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Top Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for Charlottesville Residents

Top Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for Charlottesville Residents

Charlottesville is a vibrant community known for its active lifestyle, historic roots, and a strong sense of wellness. For residents who juggle daily stresses from work, community engagement, and personal commitments, maintaining wellness can be challenging. Craniosacral therapy has emerged as a profound therapeutic practice to support overall health and well-being. This gentle, hands-on method of healing uses soft touches to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. For the residents of Charlottesville, incorporating craniosacral therapy into their health regimen can offer significant benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to enhancing body-mind balance and addressing common lifestyle ailments. Let’s explore how this subtle yet powerful form of therapy can help rejuvenate and maintain the well-being of the Charlottesville community.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being

In the fast-paced environment of Charlottesville, where the hustle of daily life can lead to significant stress, craniosacral therapy provides a much-needed respite. This therapy targets the central nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and helping to alleviate accumulated stress. By reducing stress levels, individuals often experience fewer headaches, improved sleep patterns, and a general enhancement in quality of life. These benefits are particularly crucial in a community active in both intellectual and social pursuits. Moreover, craniosacral therapy has been shown to positively affect emotional health. It assists in alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety by calming the mind and fostering an enhanced sense of peace. For those in the community dealing with the pressures of academic or professional demands, craniosacral therapy can be a supportive tool in maintaining emotional stability.

Enhancing Sleep Quality

Poor sleep is a common issue that affects many people in Charlottesville, particularly among those involved in academia or high-stress jobs. Craniosacral therapy improves sleep by reducing tension in the nervous system, allowing the body to enter a more profound and restorative state of rest. Patients often report better sleep patterns after sessions, which contributes to improved focus and better energy levels throughout the day. The therapy’s ability to regulate sleep cycles comes from its direct interaction with the brain’s production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. By fostering a natural balance within the nervous system, craniosacral therapy helps promote a healthy sleep cycle, essential for anyone looking to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle in Charlottesville.

Addressing Migraines and Headaches

Migraines and chronic headaches are prevalent ailments within the Charlottesville community, often exacerbated by stress or environmental factors. Craniosacral therapy offers a non-invasive solution to reduce the frequency and severity of these headaches. By releasing tension in the meningeal membranes and improving cerebrospinal fluid flow, this therapy can alleviate the pressure that contributes to migraines and headaches. Regular sessions of craniosacral therapy can thus be a valuable component of a holistic approach to health care, particularly for those who prefer non-pharmacological treatments. It addresses the root causes of pain, not merely the symptoms, providing lasting relief that can improve daily functioning and overall life satisfaction.

Supporting Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is a significant challenge for many residents of Charlottesville, whether it’s due to past injuries, arthritis, or other conditions. Craniosacral therapy addresses body pain not just at the site of discomfort but as a part of a complex system related to the entire body’s wellbeing. The gentle manipulations involved in craniosacral therapy can help release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system, leading to substantial pain relief. Furthermore, by promoting a holistic balance within the body, craniosacral therapy helps enhance the body’s natural healing processes, supporting long-term health benefits and improved physical capabilities. This is especially beneficial for Charlottesville’s active population, helping them maintain their lifestyle without being held back by chronic pain.

Promoting Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery from injuries or surgeries can be a slow process, often fraught with frustration. Craniosacral therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities by enhancing circulatory and lymphatic flow. This not only speeds up recovery times but also decreases the likelihood of complications or chronic issues developing post-injury. This therapy is particularly beneficial in a community like Charlottesville, where residents value an active lifestyle and wish to return to their activities as quickly as possible. By integrating craniosacral therapy into their rehabilitation programs, individuals can ensure a smoother and more efficient recovery process.

Improving Maternal and Infant Health

The benefits of craniosacral therapy extend to maternal and infant health, which is significant for expecting families in Charlottesville. For mothers, it can help manage the bodily stresses of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Infants, on the other hand, can benefit from craniosacral therapy by addressing issues like colic, feeding difficulties, and sleep disturbances, promoting overall well-being from the earliest stages of life. Given the family-oriented nature of many Charlottesville residents, craniosacral therapy offers a gentle and safe option to enhance health and wellness for all family members, supporting them through various stages of life and development.

Craniosacral therapy presents a unique opportunity for Charlottesville residents to enhance their health in a holistic and non-invasive manner. From reducing stress and improving sleep to managing chronic pain and speeding recovery, the benefits of this therapy touch on many aspects of health that are crucial for maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. By incorporating craniosacral therapy into their wellness routines, the people of Charlottesville can enjoy improved health outcomes and a higher quality of life, all supported by the gentle, healing hands of craniosacral therapy.

Holistic Medicine for Menopause

Holistic Medicine for Menopause

Harmonics of Menopause is for those that long to restore the sovereignty of their being. The whole transitional phase called Menopause is an invitation to step out of ordinary time and honor and embrace cosmic Time as a beloved companion.

“ Linear time prompts us to think in terms of ‘to do lists’ and DOING things. This way denies a woman’s relationship with the planets and moon phases, all key aspects of her own womb and Menopause Mandala.”

At all Orinoco Flows events Inner Meditative processes and rituals are offered to bring constant blessings and invite surrender to a sense of purpose and place.

Rex brings rich insights to the Menopause conversation by seeing it as one of several inter-related transitions on the journey of womanhood. Rex observes how menopause is best understood in the whole context of a woman’s life. The first meeting with mothers blood at implantation, the onset of puberty, feelings around motherhood. How were these transitions?

The onset of puberty can be especially uncertain. Who was there to joyfully support and explain? Was their embarrassment? Furtiveness, pain or fear? Were we alone with our feelings?

“These imprints on our instinctual feminine are impactful and may hold the key to menopause challenges.” ~Rex Lassalle, co-founder Orinoco Flows

“When the menopause ‘ strikes’,”, he says, it is usually seen as something to override, conquer or control. “ In most patriarchal dominant societies when the cosmic interruptor called the menopause shows its face, some aspect of suppressing, controlling and being in charge of the body and its function becomes the go to mode. Pill popping, plasters and a whole range of approaches are offered that override the divine feminine.”

Women who have conceived and given birth with medical interventions may have already felt the impact of procedures that have contributed to their lack of faith in their physiological feminine sovereignty. Suppressive approaches further expose women to the risk of new levels of neuroses.

Rex calls us to reframe our attitude to transitions. Although many rejoice that their fertile cycle is over, others feel somewhat lost and sense that the Menopause marks the end of their ‘productive’, ‘purposive life’.

THE OFC is like a bridge that offers to take a woman to a Post Menopausal experience where other gifts and symbols await. Gifts arise through dreams and inner revelations. Allowing and openness is present rather than a fix it mentality.

Transcript Available:
so look you’re all really really welcome tonight it’s a great pleasure to host Rex LaSalle here with me tonight
and it’s this is part of an event that’s hosted by The Orinoco flows Community
which is a community that I suppose came into being would you say Rex about a
year or two years ago a little bit more than a year ago like
um in April on 2022 yep yes and it’s an
organization a very small organization that’s growing that seeks to support each one of us to discover our fullest
expression and today we really want to explore what is missing in the menopause conversation
and we welcome your questions in the chat and we’d love to know where you are
on the journey if you support others or if there’s something that is directly relevant for you because in a way I
think that’s what we’re about to make this really relevant for you not just a piece of chewing gum but you can you can
eat and spit out and move on to the next thing it’s something that will be practically useful and and of benefit
um yeah the menopause becomes relevant for all of us when we see our life as
one big Continuum as part of a mandala if you will of the wholeness of family
and as a part of our whole person care we might ask what is a mandala and in
Rex’s words he described it as a vast ever expanding circle at the center of
which our soul resides quite a beautiful statement
so I wondered if we could just begin by in a way picturing our own mandala
and let me explain what I mean by that like could we just begin with the very
seed of ourselves as in begin with what was surrounding us at our very birth
can we picture for a moment the atmosphere the culture our DNA
our parents our grandparents the totality of our ancestral family
tree all of you Every Little Bit Of You spiraling out from the pulsing Unity of
masculine and feminine Energies so let’s just take a moment to even sense into that sense of our own mandala
in our very bodies that very first transition from the depths of our womb the womb that we came
from as you sought to connect and belong in this strange and crazy world
and Dr William Emerson one of my teachers uh pointed out that many of us
find it so hard to be in a body in a body at all and then perhaps we have that sense that
we want to return and we have a little bit of sense of a Divine homesickness as
he called it looking for that core link to our first home
so yes there is that sense of birth as being a Continuum absolutely
and today Rex this is really what we’re about today with the um that aspect of the menopause
um we’re here tonight to show how the feminine biological experience directly
wires women to the Natural rhythms of the moon and the cosmos
so you could say we have a little bit of an advantage in a way we have that constant opportunity that constant
invitation to connect through our biological body as well just pulling the
pulls and tugs of um the first period through to the pools and tugs of Labor
and then the flux of menopause constantly reminding us of those natural
rhythms of nature so many might say that all of this kind
of stuff this kind of talk is something that should be done with women only so some people might ask well what’s Rex
lizelle doing in this group of you know this Hen House that Oliver clocking about the menopause what what is this
person doing um but that’s where we come back to this sense of the mandala of the fracturing
of masculine and feminine isn’t that really the core of our wounding as women
to say that there’s things that matter to us and there’s things that matter to you that in itself
um is a very painful place a very painful polarity to to rest Within
so yes enough about me but I would just love you to get to know Rex in the way
that I feel I’m getting to know Rex and Rex is the kind of person that you don’t
get to know all of a sudden it might take a little bit of time and I’ve had
the great opportunity of time with Rex of knowing him for uh yes about over 30
years um you know he’s coached me personally uh certainly helped me to Coast through
my menopause Journey which I’m sure is continuing uh to unfold uh yeah for
those who don’t know him already he’s an internationally renowned trainer in the Japanese Healing Art of shiatsu Rex’s
knowledge of Chinese medicine and the five elements has supported thousands
and I’m not even sure if that’s accurate but over five decades he supported thousands of clients in many many
different ways and even though he’s a little bit shy about this Rex it has to be said is a
global Authority and author on Oriental astrology and his latest book is really a great
um compendium to return to again and again uh the Alchemy of time and your emotions which I find it’s kind of a
handbook that I just had next to me and find it invaluable with clients
the Rex we could go on about that but I I would love you to take us right now if
you could the core of what your sense of the Missing Link in the menopause and
menopause conversation is is there a wounding there or what is it that draws
you to this topic um okay thank you very much Sarah and um
Our Guest to be here with me this evening
um who I am in this conversation very much has to do with who my parents were and
especially my grandmother so here it is I’m born in Trinidad and
Tobago um and with my parents they had this
capacity to read the signs in other words it was a whole matriarchal situation my father could do it and my
mother could do it and it was always at 100 accuracy so the whole aspect of the relativeness
the space and the signals that space was giving was present
and to answer your question Sarah’s regards like what is the at the
core of this menopause conversation it’s really the aspect of birth
and that means unsurprisingly speaking about menopause and how does Birth come into this yes the whole experience one
of the the aspect of the fragmentation um especially in the journey that women
have the biological journey of the transitions from that first monthly
cycle today experience towards the end of closing
off that cycle that closing off of the cycle tends to only come up a few years
before it occurs whereas for the mother to know about mother to be to know about
this also informs the child to be in that Realm of the unconscious because you
know we are always hearing even when in our mother’s belly during the you know
our mother’s pregnancy with us so for that to be told the child then at
20 30 years of age or whatever the mother is in a different place with herself and the child somehow knows that
because the mother was informed about it rather than just suddenly told about it so that fragmentation is healed by
this aspect of um I like to call it biological
sovereignty that women have man it’s not quite that way because this
our sovereignty comes from our head with man you know the idea well you have
you know you’re successful in what you do or blah blah blah whereas for women the cosmic connection is with it’s how
it’s that there’s a whole Cosmic connection because that is what started that first month recycle and then
towards the end that time as the menopause starts the premenopause experience
that space that Cosmic aspect it starts changing so
um hopefully I answered the question with all those bits that I think but let
me just see if I’ve got that right so are you saying to me that the thing that you don’t hear in the menopause
conversation is the idea of nature the idea of the cosmos and that biological link with
that exactly it’s a fixed conversation that I have observed and
um it’s very patriarchal in the sense of the the realm of medicine and the realm
of the magazines the informing this is happening take this pill drink this do
that it’s it’s a Fix-It and if we are to go back to the wisdom
of the ancestors it’s like the connection with nature and
the connection with changing the Rhythm the connection with eating differently
of being in harmony with that was present yes at times there were
challenges within that and that in the ancestral line I’m not denying that but that knowledge was there and that go-to
aspect was there and my conversation or what I am bringing to the conversation is returning to that
I’m of the view that this is very important also in the environment in
which we are living in where artificial intelligence is dominating so much of
the experiences of people now and the aspect of
um moving away from a listening to their body so that’s listening to your body is
very important like what works for you that listening rather than you know I
need to fix it so Rex if I was to be a little bit difficult and by the way we really
welcome difficult people in the chat if there’s anyone difficult there with um any strong menopause experiences we’d
love you to to put your thoughts forward because I could say well look great it’s great rex that you’re talking about what
connection with the moon what is this Cosmos thing um you know but is that really going to
help when I’m having hot flushes at work and I’m trying to you know move on through my day and it’s embarrassing or
I’m having these AWOL kind of emotional sweats I’m not sleeping I mean I’m
really pissed off I mean are you telling me what are you telling me to do connect to the moon what what where are we
coming from so the key aspect is Calm Mind
a calm mind is something that has to be cultivated
um let me slow this down a little bit um as regards where we’re going with
this so that first cycle happens
and it’s wonderful if you know your mother your granny your
aunt or even your father in that case told you about it of what was coming so
you were prepared so that is giving you your sovereignty that is giving you a
sense of ownership and management about your body as regards this occurs and it
happens on a monthly basis etc etc now
the pre-menopause situation um comes about and what happens this is
what I have observed in my work over the decades because you know I’ve had
um clients women who come they’re regular clients of mine and then they
come in with the menopause conversation and what I’ve observed the movements are
different you speak about maybe at times a bit of
a stiffness in their joints so in other words there’s the relatedness with space the
space of their own bodies there is a shift going on
that shift that is going on is another level of communication that becomes
available to the woman that oftentimes when that is happening
and the man is not informed her partner is not informed about it it’s like the
woman is starting to talk about um sort of how best to put it
um knowledge she’s really coming from knowledge she’s coming from knowing
things but yet it’s outside the box it’s of another dimension and oftentimes for
the man it’s like listen you need to take a pill you need to go and see the psychologist or you need to go and see some doctor because you know it’s like
you’re losing it yeah but it would be great for it’s only
for me to say okay when you say about movement is that could you even think of without mentioning a name or
confidentiality is there some particular thing you’re saying there’s a locking of a joint or what is it that you’re seeing
people experience in terms of is it lack of movement or is it something different okay
um there’s a hesitancy with the movement um at times it could be stronger than
that word but I would say there’s a hesitancy so I know this client for many years
she’s a regular you know she comes maybe once a month for shiatsu or cities so
then the premenopause happens she walks in the room and I sense something is different I
don’t know what it is I’m a man right so I have to listen this has been the key part of my work
over the decades I listen a lot okay so this listening this is how I picked up
my informations I listened so she starts talking and then she mentions you know I feel stiff I feel
awkward so what I’m talking about is that there’s an aspect of how we are in
space who we are in space this is physiological this is not a
racism I’m talking about this you know it is and the the item that is connected
with that is the proprioceptors proprioceptors are in our joints
and proprioceptors have a link with space to how we are in space people who do
yoga or whatever at times You Stand The Pursuit and we see how we feel in space
so that at times for women especially in the early stage
um the pre-menopause stage that is a clear sign and that means another
communication is starting to happen with the body if that is ignored
you going into that rocket situation of you know the hot flashes overwhelm
whatever because that communication is one as you become receptive to it
which Calm Mind gives you something else changes because it would
come mind what starts to happen is that the Alpha Brain Wave frequency in your
brain starts occurring which creates deeper levels of intuition
which also creates a healing quality which also means there’s a deeper
listening to what is happening in this space this is important if that is engaged
with those situations you speak about tends to be way down especially when
diet is looked at especially when other lifestyle changes and that just drops
away because you are acknowledging the influence of the cosmos on your
biological function and on your body absolutely uh and I’m just looking in
the chat now there’s a few little comments because as you say that isn’t part of
um the day-to-day culture uh I don’t think many people uh hear what the way you’re saying and in day to day
um I mean would you like to pause for a couple of questions now Rex yeah yeah sure I can take questions rather than
you know um Rex is speaking to himself because I know that whole aspect of the
proprioceptors and the movement uh we’ll we’ll talk a little bit more about that later on won’t we because that’s going
to form one of the three programs that’s that’s going to happen in in them
in in the Autumn uh there was some nice little comments here anyway as we as we’re carrying on so please continue to
use the chat um I think martial is saying it’s an override suppressed pilot shame approach
in modern world uh and she’s personally so interested to hear another way of
being around this and um Katrina I think yeah
for sharing I have observed that that’s very much yeah you know that’s quote
unquote the norm so it’s great to hear that Katrina was lucky enough to have an easy Passage through menopause and I’m
sure that was with a lot of the healthy positive things that you do for yourself as did my mum and I’m looking to support
others in my family who are worried about what will happen to them and of course thinking about HRT I mean that’s
something we’ve often shouted about Rex isn’t it this sort of idea that this thunderstorm is going to take over the
world and the only solution is Charity you know of course is an option but um
it seems to be sometimes the only way and we have a another thing from Marcia here my brother and dad could smell
hormonal change and when my bleed was due and happening my mom had a history
on when my when people were wearing the household of when her bleed is happening and my mom had a hysterectomy in the in
the 70s when I was five and and she was 35 I’m sorry to hear
that and went into menopause I believe hysterectomy was the cure for everything
in those days just to cut it out yeah I’m sorry yeah and menopause was never discussed by
Auntie’s Grandma Etc other than in passing not the sacredness power or how
the body changes yeah and we have something from Sylvia by
Sylvia my understanding is that the menopause is quite cultural
and it has become focused on hot flushes and Yin deficiency type symptoms yeah
you can hear from this that Sylvia is a Chinese medical practitioner um
in the west the the West dominates the conversation because of the pharmaceutical industry
yeah and Sue I experienced menopause spiritually and emotionally more than
physically in the sense that it felt like a complete dissolution and
unraveling well thank you thank you thank you thank you
so much for those absolutely um so shall we get to the Carmine
meditation yeah I think uh unless there’s any major shouts down against that a bit of calm
mine would be lovely Rex uh it’s not all’s good okay people want to
make themselves comfortable they there’ll be a little meditation now for you know a maximum of five minutes or so
I think we will go on for a little longer um because I’ll let it sort of unfold
um from in my listening to what was shared
somehow how best to put it um yeah
we’re dealing with harmonics so somehow there’s a listening to what I’ve heard with the sharing
um so finding ways to create a um
a music or Symphonies that encompasses that but
um brings a deeper level of Harmony to us as a community right here
right now I mean this is important to know will do there’s space
um you know we are in different places in the world um throughout the globe um you know
different people are in different places but nevertheless
in this conversation we can be and in this listening we can
be in a place of community of sharing a focus of sharing a calm mind so keeping
that in mind and what I just mentioned about space let’s go there with the Calm Mind
so in your imagination [Music] I’d like to ask you to find some
Erial on planet Earth right here where we are where it is that you’re living in
your imagination like a favorite spot where you like to sit either on a big stone
or on the Earth itself
so put yourself on that stone or put your put your bum onto the Earth you
could have something below you a towel or whatever or just directly with you
you know sitting on the Earth
um allow your legs to be relaxed so they can be crossed or you could have your
feet on the ground feeling the earth below your feet but please do not lay
down um be in a place of awareness so you’re sitting rather than lying down
as this is an aspect of being conscious of cultivating
Calm Mind so in that sitting
position on the Earth give yourself permission
to have a breath that is deep but not deep with effort it’s like an
effortless deep breath allowing your tummy to have a sense of
space as the air comes in allowing your neighbor to have a sense
of spaciousness behind it rather than be tight and locked in
for as you create that spaciousness at the back of your neighbor
the younger connecting directly back to that Lifeline of your connection
with your mother and along that
ancestral line of DNA of father mother going back Generations
upon Generations upon Generations all in that sense of
being supported by them with your Calm Mind
with feeling a sense of calmness of who you are on planet Earth
and within that sense of feeling at ease and comfortable on planet Earth
give yourself permission to allow whatever fragrances on your
environment to be present
for you as we well know
when a woman is pregnant her sensitivity the fragrances is heightened
that aspect of heightened sensitivity to fragrances
is connected with the Earth element that feeling of bringing a newborn onto
the Earth triggers a sense of being connected with
the Earth of course we are here with a different conversation but just
mentioning those things is regards to Cosmic aspect
of the birth experience and the menopause experience and the elements in
our lives and the sense of space
allow ourselves to give thanks
for those elements give thanks for space
give thanks give thanks
for our sensitivity with fragrances with smell
with a feeling of being at ease
with a Calm Mind on planet Earth
let’s just be with that for a while and be in that silence
of sitting on the Earth and being supported by the Earth
and being nourished by the big booth and being stabilized by the Earth
we give thanks
I invite you now to return
slowly return to our narrative and our chat this evening and
you’re listening so thank you very much for
for generous listening to what I just shared
any feedback comments from anyone that they want to
tell us about because we’re all part of this community for this you know for
what I just did so whatever you’re sharing is also part of
in a way unconsciously and experience what others will be while listening and who are
participating here this evening please don’t be shy you’re just very
welcome to just unmute yourself and if you feel it just to say something
or actually it’s lovely Marcia has written something thanks Marcia um
yes she just mentioned that I noticed a tightness in the muscles and ligaments around my womb and hips that I wasn’t
aware of wow wonderful
and um so Marcia were you able to allow
that to to allow it to let it go or are you
still holding that um still holding a little but it was um
it was that was so beautifully LED Rex they connected with my ancestors so
there was a there was a an echo feeling of my
tightness that I held within my body and within feminine lineage so that just
being aware and then as I became present with it just letting go so after the
call I’ll go and do some stretch but it was it was just really beautiful because I I
had I’m sort of um nine or ten months since I last had a breed I had very regular periods before
and no problems um and just noticing that as we did that
Journey particularly sitting on the Rock um I went to one of my favorite places I grew up in Derbyshire
um the the vitality and the power that’s still there that I was aware of because
I don’t feel menopause or I’ve not had flushes or anything um but the latent
not latent the unacknowledged power and creativity induced in us that’s still in
my body was what was very present and it was like the tightness of the muscle and the womb was
how I’d been defining myself like other people do of oh you must be menopausal because I’m 55
and so the the beautiful Dance of the two of it’s not what you
think was just very softening for me so I really appreciate that I really enjoyed it so thank you
my pleasure thank you for sharing anybody else with any comments or or
even questions or anything um Lynn would you like you’re the next in line here would you like to see your
comment or would you like me to read it it’s up to you I’ll mute myself can you hear me yeah
um yeah I always find it incredibly moving when
when asked to think about one’s mother or you know all the mothers before within that belly Naval space
and it just feels incredibly powerful so um it was beautiful just to sit with
that and I just had to agree with Marcia you just LED it so beautifully Rex
um my pleasure thank you Lynn actually when you mentioned the your belly I was just feeling wow that’s
if if some visual artist could present the female belly like a mandala
something quite tremendous population artists in our midst here
but it’s also that the belly needs to be the woman’s belly needs to be so much more celebrated and not just in its
pregnant state you know there is so much pulling in and tucking tails and holding and
constriction and it breaks my heart every time I see a woman walking in like a young
beautiful woman into my classes or for others I don’t know movement classes
yoga and you just feel the holding you know Decades of just holding taking up
as little space as you can and yeah it’s
important to let women enjoy having a belly
by the way this is also part of um in the Asian countries
um there is less sort of drama around menopause because that aspect of
um the softness of the belly is acknowledged it’s not like holding on holding in I
mean so this is very much how that is and um and actually I just mentioned that so
again we come back okay um let me just say but hold on I talked enough let me
listen to you at my modern hear what else is is being shared
it’s interesting everyone’s coming in with with different flavors which is lovely and Lorraine is coming in uh
would you like to say your comment Lorraine uh um I I think it was very much that during
the meditation I just connected with that sense of being pregnant so again the belly and the fullness
um and for me it was a real realization that while the years I had been pregnant
were very definitely times I wasn’t connected with the miracle of others the
cosmic connection you know it was it was so there’s a
celebration of coming more into that now um but a sense of the loss
I’ve had that could have been a more beautiful experience
thank you yeah and uh we have Marcia uh who’s
commenting again about the smells and the fragrances of naturalness of women
to be celebrated honored and welcomed thank you
yeah the aspect of [Music] um the olfactory system of smell is very
much linked um with the Earth as regards this aspect in the biological system of the body it
has this this link um and this is explored very deeply
especially in The Vedic tradition um and the Tibetan tradition and the
aspect of you know the smell and the Earth element it’s very much present in
that and um so yes I mean
I I just touched on it that’s the whole that’s a much deeper conversation but
the exploring of that and the exploring of or the cultivating a relatedness
with the aspect of your navel
yeah how ridiculous this is something but I mean that’s the best ways I can find
um because that is a gateway into the ancestral link I do want to get
into that because I could talk at length about that at a very at a very personal level in my life
um and how profound that is as regards you know what can come in dreams or
whatever this is like um it’s really like a you know it’s an email
that that happens in that domain especially if you
you know you are comfortable with that fortunately I have I’m in a situation in
my life whereby I adored my parents both my parents I just love them I mean that
that is remained um constant I mean I know at times that is not the case with some of us but
anyway but I have that aspect and so you know many of
you shut my mouth you know um I think at the same time Rex it’s
great to hear the different aspects coming in because we might you know just just point to that for the for the
Autumn events like something like in a way the little bits you’re hearing from Rex I’d just like to say that uh yeah
you’ll never get exactly what you expect so if you think this is a conversation about that it’ll probably be about
something else so um we’ll expect the unexpected and um uh
but Sylvia uh Sylvia is bringing in a very critical aspect that I would imagine you’d like to speak about
yourself um this this is a very core Point here yes
um I thought it was a beautiful meditation and I’m so grateful and it was beautifully held
um and but I found so I’m an adoptive mum
and I was unable to conceive I I was
pregnant at one point in my life but it wasn’t the right time for me to have a child I felt and I really made a very
considered decision about it um and then I never got pregnant after
that and I um when I adopted
it was when I actually adopted my son when I was 50. he was seven so I was
menopausal pretty much um and I had no problems with no no real
problems with the menopause in the traditional uh sense but I did have a very very very
bad um stiff shoulders and neck and
um when I researched it I found that this was a very common symptom of menopause in the east
um but it’s not talked about in the west at all it’s become totally focused on hot flushes and
um a researcher who I was very interested in I don’t know if you know professor volkashid at all
um he’s a German but go ahead he’s a very he’s a German Chinese speaking
um uh historic historian and practitioner of Chinese medicine and he got a
um some government funding to do a research into menopause and he looked at
the way that it was built looked at in the East and um saw that it was very different and
how in China with the Advent of traditional Chinese medicine or modern TCM it had got very distorted into
kidney in deficiency and become hot flushes and
um and actually when you looked at what was going on in Japan in the herbal traditions of Japan is a very very
different approach um to the way it was treated there and it was much more about
um symptoms of fullness rather than deficiency and an excess that had to be
um supported anyway very interesting article that he wrote which really
changed my view but anyway going back to the conversation about the um the
adoption so I find when I’m asked to think about family and my mother I I
have a lovely mother and a very good you know I have no problem but there’s part
of my heart that goes out to my son who is um
who has not seen his family since he was
five six years old when there was a final contact because his
um a very very very severe um criminality I’d say really towards him
abuse and so he has no connection
and he’s not he’s when he says family I’m his family so he
has no Naval connection and um you know I’m his family and we have a
little dog and he says it’s you and the dog mum that’s it you know and um
and so I I that’s so that was going on in my head lovely
conversation in my head with myself but oh you know my son but anyway I found myself on this
beautiful Rock in Greece where we laid my mum’s ashes and I felt deeply deeply
connected with my sense of power and who I who I am and all these
very difficult situations I’ve been put in as a mother
um because it’s not been easy not because of my son
that’s not been easy but I expected that but the the way that the state
um is very um is not supporting adoptive families at
all and uh and what happened to to us was it was a dreadful experience which I
won’t go into but I felt in my power about it it was wonderful I really am
grateful for that but it was like all this stuff that happened no it was I’m
I’m okay I’m here and yeah okay
um so one thing this is a a very different conversation and the aspect
about adoption that you’re sharing um here with us
um wonderful I really appreciate you bringing this up I’ve just touched upon it for a little
while um because it’s going in a different direction than you know what I’m here to
talk about the aspect and you know your adopted son
is seven years of age is that oh he’s 23. I adopted him oh he’s 23 now ah yes
I adopted him when I was 50. I’m 65 now so yeah all right
um the one thing that I could suggest um which of course is Shifting the
mindset for him at this age at seven it would have been a smoother time to do it
but the connection with the Earth and the connection with
um creating like a mandala which you know you you are in a Mandela
conversation and so we’re going we’re really going back into that quote and put an
indigenous aspect as regards how we are dealing with life and creating like a sacred mandala by
drawing a circle on the earth and and doing some sort of ceremony in the sense of because he is part of the Earth
and yes at times in wars and Times of you know this the dysfunctionality of us
human beings the aspect of children being abandoned or whatever or and and but the aspect of
connecting with a child or wanting to look after a child all of that is there and
um that is coming from a heart space and that needs to be celebrated
um but I can’t address that you know there’s another way for me to talk about it which will be getting into your birth
date and also your your son’s birth date and whatever which is looking at what
Ben would support but that’s um yeah yeah it’s another conversation
but uh I didn’t want to bring personal in a way but I just wanted to hold a
space for people for people who don’t have mothers that they can can you know
they don’t have much they can’t that connection is is blocked and I love the
idea of connecting with the Earth instead that that feels really lovely
sure there are and there are many approaches to that um but it’s but thanks for bringing it
up and and um um I will write something about that and
and share about that so maybe a poem may come but anyway
um over to you Sarah well uh somehow the the deep
conversation the rich conversation is inspiring other people to come forward and it’s it’s interesting Marcia your
comment here like in a way that whole thing you were saying Rex about about birth and and the link with the
menopause and pregnancy it’s it’s it’s so lovely that people are bringing every aspect forward so the martial would you
like to say this comment directly yourself or will I read it um I was just curious as the
conversations unfolding thank you everybody I’m gaining so much I had
um two terminations um late late 20s early 30s one
um my baby was quite sick um and reactions to medication and then
the second one a few years later I chose to have a termination so Pregnant twice
but never gone beyond the first trimester and so I’m wondering about thoughts about how that can influence
menopause or if it does or what your thoughts are
okay um
this that is a conversation about sacred womb and the aspect about
um a child who came but whose time was not
present or for whatever reason the termination happened but there’s a shadow
in the womb and there’s a whole process as regards you know the healing of that
in the sense of the first the key aspect in that is about acknowledging a
relatedness to that space of that being of that
um entity who came in was part of the
Sacred womb and left in in the sense of didn’t manifest as regards the birth but
left but nevertheless had that passage um in the sacredness of the womb that
the creative aspect so the acknowledgment of that is is um is of
great importance and in the sense of also
um if one has a family like you know children before or children after at
some level and this is this does not have to be in the family dialogue or
narrative but for the mother of the parents that some way of acknowledging
that that um that being something else happens something else
happens as regards um uh a completion
and and so the the menopause for you to to to share that Mafia is like
um you’re bringing that into the space of of consciousness rather than leaving it unconscious
and so where that takes you that’s only you can can know that but
I’m giving some some thoughts about it as regards you know sacred womb the
aspect of sacred womb also there are mandalas of that in the Buddhist tradition and
Hindu Traditions also where they have images of that in the Japanese Qigong
Buddhists in their temples they have big tankers where
um such mandalas exist and such devotions are acknowledged
and I think also in indigenous cultures they have ways of of talking about that
so in that aspect of because um however really communicating about menopause it’s really a it’s really
reconnecting with the cosmos as an elder
as someone who has a capacity to have another listening
that is outside of the patriarchal one of just ABCD it’s not linear it’s
sporadic it’s a mandala quality whereby and this was very much part of that of
the elders where in fact they were the ones who were consulted the woman the
Elder women were the ones who were consulted as regards certain guidance in the community this was the normal this
is this is the norm rather than you know
quota Court year old is no purpose there’s no whatever and this kind of you know just
abusive it’s it’s in a way it’s a ritual abuse
as regards the menopause and how um it’s very how it has been dealt with
and the medicalization of it um
so yeah I mean so I’m really opening out I’m really coming from that quote-unquote spiritual or that other
domain of listening and relatedness um to us as
you know connections with the cosmos
thank you so much thank you I mean
um text me or whatever and by the way you know um people do have consultations with me
um and Sarah could say more of that or send you also you know I do personal
chats with people um so yeah I mean the different ways of
it but um but engage with it as regards an
aspect of acknowledging that that was part of the Journey of the Sacred
womb that you you you carry and as that uh ending of the flow of blood in that
direction it opens up another pathway which is to the cosmos with another
listening that becomes present and the levels of intuition
um is moved to another level and other levels other levels of guidance come to
YouTube from those other um domains
yes Sarah yeah Rex it’s so touching to see and to feel all of this unfolding as
as we’re together because you know we can say the word mandala but I I’m sure
each one of us here in the room can feel that there’s all those elements that’s
that play out in the biology of the feminine the sovereignty of of the
feminine being so it’s really touching to hear people’s stories and you know Lin’s making some very
um important comments there about how not all babies arrive earth side but
they touch our souls and teach us so much so um so there’s that honoring in that and
all these experiences that are I can’t see that bit here but are held
is it yeah held I’m sure in our wombs and we
need to share our stories and yeah to express that
yeah I mean okay um sorry
um it’s something that is very much part of my as a key suggestion that I have
um for women in the sense of that transition of menopause pre-menopause is to do a journal
because um there’s another listening that is present
and other feelings are arising and other insights are happening
and they are precious I mean because you know you you are getting your own
language you’re you’re being um you are going through an initiation
of getting a new language that’s how you relate with with life how you relate with the cosmos
something is then starting to occur for you with this and so to have a journal
um this makes yeah it’s it’s just it’s rich and it has a quality of
ownership and it has a quality of um honoring your sovereignty
well Rex uh We’ve touched on so many uh fascinating aspects and points and I I’m
wondering could we kind of move a little bit towards um some of the themes that will be
exploring in September uh because as I understand it um the suggestion is to have three
um events and we’re still open to deciding the exact dates and finding if there’s
interest whether it’s more weekend based or evening based
um you know in my little joke with Rex I was saying it’s like let’s put three buckets together and Rex can kind of
pour the different themes into the one and um yeah we haven’t even touched on
thyroid but I know that was one of the ones that um is coming forward isn’t it
okay um so seeing you mentioned buckets let’s
stay with buckets it’s very down to earth
um and it’s not up in the air um so yes there’s a whole there’s a theme about thyroid what I’ve observed
in my work over the decades has been
that’s a big conversation let me put it that way and the thyroid gland has a lot
to do with self-expression and many women
um especially when the orientation towards the menopause is
one that is very medicalized or patriarchal
the self-expression gets dented and that impacts the thyroid gland the
self-expression you know is this root it’s the aspect of your speech of the aspect of conveying things
but the thyroid gland also has a whole relatedness with space
in the sense of As We Know if there’s some radiation leak
strontium-90 can impact the thyroid and start you know swinging that around in a
big way interestingly um green tea the Japanese green tea
especially is it can be Chinese too sorry I’m not marketing any particular
brand here um this helps with neutralizing that
radiation okay we also have this situation whereby in certain environments where a woman is
heavily criticized or judged a lot or whatever again hits the thyroid again
that whole aspect of of self-expression so that is something that will be
um that I’ll share of course do not you know
do not hear it as quote-unquote Valentine’s thyroid gland issues do not
have an issue of you know what’s going on with the blood I’m not dismissing
that at all please do not um things that I am ignoring that I am not but there
are other aspects surrounding the thyroid gland there are times um are not spoken about
and some of what I’m speaking here is and in the whole menopause conversation
this the thyroid gland I have observed at times is one that gets
um sort of hit at the city at some level often times I’m not saying hundred
percent but many times that’s this goes on so that will be one um
a second bucket is one really dealing about
the Earth and nutrition so in other words like that olfactory aspect like what foods what what type of
nutrition to to in to engage with what type of Lifestyle
um to to adopt or to encourage and to to discover not just you know quote unquote
I’ll uh bringing out a menu card but also for you of course
checking it out but also for you to explore and what works for you rather than just reading it this is what
I need to do this is what’s good for me no no no no no I’m not working that way it’s like what works what you
discovering what works for you you do this ah I had a good sleep I didn’t so
you work with that we rather than just a menu card fix it do it then I’m just
being a patriarch with you know the information rather than you being engaged with the responsibility of what
works for you so there is that and then the last bucket is one of celebrating
the fire because that whole emotion and and at a certain level I’m kind of
dealing with the fire in a way whereby we having a dance with it that the hot
flashes is not something that dominates the the the menopause experience with
the woman but nevertheless you know there are issues at times with
anger but reach which shame and all these emotions that if they are not kind
of process or move to one side and certain rituals I will share about ways
of dealing with that then this can overwhelm the menopause experience
thank you so much Rex and yeah my understanding is even the meditations
that the intention is to have a meditation uh related to each of those aspects as well and
um we’re also just forming those buckets if you like all those themes and and looking at which which areas to address
so if we get feedback and there are particular things and themes that people
would love to address that will be very much woven in to um the material that’s going to be
awkward so um we can speak more about that now or send people information about it yeah
also what would be helpful for us would be to indicate what’s your preference is it more like a Saturday or on a weekend
or is it more on an evening or what what’s your press preference we’re
looking at like two hours um the last one can be three hours
we see I mean like so that’s where we are sort of um those are the areas we’re
looking at um
so there’s a moment or two for a last question and if the question doesn’t
come now uh you’re very happy to you’re very welcome to email us and we’ll do
our best to address that as well um were there any last things that people
would like to ask about anyway I can certainly recommend a
one-on-one uh session with Rex uh he tends to take you to places as I said
that other people don’t take you to and uses approaches that are really quite
different be it certain kind of pressure points or certain rituals or certain
ways and um uh maybe I’ll just finish a little bit I think there’s all
uh people are really appreciating the um the quality of awareness and the nature
of the conversation um yeah I just would just feel actually to to read one of the comments that uh a
recent kind of testimonial if I can find that um find that easily here
because Rex’s run programs about the menopause in in many different countries
um at different times of his career and this is a very
uh very interesting little comment here so a one woman who a testimonial she
said my menopause started a few months before my 52nd birthday I was in a 14
year long distance relationship that ended abruptly and unexpectedly a Vara text message my ex sent me on
uh that was sent on a cell phone the shock made my body close up completely managing my grief and menopause symptoms
has been truly life-changing Rex lizelle has given me the tools to cope with
these symptoms which included hair loss lack of sleep hot flashes anxiety
depression the whole gamut and all of these things were dealt with great sensitivity and everything was
very valuable that he’s a she is eternally grateful
and we have another one that is uh equally touching
from a lady that I think is actually very moving in itself that she was only 33 when she came to a menopause workshop
with Rex that in itself really says something to me she took the time to travel from the
Caribbean uh to the Nordic countries as a birthday present for herself and the
menopause Workshop was one of the warmest safest and nurturing spaces
she’s experienced she comments that Rex guides his sessions from a deep sense of knowing
rooted in traditional healing modalities and his delivery brings flow and ease
it’s not a packaged experience where you tick the Box
and anyway it’s a long beautiful statement but she says as she closes her
eyes I’m back sitting in that room with Rex and all the wonderful women
and all that I learned in the three days was more than any University degree could teach
me on how to be at ease with myself how to welcome changes in my body rather
than fear them to flow with aging and this special time of the menopause
to have a practice to turn to and she heartily and wholeheartedly recommends
Journeys and workshops with Rex so [Music]
so thank you everybody delightful and we’re complete for tonight and we’ll be
in touch with you to send you details about the program and you’re always welcome to um approach Rex also with
information about um a consultation so thank you for your attention very much
thank you very much thank you Sarah for hosting this and thanks for the sharing
and the comments and the feedback um yeah this was very Lively I
appreciated that and and also the realism of the questions and and just
the experiences that were shared here this evening
um thank you deeply grateful for this all the best keep in touch

Harmonics for Menopause: Supporting Your Experience

Harmonics for Menopause: Supporting Your Experience

Orinoco Flows Community is hosting a dialogue with Rex Lassalle about Menopause. Rex will share the wisdom he has gained over the past four decades supporting women during this natural transition in life. He will bring light to how modern society views Menopause as a problem and works to “fix it” and how difficulty and challenge during this time often has roots in how a women experienced her first bleed cycles when she was young. Rex will share stories of women who have successfully supported Menopause holistically and provide tips and techniques to support your transition now.

Your Emotions & The Alchemy of Time: Discover Your Child Star

Your Emotions & The Alchemy of Time: Discover Your Child Star

What is your Child Star?

“From Conception, our Child Star acts as a spiritual guide that connects us to the very forces of nature. Returning to a relationship with our Child Star ensures emotional ease at the core of our being and amplifies access to our subconscious mind. The child star becomes the  simplest password to tune into its vastness. It points to unique ways for each one of us to nourish the  essence of our being.” ~ Rex Lassalle, author of Your Emotions & The Alchemy of Time

The Child Star is the spiritual guide we carry within who is connected to our Subconscious Mind. It is accompanied with an element with which we can cultivate a relationship. When we do this, we are in tune with our unique emotional needs. By fostering a Relatedness with it, the feel-good level of our being is optimized. Understanding the Child Star has a profound significance during pregnancy and augments the whole process of bonding. Birth workers, parents and therapists will find the insights practical and easy to apply.

You can decode your Child Star number using the natal charts included in Rex Lassalle’s book. View the first three chapters including the charts for free here:

AOT free three chapters ENG

Inner Child Journey

Inner Child Journey

A man in his 50s came to me after seeing lots of doctors for inexplicable pain in his legs and particularly his knees and feet. During the intake, we traced his history growing up. His mother died when he was three and his father remarried shortly after to a much younger woman. He remembered how mean his stepmother was to him and his older brother, to the point that he spent most of his childhood in his room. At dinner, the family rarely engaged in conversation with each other. They had a television they put on the dinner table to watch. His father became an alcoholic over the years. After his father’s passing, his stepmother never contacted him or his brother. She just erased them from her life. He got married, had three children of his own, and became a special needs teacher. He said he had suffered from depression for a couple decades, did not sleep well, and took medications to offset these issues. He described himself as getting by the best he could. He didn’t have much to contribute in groups, and he struggled with fierce anger outbursts at times.
To initiate treatment, I asked him to set an intention. He was at a loss for what to really say. So, I started him with an embodiment exercise to slowly bring him in the present moment and feel sensations in his body. He could feel tightness in his chest and in his upper body. As we slowed down, I began to track the Field and his nervous system using craniosacral therapy. The pressure and heat building in his chest and kidney area was significant, he was only mildly attuned to this phenomenon, which is quite common during a craniosacral session. He explained how he was not very comfortable in his body, and how he had struggled with weight loss over the years. He did know that he wanted to feel more comfort in his own skin. I probed more around the meaning of this statement to discover when he is with people it was difficult for him to feel comfortable in his body. I earmarked this statement to use for our next session, as I knew his Intention would become clearer over time. For now, I knew I was working with a nervous system that had been repressed for most of his life. Most likely functioning from a freeze, shutdown state, he would need time to experience comfort in his body. I would honor the slow process involved with the thawing of an energetic “freeze” state and help him to warm up to emotions and feeling sensations.

I moved him to the table for his first session. After ten minutes, he started to relax. I could feel the pattern of his diaphragm pulling and feeding into the SBJ joint. He suffered from apnea, and I could feel the jerkiness in the muscles as he breathed. His legs started to jerk spastically the more settled he became on the table. He was aware of the movement but was moving in and out of sleep and lucid states. I let the shock in his nervous system discharge. The whole session, I remained at his feet and just held his body. The relational field between us embraced him with a neutrality—absent of judgement or expectations—filling the space between us and invoking a sense of peace, freedom, and comfort. I ended the session and listened to him reflect what he was feeling on the table. I let him know the jerky movement he experienced was shock trauma stored in the nervous system that was discharging in a slow-paced, safe space. He left and I knew at our next session, I would use the Inner Child Journey process I had learned from Robin Grille to help this man clarify his Intention for treatment.

The Inner Child Journey is a process that entails five primary movements that help a person use challenges they experience in human relationships to understand their psycho-emotional needs. The work itself was originally framed to help parents in relationship with their children, because Robin Grille states “the challenges brought to us by children are the most powerful provocations for our awakening and our development” (Inner Child Journeys, pg 22). Grille lays out core psycho-emotional developmental needs shared by all humans. These core developmental needs are universal, and they follow the same biologically prescribed sequence for all babies, children and youth, across all ethnic groups. The developmental stages are separated into seven stages or rites of passage starting with pre-conception and progressing to a person’s early 20s: existence, primal need, autonomy, freedom, passion, competence, and belonging. Since the stages are sequential, a child must have needs met at each developmental stage to attain a new layer of emotional intelligence and embody new relationship skills. If specific needs are not met, the emotional wounding that occurs interrupts the emotional maturation of the child and carries through life until this developmental need is met, practiced, and integrated into the neurobiology of the person. Thus, the strength and success at each of these stages builds on the accumulated strengths of the previous ones. I have included a link here to Robin Grille’s list of all the core psycho-emotional developmental needs in a stage-by-stage sequence.

To explore developmental needs with a person, you embark upon five sequential movements:

  1. Looking inward: Feeling sensation in your body, listening to your self-talk or “voices” in your head
  2. Tracing back: Put yourself in touch with a source event or source situation (triggers)
  3. The Wishing Question: When the original Source event was going on around you, what do you wish might have happened differently? In your wildest dreams, what would have made it feel all okay?
  4. Healing the Parent: Thinking about this dearest wish, what does this wish tell you about the theme of your developmental need. Can you give to yourself the essence of your wish, simply by imagining the felt sense of your need being fulfilled?
  5. Connecting with your actual child: What might your child be feeling and needing, when he or she behaves in the way that you feel challenging? How do you feel towards your child now?

At the next session, I set him up to explore the movement of his hands. He would drop his hand frequently against the arm of the couch, as if his hand was collapsing in defeat. I asked him to hold his arms up and open towards the sky and notice what he experienced in his body. He felt more anxious and vulnerable, which showed up as a tightening in his chest and flurry in his stomach. With his hands clasped, and in his lap, he felt more at ease and comfortable in his body with a widening sensation in his chest. I asked him more about his childhood and what it felt to be inside his room for most of the day. He said he wished he could have been outside playing with other kids in the neighborhood. Just frolicking and being free. I asked him how that was different than his room. He noticed the room was a barrier he could be behind to avoid his stepmother. He never felt safe around her, she constantly criticized and dismissed him. Being in the room, he could choose to be away from her, but he could also feel the dis-ease in not feeling free enough to be outside having fun.

After more sensation exploration, he became more aware of his need to be in connection with himself and with others. His need of connection is a basic human right entitled to all, part of this essence is to know and be known, see and be seen. If you reference Robin Grille’s developmental themes, this man had been wounded in several developmental stages. First, the right to exist. After his mother passing, with whom he experienced connection, he was not allowed to feel wanted, to be held, to be seen. To restore this need for connectedness, he would need to connect with his body, practice being received warmly by his family or a peer, and feel comforting touch or simply holding eye contact with someone who could truly see him and take him in.

Secondly, the right to need was violated for him. He lost his mother and was not able to place his trust in his absent father or uncaring stepmother. No one even spoke to him about his mother passing, it was just swept under the rug. He would need to really experience how it feels to reach out for help, ask for support, and receive it. The expression of grief in connection with an empathic listener would also help him heal.
Lastly, his rights to have support and have autonomy was forgotten by his parents. No one attuned to his need to receive support for vulnerability in losing his mother. He faced this tragedy alone and in fear. Rather than feeling freedom in his needs, he was shamed and often disciplined. No wonder it was so challenging for him to venture outside and play with kids in the neighborhood. His feeling of interconnectedness with all of Life was severed. His ability to assert himself and be who he truly is on the inside is almost unbearable in a group. Emotional security was robbed from him. Trusting essence rather than investing in “image” remains difficult for him. His frustration with his physical appearance and discomfort in his body is a source of toxic shame, and he finds it challenging to be vulnerable to this inferior feeling.

So how did he start his healing journey? He named that he didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin. What a revelation this simple statement proved to be! A deep settling happened the moment he realized he had never really considered this about himself. I asked him to just hold his hands like he had so often clasped them, and we just breathed. I asked him to notice his breath, feel his seat, feel his hands, notice his heartbeat. The pace slowed and the space widened as if a radiance filled the space. He imagined what it would be like to be outside as a boy hitting a baseball with some other guys. He could hear laughter and feel the air outside. He noticed the sun and the warmth on his skin.

After this session, he returned the following week and let me know that he had started inserting himself in conversation at the dinner table with his family, which surprised him. He had never really embodied presence with them at the dinner table, but he had found himself to be more curious. Even his kids noticed that he was asking them questions. He was on his way to fulfilling his developmental need to freedom—his right to explore the world and freely express emotion. To play and to be enjoyed. He could be seen by his family and affirmed by their response to his questions. These two sessions were powerful beginnings to a world of possibilities, a chance to feel more out of Life.