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BEING Pregnant Circle Groups

A Conscious Journey of “Being With” your Unborn Child

Next group starting Saturday, May 20th!

Being Pregnant circles support the most fundamental relationship any human can have: the relationship between the expectant parent and their unborn child. Orinoco Flows Community has created support circles to honor women as the ones that bring forth life. For millennia, ancient cultures have told myths and stories about how we came to BE. Many of them highlight our connection with the forces of nature and the elements themselves. At the heart of such traditions is a reverence for life itself.

Parent-infant bonding can and should begin before birth. Acknowledging the consciousness and emotional intelligence of a growing baby opens a whole field of heart-felt possibility. When expectant parents honor their unborn child, a special kind of spaciousness emerges to create nurturing experiences for the family and the developing child. As parents slows down to listen to the unseen, non verbal world of their child, extraordinary oxytocin, or feel good moments, spontaneously arise, and in return creating better birth outcomes, and healthy babies.

Pregnancy circles are heart-led small group, social support programs where mother can voice their most pressing themes of joys, fears, and concerns and reflect on their vital relationships. Orinoco Pregnancy Circles are supported by trained facilitators who hold space for women to engage in simple, but powerful, bonding activities with their unborn child, setting them on a path of connection, love, and joy.

The circles entail 6 small group sessions with 4-6 pregnant mothers centered around during and in between each session.

Our Next Circle Begins May 20, 2023.

Participation fee is by donation, $50 for each 2-hour gathering is the suggested full price. Pay what you can or not at all. We want to make these services available to ALL!

1)  Choosing what company we keep is vital during pregnancy and being in a place where feelings are safely held is paramount. Self compassion and self-care is crucial during pregnancy.  We focus on the joy and health  of each moment along with ways to support  sleep, digestion, or  any other emotional or physical  disturbance. 

2) Over the weeks touch, breath, massage, visualizations and other approaches will be woven in to augment feelings of joy and spaciousness.

3) Guided meditations and practical skills to enhance deep communication with the unborn child will be central as let’s remember that babies are longing for their love to be received too! 

4) At different phases of pregnancy there can be challenging  moments,  both from the past and from  the present.  Skillful ways  to  acknowledge and heal without overwhelm will be introduced as needed.  Each week there will be a focus on how to shift to the Being mode of pregnancy. All of that whilst getting the laundry done! 

5)Taking time to reflect on our own birth and time in the womb is a great way to make way for new experiences. The whole sequence from conception to the post-natal phase will be explored and areas of healing will be identified and supported.

6)A range of approaches will be included to settle the nervous system including self-massage, music,  humming, and birth calming rituals. 

A sense of humor and belly laughter will also be encouraged.

Meet the facilitators:

Sara Devoy is a Craniosacral Therapist whose work is deeply informed by her connection with nature and  her appreciation of a baby’s pre-natal consciousness .  Sara is a Mother of three who delights in helping parents reclaim  their joy of pregnancy,  birth and parenting.

Christianna Deichmann is a mother of two children and practitioner who integrates the healing arts of massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and prenatal and perinatal psychology to access the body’s wisdom and innate ability to heal on a holistic level. Her practice embraces mindfulness-based somatic methodologies to support women and families. She also serves as the Director of Education for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health where she brings awareness to the world about the importance of compassionate birth practices for families.

Rex Lassalle is a Shiatsu teacher, Aikido and Zen practitioner as well as an International authority on Oriental Astrology for over four decades.  In his book, Your Emotions and The Alchemy of Time,  Rex shows us how each one of us has a ‘Child Star’ that acts as our innate spiritual guide. During pregnancy identifying our own unique nurturing needs enables us to become the parent we want to be.

Are you interested in joining a circle?

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being pregnant circles

being pregnant circles

Your Emotions & The Alchemy of Time

“From Conception, our Child Star acts as a spiritual guide that connects us to the very forces of nature. Returning to a relationship with our Child Star ensures emotional ease at the core of our being and amplifies access to our subconscious mind. It points to unique ways for each one of us to nourish the essence of our being.” ~Rex Lassalle