening your relaxation through a process designed to soothe your mind
Addressing the physical, mental, and emotional components of your mental restlessness
Enhancing spiritual insight and connection by reducing the negative thoughts in your head
With a certified practitioner guiding you through the process, meditation will no longer be something daunting and frustrating! Your practitioner will lead you through the journey to a quiet mind every time! We will alternate with Sanctuary Meditation for deeper connection to your inner guidance and knowing.

This is a donation event. Register here each week you can join.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.