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Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach.

I offer customized treatments for your specific needs that will help you.

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Craniosacral Therapy 60 minute session

Note that prenatal treatment is available: The miracle of birth is a rewarding journey, but a difficult one to be sure. Cranial Sacral Therapy can help your baby position itself correctly in the womb and prevent in-utero constraints and premature labor. This treatment entails a pelvic sacral release, a realignment of the hips and ligaments most involved with pregnancy: round, broad, uterosacral, and posterior ligaments that stabilize the uterus, and inversion techniques to help set the stage for a positive and healthy birthing process.

Craniosacral Therapy 90 minutes session
Online Distance Craniosacral Session 60 min via Zoom
Online Session for Body-Centered Therapy 75 minutes

Body-centred, gentle, respectful and fully-clothed. Heal and integrate disconnection, isolation and trauma. Make shifts in emotional and relationship patterns and imprints that no longer serve in the present, so you can feel calmer and more present. Get in charge of yourself!

Family and Parenting Support 75 minutes session

Using psychosomatic therapies that integrate the latest science on neuroscience, child development, and birth psychology, this session supports children and parents to come into alignment, resolve early events and traumas and increase secure attachment. We look at what challenges your child is facing at home or school and interpret emotions that are expressing in the behavior of the child. The process of the Inner Child Journey is utilized to support deep listening from the adults while integrating craniosacral therapy and attuning to the body’s reactions. As early trauma is healed and processed children and parents can release and integrate unresolved hurts, pent-up, stuck issues, and go on to create more easeful family dynamics.

Adult Intake

This session is a 90-minute treatment session to review your medical history and current issues for which you wish to be treated in order to determine treatment plan. Session includes craniosacral therapy and stabilization of the nervous system.

Baby Bodywork 1 Hour

Bodywork to help with breastfeeding, settling, digestion, family connection, autonomic nervous system function.

Online Family Session 1 hour 15 minute

For families to work on difficult birth experiences, sleep, anxiety, depression and other challenges.

Healing from Trauma for Adults 75 minutes session

1 hour and 15 minutes of somatic inquiry, Inner Child Journey techniques, and regulation skills for the autonomic nervous system function, integrated with craniosacral therapy and birth psychology. Learn more on my HEAL FROM BIRTH page. These sessions are meant to help adults heal from early imprints established during their time in-utero and early childhood as well as ancestral trauma.

Recover from Birth Trauma 75 min session

This session is designed for women who have experienced difficult pregnancies, ART, IVF, and/or medical birth interventions. Post partum is such a critical time for mothers. When the birth plan does not go as expected, or the mother feels a lack of suport, the mother-baby bond can be compromised. So much can be resolved for a mother in just a couple of sessions to process her birth story and help her newborn thrive. Science reveals that psychological support for a mother helps her baby meet developmental milestones and be at ease in their body.

Massage Therapy 60 minute session

Swedish massage and trigger point therapy to address myofascial restrictions, promote proper bone alignment, and resolve muscle rigidity from stress.

I Travel To You!

If your location is within 20 miles of the clinic, the travel fee is waived. Within 30 miles, the travel fee is $15. From 30-50 miles, the travel fee is $25.