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Revolutionize Your Parenting

This hour long conversation, “Revolutionize Your Parenting” is a brief overview for an online intensive course coming October 2022 to help parents manage stress and learn how to gain more connection with themselves and their children. Christianna Deichmann, a craniosacral therapist and trauma resolution provider for families, joins with Emily McCrea, a conscious parent-teacher coach and certified TEACH THROUGH LOVE practitioner, to discuss the latest science on how children’s brains develop and regulation skills that parents need in order to foster the healthiest relationships in the family home. The conversation is about how traditional parenting has damaged the nervous system’s of adults raising kids these days, and they explore how biological mechanisms keep this vicious cycle going from generation to generation. The focus is on a new paradigm that overhauls the systems society has put in place to foster patriarchal models that promote shame, blame, scarcity, and fear-based tactics to raise children. The conversation unfolds by introducing embodiment practices that can rewire the nervous system and navigate the hierarchy of how our brains function. The talk is meant to send you away with immediate tools to use today to help parent your child, and to raise your curiosity of what more you can do to empower your family. The talk is a preview of an online course being offered in October, “A Journey Backwards: How the past gets you stuck in the present.” The premise of the course is to teach parents how their childhood shaped their nervous system and is defining their present day behavior, and how we can make positive change to raise our children with more connection, more health, and more love.

I Travel To You!

If your location is within 20 miles of the clinic, the travel fee is waived. Within 30 miles, the travel fee is $15. From 30-50 miles, the travel fee is $25.