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Benefits of Robin Grille’s Inner Child Journey Training

Three main benefits of Robin Grille’s Inner Child Journeying training for health professionals:

    1. An excellent – in fact vital! – tool for parent-coaching and couples/relationship counselling. Inner Child Journeying clarifies both positive and negative projections, and separates triggered body-memory from the present moment, so blame is dispelled.
    2. Highly empowering for our clients, Inner Child Journeying frees them from the hold of past wounding and helps them find their natural energy, direction and drive – for a new way forward.
    3. Inner Child Journeying is excellent for treating issues of guilt, resentment, shame, self-judgment, and the ‘inner critic’: the process naturally releases waves of self-compassion and self-forgiveness. It returns us to an original, sublime awareness of our innocence and self-value.

I Travel To You!

If your location is within 20 miles of the clinic, the travel fee is waived. Within 30 miles, the travel fee is $15. From 30-50 miles, the travel fee is $25.