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What is distant craniosacral therapy and how can it heal you remotely?

For many, craniosacral therapy is still a rarefied, face-to-face encounter outside the normal rhythms of the world, a time in which cell phones are turned off, and we’re uninterrupted by an ever-replenishing email inbox or demands from our life obligations. Finding time to seek healing is becoming increasingly difficult. Finding alternative, holistic healing options are even more difficult because a reputable practitioner may not be near where you live.

Many occupations no longer require a clearly defined workplace or a physical presence. Many employees never see their boss in person. Increasingly, surgeons are slicing patients open from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Why should craniosacral therapy be any different? More and more clinicians today are adapting to meet the demands of the digital world and fit into the schedules and lifestyles of clients no longer willing to follow the traditional pattern of once-a-week sessions in a therapist’s office. In a consumer-driven mental health marketplace, individuals with anxiety disorders want services from the comfort of their homes. For veterans living in rural areas, remote group and individual psychotherapy for trauma offers treatment possibilities that weren’t available even a few years ago. But although telehealth has been around for decades, many clinicians are still unsure about the clinical, ethical, and legal issues that emerge as distance therapy becomes a more accepted practice.

So, let me explain more of the science behind remote healing sessions. Science has long been functioning in the quantum realm, and the world is becoming smaller and smaller through the use of cyberspace. The principles of quantum physics apply to craniosacral therapy in a profound way. This type of therapy is about settling in our nervous systems. A practitioner can “tap” into a client’s energetic field through intention and attunement to the field of energy within them and around them. Slowing the pace in their own nervous system allows them to become attuned to the energy moving all around us.

During a distance session, I have a client either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair so they can settle in their bodies. By slowing the pace in my own body and becoming a neutral field, I can now sense what’s happening in my client’s body. I can feel if they are stressed or in pain, or how a muscle or joint is moving. I can even sense the movement of fluids and the magnetic field this movement creates. By being neutral with myself, the two of us enter a resonant field of energy. It’s called coherence. The client’s body can enter a parasympathetic state and start to reorganize and release the energy it’s using to manage trauma. This freed energy can now integrate back into their whole system, and the person can become more regulated in their nervous system.

Distance sessions can really help mothers and newborn babies, because leaving the home for yet another doctor’s appointment presents a myriad of challenges, especially if baby and mama have already experienced challenges. A client of any age can utilize trauma resolution therapy such as somatic experiencing and inner child healing through distance therapy. I highly recommend giving it a try. Virtual online therapy has opened many doors for me and my husband. We are now able to see some of the best holistic and craniosacral practitioners who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from us.

I Travel To You!

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