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Birth is a lifelong event

This page is not exclusive to parents looking to help their babes but is meant to include all adults, for we have all been born. Every baby and birthing mother deserves somatic and spiritual-based therapy before, during, and after birth.

The CDC-Kaiser Permanente ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) conducted between 1995-1997 demonstrated ACEs are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance use problems in adulthood. The latest research in neuroscience and epigenetics reveal the majority of disease is linked to the environment in which a child is conceived, develops in utero, birthed, and raised from the earliest years from 0-3.

The key to therapy with babies is the recognition and understanding of their Baby Body Language (BBL TM Karlton Terry). All babies express BBL throughout their waking hours. Any practitioner or parent can learn how to recognize it and, for the practitioner, initiate more accurate and deeper healing protocols. For parents, informed compassion helps you to naturally and instinctively give your baby, who is special and different from all other babies, just what is needed. If a baby is not sleeping, eating, or pooping, and the baby is not in a social-mind engagement, most the rest of the time the baby’s body is busy showing us what it needs. Where it still hurts. Where contractions and constrictions remain, and where the felt emotional and psychological contents (implicit memories) are stored somatically. You will also learn to determine when, during the embodiment journey, critical events occurred. This delineates the age of the baby (since conception), giving the practitioner information that accelerates and deepens the power of your work. 

Though all babies (excepting C-section babies, which requires  separate and distinct therapeutic protocols) go through the exact same birth stages, like fingerprints, no two births are alike. Within each of the four main birth stages, there are some major substages, and within the substages there are plenty of mini stages.

Once you understand BBL thoroughly, babies will tell you in precise detail what they need. This information is priceless, and will give you confidence and fluidity in your work. I help train practitioners and parents how to recognize these subtle movements and help provide comfort to their baby, setting them up for a changed health trajectory for life. 

Why is baby therapy important?

If you are working with information from BBL, you are working with absolute truth that has not been processed, filtered, or altered by an ego or by a wounded narcissistic aspect of a human being. You are getting absolute, pure truth, and that is a huge gift. Because if you learn how to understand BBL, and you learn how to respond to BBL in the manners that we teach, you’re dealing exactly with the problem that is being desired by the baby itself. These desires are being articulated by the psyche not by the ego. So, if you learn BBL, not only can you understand what a baby is asking for, then you can very easily take those requests the baby is giving you and deal with them with many different protocols that we can teach you in the pre and perinatal sciences toolkit. 

Babies are, in essence, eloquent, truthful, and direct communicators. They share their stories, etched in the subtle gestures and expressions of their little bodies. Every movement, every twitch, whispers tales of their journey from intrauterine life to birth. But here’s the challenge: most parents and practitioners miss these profound narratives. They dismiss these observations as routine baby activity, not recognizing the treasure trove of implicit memories awaiting discovery. Sadly, in most cases, babies are asked to: “Hold still!” “Stop squirming.” “Shhhhhhh!” “Be quiet.” And they are told, “Nothing is wrong.” Despite the fact that their little bodies are in states of arousal from implicit memories telling them they are in immediate danger, just like a Viet Nam vet having a so-called “flashback.” Implicit memories are so powerful because the biochemical messengers, when “turned on,” tell the rest of the brain that, “This is happening now! We are in immediate danger and suffering.”

A Cry for Understanding

The baby’s psyche implores us to decipher its cryptic language. It yearns for us to see beyond the surface, to understand what is truly the malady. These unspoken narratives hold the key to the baby’s healing and homeostasis, a chance to mend the wounds of their past experiences.

In the world of Baby Therapy, practitioners and parents become translators of this intricate language. They learn to listen, not with their ears but with their hearts, decoding the nuances of BBL and implicit memories. This transformative understanding allows for a healing journey precisely tailored to each baby’s unique narrative.

Your baby needs you to see these hidden and suppressed truths. Reach out today to learn more about how you can better meet the emotional and physical needs of your baby, or the baby that is still very alive in you.

Benefits of Healing Early Imprints:

  • Understand yourself, your patterns of behavior, relationships and parenting
  • Get to the root of compulsive habits like overeating
  • Develop coherency in “your story”
  • Reduce anxiety, fear, and panic attacks
  • Feel more confident and connected to yourself
  • Increase chances of a healthy pregnancy and a fulfilling, empowering birth
  • Practice clear and resourced parenting
  • Achieve more intimacy in relationships
  • Feel more connected to Spirit/Divine/God
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Understand prenatal/birth origins of health issues
  • Improve your parenting and co-parenting
  • Enhanced wellness
  • Feel more relaxed and in control
  • Deepen your connection to your body, intuition, and instincts
  • Resolve birth and birthing trauma

This work can include gentle hands-on negotiated physical contact, is fully clothed and a combination of experiential and talking.

Imprinting, Memory, and Somatic Healing:

Most of us don’t remember early imprints cognitively or consciously because, as prenate’s and newborns, we are imprinted somatically and in our limbic brain (the emotional brain). Early imprints are easy to access through our body and are no less powerful in our lives for their lack of cognition. Very pervasive, they express themselves in how we feel about the world, life, others, and ourselves. They show up in our relationship and attachment patterns and in health issues, affecting us at all ages, on all levels.

Talk therapy may help us to discover more about the story of what happened back then but it won’t change the imprinting itself. This is why somatic work is so important to resolve and re-pattern early imprints because they live in our Soul Body, not in our intellect.

New Internal Resources:

We need new internal resources in the places inside where we experienced lack or trauma in our family-of-origin. Feeling isolated and separate are common experiences with early trauma. Loving, empathic connection re-patterns imprints and breaks the isolation we felt long ago. With support, internal resources are nurtured that create new neural pathways so that we can take better care of ourselves and feel more connected.
Strengthening our adult resources is important so that we can better parent ourselves, and our children. A competent, loving adult self who can take care of our younger selves when they need care is essential. Healing our hurts alongside developing a stronger adult self can require a therapeutic relational field for a time, until you can do it for yourself. Relational wounding requires relational healing. A good outcome is that our Little One’s within no longer run our lives. and we feel sovereign over ourselves.

Certified Pre and Perinatal Educator

by Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology

As the world evolves and the human race approaches new heights of scientific discovery and technology, our minds are opening to the realm of possibilities existing outside of our present states of consciousness. I want to be a part of this renaissance in order to truly know myself and in turn heal myself from trans-generational baggage that has shaped my life. I was attracted to APPPAH and the PPNE program because it teaches people how human beings develop, why they adapt specific behavior/attachment patterns and ultimately how disease is linked to patterns established in the earliest stages of development. The body of knowledge collected by APPPAH provides resources for people to become more conscious of how they regulate themselves and ultimately how they can heal from past trauma. My present goal is to nurture resilience in myself, rewire my mind, and become connected to the inner workings of my body. In turn, I can link these truths so that I may become a well-regulated body-mind-spirit trinity. With this goal set in motion through my therapy services, I am taking this knowledge and teaching it to my children and other families. As a certified pre and perinatal educator, I am taking an active role in creating the paradigm shift to make this world a more peaceful, healthier, loving planet.

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