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What is your Child Star?

“From Conception, our Child Star acts as a spiritual guide that connects us to the very forces of nature. Returning to a relationship with our Child Star ensures emotional ease at the core of our being and amplifies access to our subconscious mind. The child star becomes the  simplest password to tune into its vastness. It points to unique ways for each one of us to nourish the  essence of our being.” ~ Rex Lassalle, author of Your Emotions & The Alchemy of Time

The Child Star is the spiritual guide we carry within who is connected to our Subconscious Mind. It is accompanied with an element with which we can cultivate a relationship. When we do this, we are in tune with our unique emotional needs. By fostering a Relatedness with it, the feel-good level of our being is optimized. Understanding the Child Star has a profound significance during pregnancy and augments the whole process of bonding. Birth workers, parents and therapists will find the insights practical and easy to apply.

You can decode your Child Star number using the natal charts included in Rex Lassalle’s book. View the first three chapters including the charts for free here:

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