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Harmonics of Menopause

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Menopause Harmonics

“… Moon is the Cosmic force at the back of it

Impact on water and blood forever present

Cosmic beat began with that first transition 

Cosmic beat returns to close the fertile curtain.” Rex Lassalle

A cutting-edge workshop series offering whole-person care techniques, embodiment practices, meditations and rituals
that aim to both re-balance key organ systems and restore connectedness to the cosmos itself.

Orinoco Flows Community is hosting a workshop series on the Menopause conversation as it as one of several interrelated transitions on the journey of  womanhood. 

Our  facilitator Rex Lassalle’s  expertise, that partly stems from Oriental medicine, Shiatsu, and ancient holistic teachings,  has brought great relief to thousands of clients throughout his career. His approaches are totally different from the usual  ‘fix -it strategies’, as he jokes himself, “ you won’t find them on google”!  Rex  invites us to step away from our hectic ‘to-do lists and  join him for moments of  personal  healing and discovery.  

Rex writes above of how a woman’s biological experience is her core-link to the natural rhythms of nature. In these workshops Rex will show how vital cosmological links have often been dishonoured right from the beginning of a woman’s first bleed cycle.   Rex  maintains that this disregard of  the instinctual feminine holds the key to menopause challenges. Throughout  this three part series we will be creating a safe environment and  telling stories  together where personal insights and  “AHA” moments’ can spontaneously arise.

This is a 3 Part Workshop

november, 2 6-8pm gmt “Skillful tuning for your menopause body “

november, 8 16-8pm gmt  “Bringing the cosmos to the table”

november 18, 1-4pm gmt  “Symphony of your emotions”

 Part 1 Skillful tuning for your menopause body 

Navigating towards the menopause can feel as though we are heading towards an inevitable iceberg, an unproductive dead end of sorts. Worries about  physical discomfort, pains, anxieties, insecurities, brain fog, extra weight, sleep or  thyroid imbalances can haunt us. “ Is this it?”, we may ask,  “ Is it all downhill from here?.”  It can feel as though our whole identity and life purpose is in question. The workshop series will be relevant and easily applicable regardless of where you are on your menopause journey.   Drawing on over forty years  of clinical experience in Oriental medicine, Rex faces this iceberg full on by pin-pointing the themes that we may not even have found words for. 

“ At this time it is as though clients enter uncharted waters. The ‘to do list’ may no longer be fulfilling, new directions and more soulful purposes are sought.

I call it menopause harmonics as it takes time to tune in to the new rhythms.

The cosmos  has come knocking at the door, dreams and  coincidences arise and we are being asked to dance to a different tune,

we need to go slow to make sense of what may at first feel like dissonance.”

The opening workshop  will help us embrace our Menopause body and befriend specific organs like the Thyroid that plays a crucial governing role at this time.  Rex will offer exercies to tap us  into the new bodily rhythms.  

What to expect:

  • Keeping track through journaling and art will be encouraged
  • Setting up a buddy system within the group 
  • Specific pressure points or marma points and simple self-massage 
  • Attention to joints,  bones and movement. 
  • Befriending the thyroid and how it relates to the throat chakra
  • Offering  ways to support you to align to the new relationship that is unfolding with the Cosmos and You and how your Body Moves to this new rhythm.  


Part 2 Bringing the cosmos to the table

Sprinkles of Oxytocin–your secret ingredient 

As our body changes we have heightened nutritional needs. In this second workshop Rex will help us  to establish new patterns around eating and food preparation that will  not only augment our digestive health but elevate us emotionally and spiritually. Nourishment at all levels including the sensory nature of smell will be addressed. 

“Menopause is an Olfactory Dance with the Earth” says Rex. “Nutritious food and herbs grant Cosmic Blessings that allow oxytocin or feel-good moments to arise…” 

A simple meal is elevated by an inner attitude of  deep gratitude. The whole eating process immediately slows down, smelling, tasting, savouring and digesting comes to the fore as well as  a quality of joyous receptivity. 

What to expect:

  • Gratitude practices for the foods and the individual elements
  • A fresh relatedness to food ; The How as well as the What!  
  • Perhaps you have cooked for others for so long and you have lost the pleasure of cooking. I hope to inspire you once again. 
  • Trying something new in between classes  will be encouraged as well as the opportunity to link with other participants.
  • Foods and feelings are so connected, special attention to particular foods that support particular organs will be emphasized.    
  •  Nutritional Guidance with Herbal tips will be shared. 

Part 3 Returning to cosmic melodies and how to be with the symphony of your emotions.

Being with our cosmic melodies is a vast landscape with many coincidences, mysterious serendipitous moments that might even give us glimpses of eternity!   In this third meeting we will continue to access deeper inner pathways of receptivity in our communication with our environment and cosmos. Giving shape and form and to our own  Personal Mandala. Although each one of us will have already tasted such uplifting experiences,  we may  have dismissed them as… JUST coincidences. Our  culture,  family and schooling may have even discouraged ‘day dreaming’ and  ‘ getting carried away’ with our imaginations. 

“Yet this is a realm”, Rex remarks, “ that can connect us back to what is deeply healing. JUST coincidences are often a dot which starts opening new doorways for rich awareness “. 

This third part of Menopause Harmonics  recognizes full on that there needs to be  a space to honour and possibly transmute  ‘hot’ emotions that can get in the way and disturb at this time. Four key emotional triggers that can switch on the hot flashes are Anger, Frustration, Rage and Impatience. Of course sadness, worry and fear do not help either.  Recognizing that these strong feelings are showing up in your psyche is the first step.  With Rex’s guidance we will learn to ‘handshake’ these strong emotions without getting spun around by them. Gaining perspective through creative practices such as journaling, dance, movement,  poetry, music or art will be encouraged. 

Like any good symphony,  this last workshop will take the form of two movements.

i)  First movement Receptivity to Fire Triggers

Are there emotional  aspects we have learned to disregard, suppress or avoid? 

ii) Second movement Cultivating Oxytocin Moments. 

Celebrating oxytocin moments for personal and spiritual vitality. 

Surrender .. joyful possibilities deep acceptance

What to expect:

  • Discovering through your own stories
  • Welcoming your emotional triggers in a fresh transormational way
  • We will offer practices that will support your innate Calm Mind
  • The first movement will point to practices to help navigate strong emotional states so we dont need to get caught in the vice grip of reactivity.
  • Being in nature reminds us that the cosmos is always present and part of us.
  • Attention will be given to the ways that we habitually avoid  intense emotions.  Yet in doing that we often repress it which will soon need an escape valve, not ideal in this menopause dance.
  • The second movement will point to experiences that bring heightened Oxytocin moments. 
  • Discovering new sources of Oxytocin moments as you Slow your day down
  • Cultivating new ways of Relating with the Moon as a source of Oxytocin moments; be it the brushing of your hair as you look at her or having a beautiful bowl of water where you watch that FM image in the water takes you to new places within yourself. 
  • Smells, textures, fabrics, colours discovering what Feeds you as you slow down and discover what they are giving you…no longer taking for granted those that heighten your sense of awareness and Aliveness. 
  • In the realm of Sexual intimacy new concerns may arise at this time that can be addressed with generous listening. 
  • Above all in this session there will be an emphasis on finding your unique mode of self-expression to help you coast through this transformative phase with renewed insight and vitality.