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Children are the future. But truly, children are often forgotten about when it comes to healthcare, often the treatment of children is relegated behind that of adults. Western medicine still treat babies as if they have no capacity to remember or experience pain because their nervous system is not developed. Recent scientific studies are revealing that nothing could be further from the truth. Epigenetics is a hot topic now and pre and perinatal somatic psychology reveals that babies are sentient, aware and spiritual beings who are fully conscious. Society struggles to communicate with children and understand their struggles, but their bodies record every single experience and their bodies tell their stories. If we can learn to speak the language of the body, we can heal and prevent trauma.  Often we feel they are too young to have had much time to develop health issues. From the moment of conception, though, the human experience, is well….human. Our imperfections and experiences are passed on to our babies, who are so easily impacted. Their spirits are so delicate and their bodies so malleable.

Cranial Sacral Therapy provides a gentle, yet powerful, tool to help infants and children resolve traumatic issues from their birth and childhood experience. Every family has their own birth stories whether they seemed traumatic or not, the birthing process is one of the most difficult challenges every human must encounter.  With today’s obstetrical practices and often times violent birthing practices, a baby’s first deep emotional wounding is its birth. Normalizing a child’s nervous system and structure prevents  post-birth or resolves many issues that may impede that individual now or later in life.  The founder of cranial osteopathy, William Sutherland, had a favorite saying, “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Furthermore, another osteopath made this simple observation, “When we look at a child, we never know who or what that child can be. And when we look at an adult, we never know who or what that individual could have been.”

I treat mothers since they are usually the primary caregivers and they need and deserve treatment. Their nervous system is mirrored in their child’s developing nervous system. Treating the mother is a direct treatment of their child. Plus, I love empowering mothers with the knowledge of how to treat their babies at home. I provide useful tips and techniques that can be applied every day. We can all benefit from ongoing treatment in our lives.

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