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Awaken Thyself with the Modern Mystery School

Sitting in Mystery is a collection of recordings to explore the mysteries of spiritual technology and ancient wisdom teachings that can be applied in everyday life and enable you to align to your Higher Self. Join us in this recording with Shawn Warnick, a Guide and Teacher at the Modern Mystery School, as she shares about a workshop Awaken Thyself and Sacred Geometry 1. This class combines ancient Sacred Geometry teachings with the wisdom passed down through the lineage of King Solomon. By learning how to work with subtle energy patterns represented in Sacred Geometry, you can initiate an alchemical transformation within yourself. This process can empower your individual evolution of Consciousness, and in turn raise the level of Consciousness on our planet.
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thank you for joining me tonight

thanks I know we have an exciting

conversation in store for the folks

listening tonight and in the future but

you’re coming to visit me here in

Charlottesville Virginia at my my own

Clinic balance bodies and you’re going

to be sharing some teachings from the

modern mystery school because you Sean

Warnick are a guide and a Healer of the

mystery school and you’ve been teaching

and healing with them for 10 years now

and I had the benefit of getting to know

you about six years ago and I just love

everything that the mystery school does

because it has accelerated my own

healing path and

I just feel now that I’m six years in I

can say I feel fully aligned with my

purpose in life and I have come a great

way from where I started when I when I

first met you

and it’s just one it’s wonderful so I am

looking forward to asking you a lot of

questions about our awakened thyself

course and sacred geometry one that

we’re going to offer September 30th here

and I’ll put in the the Box the link on

my website where people can get more

information and and the price but tell

us tell us Sean why do you do the

awakened thyself course what is it

the awakened myself is the perfect

taster it’s an introductory course and

it gives you a taste of what the modern

mystery school offers the mystery

schools for Generations thousands of

years have been on the planet but they

were only offered to royalty or like the

the medicine men their family as they

passed it down their higher the higher

knowledge of

who we are and and how we operate in the

best way uh how we’re made uh the it’s

it’s a it’s an actual ancient science

and uh the the mystery school that uh

we’re I’m a part of originated from the

lineage of King Solomon and if you

remember from the Bible he was known for

his wisdom there’s the story of the the

woman and I had a baby lived with

another woman with a baby and the one

woman got the baby died and and they

were both fighting over the baby

and they brought it the the problem to

King Solomon and and he’s you know he

said okay


and he came up with

cut the living child into

oh gosh and yeah I remember the story

yeah and the real mother says no don’t

hurt the baby give it to The Other Woman

and the other woman says go ahead and

cook the child in too

so that revealed who the real mother was

and that kind of wisdom to cut to the

soul of the matter

is what the Mysteries are all about it

cuts to the soul of who you are and the

awakened myself program is just a little

taster of how the Western Mysteries are

a little different angle to come to uh

your your own Spiritual Awakening it’s

the Eastern the Eastern Mysteries

originated in like India and China and

they each had their own


sort of teachings that they specialized

in in America we’re we have yoga around

the corner and acupuncture so our

country’s kind of you know we know about

the the Far Eastern Mysteries and we get

a taster of them all around us but the

Western Mysteries have been in hiding

and we don’t know what they’re about

but it’s very very powerful to add to

your your own process of Spiritual


yes I and I’ve always had an affinity

towards the Western teachings just

because of my my own Heritage and

ancestral lineage where where I come

from in my family that’s from Scotland

and yeah yeah in the highlands so

it’s good well how does this

differentiate between the New Age like

teachings how would you say when

somebody said oh that’s new age because

I hear that a lot when I’m like you

should come you should learn about this

this is the most powerful tool that I

have ever been exposed to and they’re

like I’m not so into a new age things

yes what is the difference the the

difference is the lineage this stuff uh

King Solomon kind of organized these

teachings they’re Ancient Ancient

teachings processes and transformation

um processes methods modalities uh that

have been on Earth for thousands of

years and they work for everyone

uh the new new age

our our whole time and we you will if a

person is interested in learning more

about this the foundation classes

explain why but our whole time period

right now in human history we’re we’re

exposed to Greater sensing of the The

Mystery of the world around us greater

sensing of the energy of P other

people’s emotions and even thoughts have


and so we’re surrounded by

energy of of people around us and and uh

the the many people have had their own

process of Awakening and they they then

and it’s it’s it’s

part of our spiritual journey that once

you have figured out a way that has

helped you you want to share that with

other people so that’s what the new age

um the things all around us that are

available are kind of about that one

person uh figured a way out and and they

want to share their method with other

people but it’s not a method that’s been

proven for thousands of years that works

for everyone so it may help some people

but it may not help everyone

and that’s the difference with lineage

tools these have been tested by King

Solomon and put together in a way that

they are they are beneficial for every

person on the planet no matter where you

live no matter what your background

nationality all you know what issues

you’ve had it’s going to help you it’s

going to help you and the whole process

of the transformation sessions from King

Solomon is all about aligning who you

really are and that misalignment is what

causes stress in your life right and so

many people are drawn to me when they’re

gone going through a very stressful time

like a divorce or perhaps someone close

to them passed away or did different big

issues or perhaps they had some big

issues in childhood that they know

they’re just not in alignment

something’s not right with that within

and they try the the the transformation

sessions life activation is what you

offer so so many people

um that you talk to have already had

that process right you have a couple

other sessions from sacred geometry that

you offer and those things are so

helpful to help bring that that inner

self into alignment and so many of my

clients say

that they love to do sessions and

classes with me because the stresses in

their life don’t bother them like they

used to

it’s it’s it’s a complete rewiring I I

say to my clients because I integrate

this into my own body psychosomatic

therapy practice it’s it’s a really

these tools help accelerate when


when there’s really a lot of resistance

or blockages for people and you do

something like this and then they they

come back to me like I feel a completely

different person and that’s why I love


um that the Mysteries are really linked


our biological experiences when you said

how we’re becoming more aware of

emotions I mean this is like the trend

of the day everybody’s aware of

everybody’s emotions right they’re

they’re they’re plastered all over

our bodies and like everything you see

on TV and in the news like emotions are

rising and everybody and they’re being

dealt with but our emotions are really


to the cosmos are like blueprint and I I

watched this documentary the other day

awaken on Gaia TV and I love the analogy

that they use that the soul an

individual’s Soul because we all hear on

planet Earth our souls

that we are individuations

of this Fuller you mentioned the

blueprint or God or the imagination of

God or the universe right and that this

we’re no different the analogy was the

ocean and that each soul is a wave

the wave is no different than the ocean

it’s just a rising up and an expression

of the ocean and I I really thought that

that was such a beautiful analogy to

think that there’s we’re all unique

we’re all different but we’re all one

and we’re all designed from the same

fabric and this is what I love about

sacred geometry because when you learn

sacred geometry you can apply it

anywhere you go and you can experience a

higher an Ascension of vibrational

energy and it makes you feel more at

ease in your body and it’s it’s also

protective I I use it when my kids start

fighting in the house I’ll grid my room

and I’ll do some calling upon rituals

that I’ve learned from Empower thyself


um and we use these words in the mystery

School activations initiations rituals

because they are um they’re very

powerful and they shift the space within

five minutes of big turmoil in my house

if I grid the space

things just settle nice it’s very subtle

you know these changes are so powerful

but yet so subtle because when you have

something really painful or tumultuous

going on in your life and then all of a

sudden when you don’t have that you

don’t even notice right because you’re

just living life with abundance and joy

and ease and it’s it’s not really on

your mind so this the mystery School

teachings have kind of crept up on me

because when I looked back after two

years when I first met you

and doing Sega geometry one and getting

my life activation and even doing

Empower thyself it was like whoa there’s

there’s major shifts that happen and

this is why I’m loving that we’re doing

the awaken myself because you’re going

to give us a sampling of the the types

of rituals that are taught

um these shamanistic tools you’re even

going to show us how to draw our own

magic circle which is a protective


um and I I just want to know a little

bit more this is one of the reasons I

love when you come to Charlottesville

Sean because you live in Pennsylvania

now and I have to travel

far distances to get access to the

mystery school because these teachings

are handed down in person it’s not

something that we do online or at a


and when you come you always have a full

menu card of healings that I can access

from from you and I know that’s one of

the the joys that I’m looking forward to

this time when you’re coming I’m having

a Celestial star code healing and I know

we’re finishing up on some healings to

follow up on my Galactic activation yeah

in the past I’ve had you know the full

the full Spirit and the Fire Spirit what

is it called there’s two of them the

full Spirit and the fire Soul activation

I’m getting them both and and then of

course yes when you came here to help me

um set a sacred geometry Grid in my

house when we first built this house

where we are now

um you gave me the soul retrieval yes

that was so powerful for me just being a

body psychotherapist and understanding

trauma and what stress and overwhelm

does to us and especially in this this

world that we come into

um it’s really about collecting the

pieces of your soul that your psyche

that’s fragmented from trauma and that


that was such a powerful healing for me

it was a 180 after after that and the

fact that we have the Grid in my house

right using the sacred geometry

um it’s just tell us more about some of

these healings that you offer

yes the uh and those the three that I

would recommend for for people who have

already done life activation it depends

on what’s going on in your life is

definitely the soul retrieval and we do

this in a hermetic way it’s the the

teachings in the lineage of King Solomon

from the mystery School are very much

from the teachings of Hermes and the

Hermetic Soul retrieval is is very

powerful in bringing together those lost

pieces of your your energy field that

shatter off when you go through very

stressful times

and uh it’s all the sessions from the

Mysteries are just it’s not a massage

that you have to do again and again

it’s it’s more like a path of

transformation right so each one is a

step and you can take it at your own

pace but I encourage you to take

advantage of me when I’m in your area uh

to take your next step and uh the the uh

hermetic Soul retrieval would be a great

choice the full Spirit activation is

kind of called the second uh step to the

life activation uh so it’s very very

powerful to have it my own experience of

it I was doing meditations and kind of

going through a process of Awakening

before I found and then I found the

modern mystery school and I and these

things seem to like really push me

through my process in a in a very gentle

but faster way and uh

before I had full Spirit activation I I

was meditating and and connecting to

Mother Nature and kind of asking that I

live in the woods kind of asking

energetically that the trees to push me

up to to Spirit and then I did the full

Spirit activation and when I went in

meditation it’s like oh I’m already


it was really it was like a big shift in

the way I sensed the spiritual energy

and it was really cool

um so yeah how and it’s different for

everyone how you perceive it will be

will be different but it’s a very very

powerful healing in that step of

progression from King Solomon another

great one and it’s your your choice but

the three I would highly recommend is

soul retrieval full Spirit activation or

fire Soul activation Firestone fire Soul

activation is based on the the Hindu

Vedas and some of the yogas that they

practice is is

um I think Power Yoga is Kundalini yoga

or it’s very much about Awakening the

yoga is about Awakening that uh that

process that fire within that goes up

the the caduceus

so the fire Soul activation is the

Western mystery’s way to open open up

that channel for you

uh and it’s very foundational it’s very

transformational uh so anyone and

unfortunately it’s best to only have one

session at least a week apart and I’m

only down there uh that weekend so uh

you you’ll have to choose one not all


any one of those sessions would be

really great for a person that’s already

had life activation okay yeah no it’s

it’s it’s important piece to integrate

these energies because they they do

they’re very I mean everybody

experiences it differently

experience energy that’s why I love

giving life activations because each

each time I work with somebody it’s it’s

a very different experience and very

meaningful you can’t put words on it can

we it’s just the experience I um I also

I love one of my big intentions when I

started this work was to have access to

my dream life into my subconscious

because I knew that if I could

take on or remember my my dreams and

understand more of what was happening on

a subconscious level I would be able to

manifest as well like like a magician

Right Use the use the forces of nature

at my will at my bidding and

um that has very much happened for me

using these tools and that was one of

the thing about

a lot of these activations or healings

that I’ve had through you and even at

the mystery School in Toronto is

um being able to access the spirituality

or the spirit Realm

and at any point you know it’s just it’s

just like doors open and your extension

each step that you take you just you

extend you don’t ever step back at least

that’s not my experience right we might

hit some resistance here and there but

uh yeah

yes yes yes so good to talk to you and

I’m looking forward to coming down

I I’m I am too Sean I can’t wait so I

hope everyone if you’re interested if

you have questions you can email me at

pediatriccst gmail.com I will also have

a link here to my website


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