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A new online community is gathering to support women and families around birth and childrearing. Science reveals that mothers need psychological support around pregnancy, birth, and childrearing. Ancient wisdom teachings show that cultures long ago used rituals to access their subconscious minds to create oxytocin (feel-good) moments in their bodies. The Orinoco Flows community is an online resource center for women to come to know simple rituals they can engage with to create extra ordinary moments in their life and deepen their relationships with their children.

The group is founded by one man and two women who each bring unique gifts within the energetic healing arts. Our main facilitator, Rex Lassalle, has masterfully combined four decades of his understanding of health with the Alchemy of Time, shiatsu, and Oriental astrology to help women discover their Child Star. Sara Devoy adds her passion for prenatal bonding and craniosacral therapy to the group, along with Christianna Deichmann who adds her psychosomatic therapy skills and passion for birth psychology. All three of us wish to help support holistic births that honor the mother and child. The main focal point of this group is to engage with the natural elements through the astrology teachings of the 9 Star Ki (pronounced kee). Our Child star holds the key to our innate source of joy and fulfillment.

Orinoco Flows is simply an invitation to create extraordinary moments in your life by cultivating virtuous actions that nourish your Child Star element.

What is the Child Star?

The Child Star is the spiritual guide we carry within who is connected to our Subconscious Mind. It is accompanied with an element with which we can cultivate a relationship. When we do this, we are in tune with our unique emotional needs. By fostering a Relatedness with it, the feel-good level of our being is optimized.

Understanding the Child Star has a profound significance during pregnancy and augments the whole process of bonding. Birth workers, parents and therapists will find the insights practical and easy to apply. 

More information flows below:

Why the Orinoco?
The Orinoco River is a metaphor revealing the unrelenting generosity of water to help and heal us as a community. Rex’s  own earliest impressions of his perinatal life have shaped him profoundly; they are integral to his approach.

The Orinoco Flows community is indeed a meeting of the waters.  Sara Devoy has known Rex as mentor and friend for over thirty years and  shares with Christianna Deichmann a compassionate motivation, just like water, to help clients uncover their core nurturing needs. The process of forming this community in itself continues to activate the most profound healing for ourselves, our families, and our clients. Thank you Orinoco for the refreshing ripples and sparkles that you bring to our conversations.  

Who is Rex Lassalle?
granma julia pic with rexRex Lassalle is an Osteopath as well as a Shiatsu, Aikido and Zen practitioner. He is an international authority on Oriental Astrology and its impact on health. Over the last few decades, the relevance of the child star has become a dominant theme of my healing modality. I have seen how this links right back to my mothers’ pregnancy with me. Though she was carrying me I was really my granny’s son. She cooked every day for my mother. She did rituals for my mother when she was pregnant with me where the influence of my grandmother has effectively facilitated access to indigenous knowledge.

What can the Orinoco Flows community offer you?
A gathering space to commune with others who wish to relate to this ancient wisdom of the Child Star and how it applies to your health. This group will appeal to those that enjoy stories and experience more than facts and data. In this community, you will discover the power of incorporating simple rituals or ‘ceremonies’ in your life. The space itself is multi-dimensional and will be housed in Microsoft Teams so you can access a wealth of information about your Child Star through blog posts, videos, interviews, group chats, live talks, and more.

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Coming Home to Water Meditation

9 minute guided meditation to engage with the element of Water. 528 Hz music created by Greg Lassalle of G-Lab, voice narration by Rex Lassalle. Purchase MP4 audio file for $9.99.

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Introducing Rex Lassalle’s Orinoco Flows
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Is the Orinoco Flows an Astrological Website?
No, although Orinoco Flows works with the principles of the 9 Star Ki system especially as it relates to the Child Star distinction that Rex Lassalle has brought to it. It is not. It is a Website geared to offer guidance and emotional support especially to women, their children and the birth experience.
Is the Child Star something that came from Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology or other Astrological systems?
No, it does come from the Japanese 9 Star Ki system and its focus is the Child Star that is linked to the month in which you were. You will need a 9 Star Ki Calendar and how to use it from Rex’s guidelines from his more than 4 decades of his research into this system.
Are there other websites that are offering these guidelines about the Child Star?
No there aren’t and most certainly not focused on the birth experience and our emotional needs.
You mentioned Rituals quite a few times that the Orinoco Flows Community suggest as a source of support for emotional health and wellbeing. Do these Rituals belong to some Religious order?
No they don’t. They are linked to Rex’s work with his clients and students over the decades which are connected to the Oriental system of the 5 Elements. The simplicity of it and its capacity to transform experiences has amazed many of his clients and students over the decades. At the core of these Rituals is the cultivation of a Relatedness to these 5 elements. A simple example is that of someone who has the element of Water as their Child Star element. A basic ritual that such a Child Star person can do, is to start relating to the element of Water as a companion. Communicate with it from a place of Gratitude will amplify the support they will receive from the water element.
Are these Rituals arising from some Asian Religious or Spiritual system?
No they aren’t. They are just very common sense approaches that Rex has used with his clients over the decades and they work. In fact, oftentimes in a chat or consultation with Rex an idea for a certain Ritual will come to him. It is really about cultivating our relatedness with the elements.
What about women going through menopause, can their Child Star Element be a source of support?
Most certainly, Rex has worked with many women where this transition is very challenging and these women did not want to engage with HRT modes of dealing with it. They got a lot of support and benefit as they cultivated their relationship with their Child Star Element.
Can men get help and support from their Child Star?
Most certainly, this is a key aspect of Rex’s way of being in his life. What he has observed over the years; as he has sent numerous Macrobiotic teachers about this aspect from their birthdate. These were teachers who taught 9 Star Ki. Not one ever replied to his birthday gift. I guess they are very bright and intellectual so emotional well being is not of interest. The head will see them through. This is Rex’s observation but for sure men will get a lot of support from their child star. The reality is that most innovative and creative artist are coming from cultivating a relation with it by their habits.
Is it possible that Rex can give examples of certain world personalities and obviously more women as this site is geared towards the needs of women?
Oprah Winfrey has a 9 Fire Child Star. The 9 Fire child star loves to be in the limelight, they are very comfortable operating with such a format.
Jane Fonda has a 4 Wood Child Star, the communicator. Playing endless roles in a wide spectrum of life styles and personas. Also being a social and political activist, articulating her position very skilfully.
Another 4 Wood Child Star is Agatha Christie, again that communication skill is dominant. Christie is the best-selling fiction writer of all time, her novels having sold more than two billion copies.
Brooke Shields has an 8 Earth Child Star, the researcher, the perpetual student. She gave up her modeling and acting career to go to Princeton University to study Romance languages at one stage in her career.
Aretha Franklin as does Frank Sinatra have the 7 Metal Child star, which is all about creating harmonious nuances with their voices and how they sing and present things.