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Where Have Our Souls Gone?

We live in a world where we think mostly from our rational brain. What’s so wrong with that? Well, let me ask you. Do you feel the world is headed in a good direction? Do you feel that children are empowered and free to live from their heart? Do you wonder how deep of a connection you have with the people in your life? Do you feel like you are truly known and seen for who you really are?

Enough questions already, I think you get the idea. We hear it all around us that the world is falling apart, that things aren’t what they used to be. Shocking news fills the air waves around the clock. Children are sick and anxious. Mothers struggle to keep their sanity. World governments are failing us and the needs of this planet. But why? Something is lost to us.

Our souls are fragmented and scattered, pieces have gone missing, and all this links back to the society we are living in today. We are predominately rational and oriented to the Left Brain. As a culture, the use of the Right Brain is suppressed. We have forgotten our connection to nature. We have forgotten the wisdom held in the very form of our bodies and how to access it.

With all of this in mind, I would like to tell you a story. I recently received a shamanic ritual of Soul Retrieval from a guide with the Modern Mystery School. Shawn Warnick came to my clinic to teach a class on Sacred Geometry and then performed this Soul Retrieval ceremony on me that evening. Before I reveal the details of this magnificent shift I felt in my body, let me first tell you how I came about seeking a soul retrieval in the first place.

I have been working with two colleagues on building a community, called Orinoco Flows, for people to come and learn healing rituals using a modality called the Alchemy of Time. The community is meant to support an individual in connecting with their Child Star. The modality is founded on an ancient Oriental wisdom teaching called the 9 Star Ki. From the moment our spirit comes into physical form at the time of conception, our Child Star essence engages with the physical realm of Earth. Our Child Star acts as a spiritual guide that connects us to the very forces of nature. Returning to a relationship with our Child Star through ritual, ensures emotional ease at the core of our being and amplifies access to our subconscious mind. Coming to understand these ancient teachings has profoundly impacted my life, my healing practice, and my relationships.

I have long known that trauma and overwhelm to the body fragments the psyche and creates patterns in our nervous system of dissociation and maladaptive coping mechanisms. My entire practice revolves around helping people become more regulated in their bodies, more balanced in physiological function, and more empowered to lead a life of their choosing. The practices I use in my therapy, some would call New Age, a turning away from Western medicalized thinking. In fact, when I shared the Child Star healing modality with a colleague, I was told, “that’s too New Age for me. I believe in Ancient Wisdom.” This statement provided me opportunity to question…

What is New Age anyway? And how is it different from Ancient Wisdom. And why is Ancient Wisdom such a buzz phrase these days? I hear all over alternative media that we are entering the Age of Consciousness. The Decade of the Brain in the 1990s kicked off a revolution of neuroscience that is helping us understand more of how our bodies function. People are bridging science and spirituality. What does this mean?

Wikipedia defines New Age as a range of spiritual or religious practices and beliefs which rapidly grew in Western society during the early 1970s. Ever heard of UFO religions, or the counterculture of the 1960s? Yes, it’s really associated with a bunch of hippie movements focused on human potential. Let’s not be so quick to put it in a box, though. I know that’s the tendency of the rational mind. I invite you to resist the impulse. There is a whole theological aspect to the term, New Age, which accepts a holistic form of divinity that pervades the universe, including human beings themselves, leading to a strong emphasis on the spiritual authority of the self. The New Age movement is about unifying science and spirituality. Now, this is where the terms New Age and Ancient Wisdom merge.

Ancient Wisdom teachings are about the study of metaphysical properties of the Universe. The teachings map how energy manifests into form and how we as humans can manipulate energy through the practices of alchemy or ritual. And since everything in this Universe is energy, including us, and energy is invisible, then it follows that this science is really teaching us about spirituality. What is spirituality? The study of the invisible forces that govern the laws of Nature.

So, whether you are a hippie or not, or you prefer to say Ancient Wisdom teaching or New Age, what does it matter? The fabric of the Universe is the same as it always has been. The laws of nature have not changed, they still are what they have always been. Whether we are conscious to these laws or not, or we call it New Age or Wisdom Teaching.

The point that shouldn’t be lost on the terms is that we as a culture are going through an awakening. A period when science is again merging with the teachings of spirituality. I have been on a quest, along with 1,000s of other bright souls on this planet, to walk into the Age of Consciousness. Our goal is building connections to our body, our mind, and our soul. Why keep them separate and fragmented? If you can awaken to what’s happening in your subconscious mind, then you are truly empowered.

With our culture, we like to put everything in a box. It’s heartbreaking for me to think of how our minds have been funneled down such a narrow shoot of understanding and perception of reality. Most people have such a dry understanding of the world in which we live. All of Life, nature itself, is multi-dimensional. If you can unlock your subconscious mind, then you can open up to the realm of beauty and possibility in your Inner Landscape. The other piece of this New Age movement similar to Ancient Wisdom is the belief that you hold the key to your own Inner Joy. You are a divine being, and you do have the access to your own Health. We have multiple dimensions within us, an entire Universe held in mystery. When we get in touch with our beautiful Inner Landscape, we see beauty everywhere. We raise our levels of oxytocin in our bodies. We have access to a felt sense of goodness, purpose, meaning…. No one can give you this access. You can be guided by healers, shamans, therapists, doctors, but the Journey to your soul must be done by you.

Soul is our Life Force, our essence, the part of ourselves that keeps us alive. Ancient wisdom teachings throughout all cultures on Earth have beliefs that when we suffer an emotional or physical trauma that a piece of our soul leaves our body to survive the experience. A great example is a car collision, if you are going to be in a head-on car collision, the very last place you want to be upon impact is in your body. So, your psyche has this brilliant self-protective mechanism to go away while the trauma is occurring. That’s when a part of our soul is lost, in that moment of shock to our system. Anything that creates shock causes soul loss. In our culture today, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, accidents, surgery, drug addiction, grief, alarm clocks going off early in the morning, anything that causes shock can lead to soul loss. The symptoms of soul loss are when you may feel like you aren’t fully in your body, you experience immune deficiencies, depression, suicidal tendencies, or you say, “I don’t feel the same way since…”

This is where I come to my own soul retrieval ceremony on the eve of launching this community, Orinoco Flows. As the practitioner preformed the ritual, my mind began to trace back in time. I saw my mother and father as a young girl. I remembered moments of disconnect and overwhelm in and around the family while I also recalled memories of beauty; my father holding me and then carrying my newborn daughter. I remembered the tragic times when my mother got remarried to a mentally ill man with bipolar disorder and some of the situations I had long forgotten, or simply buried away.

As she called in the pieces of my soul, she chanted a mantra inviting my Little One to come and stay. It was safe now, come Little one, come here and stay. She welcomed in the fragments of my Child Star, the essences of my soul, the makeup of my core emotional needs.

I realized in that moment, everything I have been working towards to help humanity step into this paradigm shift for the planet revolved around coming back into connection with my essence, my Blueprint. The therapies I integrate from Inner Child Journey, prenatal and perinatal psychology, and craniosacral therapy all culminate in ancient wisdom teachings around our soul body. Our mind and body are a vehicle for the soul on this Earth. We cannot access our subconscious mind and thus our invisible realms through rational or academic thinking. We must engage with these parts through ritual, through right brain thinking.

This is my personal story around soul retrieval. If you are reading this, you have your own journey that’s unique to only you. I invite you to come and learn more about this community we are creating, Orinoco Flows. It’s a place to create extra ordinary moments in your life through virtuous actions with your Child Star. This community is a place to discover your Child Star and indeed to unlock secrets connected to your subconscious mind.

I invite you to come and listen to the unique stories from four guest speakers in the upcoming weeks. Details can be found on the Orinoco Flows webpage.
Each speaker worked deeply with their subconscious mind by embracing their Child Star. Their emotional health and spiritual well-being were deeply enriched. They regained fragments of their soul through means that cannot be rationally described only experienced. So, I invite you to be curious, to experience a deeper part of yourself that’s always been there, waiting to nourish you.

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